Floor Graphics and Decals New Jersey

Custom Vinyl Floor Decals New Jersey

Floor graphics, also called floor decals, are a unique and exciting form of signage that turns the empty floor into an eye-catching display. You can use them as short or long term signage and create a personalized floor sign that is durable, functional, and noticeable to anyone that passes by.

Incorporating them into your office, storefront, or special event is sure to be both helpful and pleasing to the eye for you, your employees, and your customers. If you are ready to order a custom floor graphic, please contact Blue Dot Signs today.

Basics and Purposes

Floor graphics are made of adhesive vinyl that’s thin and anti-slip to avoid stumbling when walked on. Yet it is also resilient enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes from foot traffic. Some common ways businesses use floor graphics include:

  • Advertisement Floor Graphics – With the floor as your display area, you can go bigger and bolder than many other kinds of ad space.
  • Floor Directional Graphics – Arrows and other directional signs are even more helpful and direct when applied directly to the floor.
  • Decorative Floor Graphics – Enhance your workspace’s aesthetic and your business’s overall brand by adding decorative touches to the floor.

Your floor’s unused real estate means that you have all this space to decorate without any extra cost to you. We can fabricate floor decals with custom colors, logos, shapes, and more. Whatever kind of decal you need, Blue Dot Signs can incorporate the details and bring your design to life.

Our Services

Blue Dot Signs is the go-to sign company for floor decals in NJ. We have provided high-quality decals and other kinds of signage to a wide variety of clients and we are confident that we can design and fabricate the perfect floor graphic for you. If you’re interested in our services or want to find out more about our products, please contact us by emailing info@bluedotsigns.com.

Frequently Asked Questions About Floor Decals

Floor Decals

Are there any surfaces that floor decals can’t be installed on?

As long as your floor is smooth, clean, and non-porous, your decal can be successfully installed. Surfaces that are rough, uneven, dirty, or wet won’t allow the decal to adhere properly.

Can floor decals be installed outdoors?

No, they should only be applied to indoor floors. Outdoor installation results in rapid wearing that can significantly decrease the decal’s lifespan.

Can my floor decal be removed and reapplied elsewhere?

No. They are designed to be semi-permanently applied once. When removed their shape stretches and the adhesive is weakened, making them unable to securely stick to another surface.

Can you help install or remove my floor decal?

Yes. Our installation service helps ensure a professional-looking application, without bubbles or uneven adherence. Our removal service is especially helpful if your decal has been in place for a year or longer, as it can be more difficult to remove.

How do you prevent floor decals from being damaged?

The ink and material that we make custom decals from is resistant to abrasions and fading. We also cover them with a gloss laminate that further protects them and makes them easier to clean.

What color vinyl is available for floor decals?

Our floor decal material is white by default so that all colors print on them accurately.

What sizes can floor decals be made?

Sizing is as customizable as any other detail, but the standard sizes that are most frequently ordered are 6”x6”, 12”x12”, 24”x24”, and 36”x36”.

Will my floor decal’s adhesive damage the floor?

No. The adhesive holds the decal securely to the floor but won’t take paint or anything else from the floor when the decal is removed and leaves no residue behind.

Will my floor decals make the floor slippery?

No. Our anti-slip floor graphics don’t make the floor slick or difficult to walk on where they’re applied, even with the standard protective lamination. The only case where you want to be more careful is if the floor is wet, as this can affect the slipperiness of the floor where the floor is and isn’t covered by a decal.