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Floor & Table Display Stands with Printed Rigid Graphics in NJ

Floor & Table Display Stands with Printed Rigid Graphics in NJ

Signage is all about getting the information in front of the customer, whether that’s a menu, a product announcement, or directions. Few signs do that better than those mounted on a freestanding display stand. These stands can be placed on floors in the flow of traffic or on a table to provide a three-dimensional aspect to a display.

Blue Dot Signs offers a variety of display stands and custom graphics options for each of them in NJ. We even have design services available to help you choose the signage that will work best for your event and create the graphics to show off your brand. For whichever type of graphics stand you need, contact us to see what’s possible.

Floor & Table Display Stands with Printed Rigid Graphics in NJ

Display stands come in a multitude of styles and sizes, but they all accomplish the same task of holding printed graphics, often as a rigid sign but also in the form of brochures, booklets, and more. With options to customize both your display stand and the graphics, we can create a sign that has both the form and function to match your needs.

Custom Graphics Stands for Events

When choosing the type of display stand for your signage, we have several options for frames. Each is available in different sizes, materials, and finishes so there is always one that will match with the rest of your display or decor. Popular options for floor display stands and table display stands include:

  • Frame Sign Stands - These stands have a rectangular frame that the sign is slid into and securely held, even in windy conditions. They also have a stabilizing frame on the bottom to keep the stand upright.
  • Easels - Available in several styles, an easel stays upright on three legs and has a shelf or similar area to hold the sign.
  • Pedestal Stands - These hold a graphic sign at an angle at about waist height, and are a popular display stand for menus and directories.
  • Brochure Stands - These stands can hold different types of brochures and fliers, either with or without an accompanying rigid sign.

Display stands are made of different materials with some options working better for outdoor use or being more durable. Material options include:

Custom Graphics Stands for Events
  • Aluminum - Typically available in white, black, brass, and silver with either a glossy or powder coated finish.
  • Acrylic -Most often, acrylic stands are black or clear, but acrylic can come in other colors.
  • Wood - These stands can have a natural wooden finish or be painted a specific color.

We can then print graphics for your display stand. Depending on the type of stands, there are several different options for poster options. These include:

  • FoamBoard
  • GatorBoard
  • Styrene
  • PVC Board
  • Plastic and Paper

The options for sign materials should be chosen based on the rigidity required for the display stand and where the sign will be displayed. Outdoor signs require more durable materials. All materials will display printed graphics well.

We are also able to assist in choosing the appropriate display stand and sign material to suit your needs. Our design team can also create the custom graphics for your sign if you do not yet have your own.

display signs fabrication

Benefits of Blue Dot Display Signs

Whether they are needed for temporary or a more permanent sign, display stands are the option of choice for many companies. They can be used for years, and indoors or outdoors, depending on the material used for the stand and the graphics, but also updated whenever needed. Their benefits include:

  • Easy to Read - Because display stands to place the sign in front of the viewer, allowing them to stand close to it, they are highly legible. If a sign needs to contain extensive text, a display stand can bring it close enough to read.
  • Reusable - By changing out the rigid sign in your display stand, you can reuse the stand itself for years.
  • Transportable - Sings that are carried from event to event can have display stands that can be easily folded or disassembled so they can be carried. Many are also lightweight for added convenience.
  • No Installation Needed - Many display stands can be set up in minutes and often without any tools. There is no need to attach them to a wall, so they can be assembled wherever needed.

Display stands are also cost effective. The many options mean it is possible to choose a combination of fabrication options that fit within different budgets. Their reusability also makes it more affordable to update just the graphics, rather than the entire sign, in the sign whenever changes are needed.

Where to Use Your Display Stand

Events are one of the most common places to use a display stand, but these signs can work wherever a temporary and flexible signage option is needed. They can display menus, product information, report data, and more. They are frequently used in:

  • Offices
  • Malls
  • Expos
  • Galleries
  • Events
  • Tradeshows
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals

Display stands can also be reused time after time by simply changing out the graphics. Because of the ease of updating a display stand sign, these signs can be an investment that companies can continue to use for years.

double sided display stands

Order Event Signage from Blue Dot Signs

Blue Dot Signs is a full service sign fabricator who works with clients in NJ and surrounding areas. With our range of state of the art equipment and experience in sign manufacturing, we can create any display stand sign from a simple poster on an easel to a more complex display.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I use my display stand outside?

    If you plan on using your stand outside, choosing a durable stand and signage is important. Metal stands are best for outdoor use and a sign made of gatorboard or protected behind a glass or acrylic face in the display stand will endure the elements best. Other display stand signs can be used outside temporarily, but will deteriorate in rain and sun.

  • How long do display stands last?

    The stand itself can last for years with careful handling during transport and storage. The signs in a display stand may need to be replaced more frequently as materials like paper foam core tend to show wear after a few months if not properly protected. Other materials may be longer lasting.

  • What type of sign can I put in my display stand?

    A flat, rigid sign is most often used in a display stand as these signs have some structure of their own that keeps them upright in the stands. This means sturdy posterboard, foam board, gatorboard, or a plastic work best. The graphics can display anything, from photography to text.

  • How do you design graphics for a display stand?

    The graphics for a display stand are printed using digital direct printing, so a digital file can be printed exactly onto sign. The design can be any type of graphic that will convey your message. As to how we at Blue Dot Signs design your custom graphics, we work with you to understand your needs, your brand, and your business purpose. Our designers then translate those ideas into the graphics that can be printed on a sign.

  • What is the turnaround time?

    Our production process is fast, and many display stand signs can be completed in two days. When placing your order, we will confirm the expected timeline.

  • Do you take rush orders?

    Yes, we welcome rush orders. Let us know when you need your sign by when placing your order and we can confirm if that is possible.

  • Can a display stand be illuminated?

    Some display stands can be illuminated. Pedestal stands can have lighting built into the frame to shine on the sign inside. Others like easels can have lights that reflect back on the sign. Illumination is not usually standard, but can often be incorporated. Let us know your ideas.

  • Do I need to do anything to maintain my display stand?

    Often wiping the stand down after use with a microfiber cloth is enough to remove smudges and dirt. Warm water and soap can be used if needed, but abrasive cloths should not be used. If you do have lights in your sign, those might need to be replaced from time to time.