Backdrop and Step & Repeat Banners In NJ

Backdrop and Step & Repeat Banners In NJ

Many events are designed for memories. From movie premieres to dance clubs to trade shows to weddings, there is always a desire to make sure that you and others can create long lasting memories of the events – as well as make the events accessible to those that want to share them.

One of the most effective ways to do this is with custom step and repeat banner here at Blue Dot Signs. These full color backdrops are an impressive, effective way to make sure that all of your events become long lasting memories and branding opportunities.

Custom Size Step & Repeat Banner Printing In NJ

Backdrops are large, full colors signs that go behind people. Although they are often used for photos, they are also great backgrounds to any type of important event, which is why they are frequently seen as press conference and trade show backdrop displays. Indeed, many press conference backdrops and trade show booth backdrops are designed with the same purpose – to be remembered.

Custom Step & Repeat Banners in NJ

When you decide to order display backdrops, you’ll have your choice of customization options. Every design is created specifically for you, printed on a display using our large format printing service. With custom backdrops, you’ll be able to choose from:

  • Custom Designs
  • Pole Pockets
  • Multicolor Grommets
  • Sizes
  • Thickness and Material
  • Waterproofing and More

It is sometimes possible to make custom step and repeat banners in unique custom sizes. But the standard sizes of our backdrop stands are as follows:

  • 8' x 8'
  • 8' x 10'

Backdrops are made from a variety of different materials. There is heavy canvas, muslin, vinyl, seamless paper, and velvet. There are also other forms of cloth, polyester, Chroma Key, velour, and many others. Vinyl is the most commonly used as it can be printed on so that the design maintains its clarity and color saturation. Other fabrics can show designs as well, or be use be used as a plain backdrop without graphics.

When graphics are used on the backdrop, printing can be completed with essentially any custom design. Some of our specific design options include:

  • Custom Shape Designing
  • CMYK Color Usage
  • Manage Margin and Spaces
  • Bleed Area Setup
  • Extra Finishing can be done on request.
Custom Step & Repeat Banners in NJ

We also have very affordable graphic artists on staff that are happy to work with you to create the exhibition backdrops and custom photo backdrop printing that you need, so that your final design looks like it was created by a true professional.

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Benefits of a Step and Repeat at Your Event

A step and repeat is an affordable way to make a statement and elevate your event whether it is upscale or more casual. Those planning events choose to step and repeats because they are:

  • Entertaining - Giving your guests a place to pose as they arrive at your event makes for an exciting moment to get the evening started.
  • Representative of a Brand - By printing your company logo onto a step and repeat, you can have both night-of exposure and ongoing brand representation through photos of the event.
  • Memorable - A custom backdrop provides your guests with a photographic souvenir of your event that can also be shared over social media, increasing your reach.
  • Classy - Given their association with red carpet events and galas, a step and repeat can give your event a more upscale feel.

To set up a step and repeat at your event, Blue Dot Signs both offers our own banner installation services, all of which are licensed, insured, and bonded. If you prefer to install yourself, we provide you with all of the information you need to combine and put together these backdrops on your own.

Where Step and Repeats Are Used

At their core, backdrops are simply a large sign for branding. But in practice, they are often much more than that. Custom red carpet banners backdrop printing is how celebrity events and movie premieres turn photos into opportunity, with logos in the background of each shot. Nightclubs and bars use step and repeat backdrop banners so that people can share them on social media.

  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Award Cermonies
  • Parties
  • Galas
  • Grand Openings

There are even backdrops used in photography, and fashion backdrops used in NJ fashion shows. You may even find some backdrops in retail, as a way to decorate a kiosk. Overall, backdrops have become a part of mainstream branding efforts, and an integral part of how companies manage their marketing efforts.

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Start Your Order at Blue Dot Signs Today

Blue Dot Signs is the number one choice for any type of banner, backdrop, sign, or display. We are here to match the vision you had for your company, and will go out of our way to make sure that your sign looks its absolute best. If you are interested in learning more about our custom printed backdrops, or you are ready to order your sign, call Blue Dot Signs today, and let our team of experts assist you with your custom signage and backdrop needs. We serve all over New Jersey, and are happy to help those in (Brooklyn, Manhattan, and more.) and other surrounding areas as well.