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Banner Stands

Banner Stands

Retractable & Non-Retractable Banner Stands And Graphics In NJ

There is something about a banner stand that captures attention. Highly popular at trade shows, these signs can be used in all types of settings, giving you an attractive sign that is certain to make a positive impact.

Here at Blue Dot Signs, we create high end banner stands in New Jersey for a very affordable price. With numerous different banner stand options, combined with our custom banner stand printing and fabrication capabilities, we are confident that we are the best choice for your next great sign.

Available Banner Stands

Why A Banner Stand?

Banner stands are one of many popular signs in NJ, but they are certainly one of the most versatile. You’ve likely come across banner stands in many different areas of your life, including:

  • Outside of conventions.
  • Around booths at trade shows.
  • Near the door of a movie or play.
  • On walkways near retail kiosks.
  • In line at restaurants.

Banner stands are, as the name implies, a type of banner that is connected to a stand that can be moved directly into someone’s line of sight. It is why the most common uses of this type of sign is the development of trade show banner stands and conference banner stands, because those are situations when instantly capturing attention are so important.

Yet banner stands play a role in so many different settings. They are meant to be used to be read while in line, or to get people to interested in learning more about you by placing it in a walkway. Any situation where those are your goals is a useful one for these banner stands.

Custom Types of
Banner Stands Available

Banner Stands Types

Banner stands are also a very versatile type of sign that comes with many different customization options. On a basic level, these banner stands can be full color, with detailed designs, as they are printed on a high-quality material using rich inks. This allows you to create and print a banner stand in almost any style.

But beyond simply the printed banner stands, there are also choices you can make about the materials, the setup, and more. For example:

  • Fabric Banner Stands - Banner stands can be made using a durable fabric to give your signs a professional appearance while also reducing glare and ripping.
  • Retractable Banner Stands - Banner stands can also be made to be retractable and pop up banner stands that can be moved from event to event.
  • Double-Sided Retractable Banner Stands - When people are walking both ways on a pathway, you want them to see your sign no matter where they are. Double-sided banner stands are useful for this.
  • Step and Repeat Banner Stands - Maybe you’re not necessarily looking for a banner stand, but instead need a mobile backdrop for your events. Step and repeat banner stands can help with this purpose.

These custom banner stand options are also only the beginning of the many different types of signs we have available. There are also vinyl banner stands, scrolling banner stands, non-retractable banner stands, folding banner display stands, tabletop retractable banner stands – the list of potential customization options is significant, because this type of sign is immensely popular around New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

Why Order Banner Stand From Blue Dot Signs?

So you know you may need a banner stand. You also have your choice in sign fabrication specialists. Why would you want to order a banner stand from Blue Dot Signs?

The reason is our combination of cost and quality. We have economy retractable banner stands that are of a higher caliber than many other sign printing companies, because we’ve been in business for years and become more effective and efficient with our advertising banner stand printing.

We have numerous banner stand sizes. We have indoor banner stands and outdoor banner stands. We even have sign design specialists that can provide you with a graphic that is ready to be printed in full color on one of our canvases. We have fast printing options available as well, and are happy to discuss your needs with you to make sure that your final design is what you need for whatever you plan to use it for.

Call Blue Dot Signs Today To Get Started

There is so much that goes into creating a high-quality sign. Here in NJ, Blue Dot Signs is a team of sign experts that will go out of their way to make sure that your banner stand is exactly as you envisioned it. If your company is operating out of New Jersey, or in areas of NYC like Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, etc., please drop an Email to Blue Dot Signs today at info@bluedotsigns.com and order your banner stand printing today.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are There Any Design Limitations for Retractable Banner Stands?

    Not generally. Retractable banner stands often use a cloth fabric, and fabric still provides an excellent canvas for even the most detailed custom prints. The only limitations will be related to size, as retractable banner stands do have set sizes based on the brand of banner and the hardware used.

  • Can You Make Retractable Horizontal Banner Stands?

    We do not currently offer any wide popup banner stands, at least not yet. But we can offer larger, re-useable banners, along with non-retractable banner stands. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll see what we can offer.

  • How Long Do Retractable Banner Stands Typically Last?

    A long time. One of the challenges with giving a lifespan to retractable banner stands is that their portability also means that they may bounce around or be exposed to elements that shorten their lifespan. But when they’re well cared for, they can last for years, sometimes even decades, especially if you choose one of the higher quality pop-up models, where the hardware is designed to rarely ever break down.