Neon is a long-lasting, low-cost, highly distinctive kind of sign. However, if you only need one for a limited amount of time, purchasing one can be an annoying and unnecessary expense. Renting a neon sign is a great solution to this problem.

Blue Dot Signs doesn’t only make affordable, high-quality neon signs – we also provide short and long term rental services of pre-made neon signs from our inventory. As a neon rental facility, we provide our clients with a wide variety of pre-made neon signs that can serve as placeholders for a future sign, attract attention to a business for an upcoming one-time event and more.

Neon Sign Rental Types

Neon signs are illuminated with a combination of gas and electricity. This interaction takes place in a glass tube coated with different kinds of chemicals. The types of chemicals and gas is what determines the color emitted.

Neon signs have many strengths, including:

  • Energy Efficiency – Neon signs only use about 96 watts a day, about the amount a single lightbulb uses.
  • Nostalgia – The warm but bright glow of neon is very atmospheric and appealing to many, attracting them to your business.
  • Brightness – Neon is very bright and highly visible no matter the time of day or night.

It is these benefits that make it a popular choice for both short and long term rentals. An example might be a sign needed to display at a wedding, or a sign (like an “Open” sign) needed for a short term event, such as a seasonal Halloween décor store. We also do neon signs for filming movies, neon signs for decorating corporate parties, and more, all of which are immediately available to rent.

Call for Neon Sign Rental Services

Our neon rental service is just one of the many excellent sign related services we provide at Blue Dot Signs. If you decide that you want to purchase and display a neon sign customized for your business, we can design and fabricate it for you. If you’d like to rent or purchase a neon sign, please contact us at


Frequently Asked Questions About Neon Rentals

Neon Rentals

Can I display my rented neon sign outdoors?

Yes, as long as the neon tubes are shielded from water and other potential dangers with a see-through cover of some kind.

Can my New Jersey-based business rent neon signs from you?

Yes. We primarily provide neon rental in NJ and the surrounding areas.

Can you deliver my rented sign to my business?

Yes. We can deliver signs to most addresses our clients give us, including business addresses.

Can you install my rented neon sign?

Yes. We provide installation services for any and all of our signs, whether they’re rented or purchased.

Can you repair my rented neon sign if it’s damaged somehow?

Yes. We can provide repair services for some damaged signs on site at your business.

Do you have neon signs available for rent with symbols and other graphics?

Many of our neon signs rentals display some type of symbol or unique design, like a dollar sign or an image of a young woman. There are so many available, but as is often the case with rentals it depends on what you need. If we do not have the sign available, ask about our fabrication choices.

Do you have rental neon signs with unique fonts?

Possibly. It depends on the type of neon sign. If there is something specific you need, let us know. Our fabrication options are also inexpensive, so a custom sign may make more sense for your specific situation.

How do I maintain my rented neon sign?

If you are renting for a short time, it is unlikely you will need any maintenance. But if you are renting for longer, neon signs still require very little in the way of maintenance. Dusting is the best way to keep your neon sign clean. Make sure you unplug it first, and never use any water or liquid cleaning products around it.

My neon sign is making a high-pitched noise, is it broken?

No. That’s most likely part of the sign’s electrical components, and means the sign is working as it should. If you’re concerned, you can contact us with questions at any time.

What color neon signs are available for rent?

The most popular neon sign colors are ruby red, bromo blue, and turquoise, so many of our rental signs have one or more of those colors. Other colors are also available, including pink, green, yellow, white, and more. Rentals are limited to what we have available, so it is best to contact us to see what we store.