Signs aren’t the only way to dress up an area for a special event. Red carpets can add an element of excitement and ceremony to an awards show, grand opening, birthday party, and more. They’re also something that you aren’t likely to use often. So why not rent instead of buying?

Red Carpet Accessory Rentals

Red carpets are seen almost universally as an indicator of special treatment, so if you’re planning a special event they can be a perfect finishing touch for an entryway or aisle. Our red carpet event rentals are used for corporate and industry events as well as private parties to encourage photographs make the whole thing more special and fun.

In addition to red carpets, we offer associated signage and accessories to emphasize the atmosphere of glamor at your event, including:

  • Red or Black Velour Ropes
  • Silver Colored Stanchions
  • Custom Backdrop Stands

If you don’t want these extra options, you can rent the carpet by itself. Carpets and any accompanying rented accessories should be installed indoors to decrease the risk of damage.

Red Carpet Rental Options

We supply both literal red carpets, as well as some of the signs and other items that are used often at red carpet events. Our red carpet rentals come in pre-sized portions, including:

  • 4’x8’
  • 4’x10’
  • 4’x20’

If you want to make a red carpet pathway longer than 20 feet, that’s achievable by renting multiple red carpets and assembling them end to end.

Backdrops are available with a matte finish and can be printed with custom logos and graphics or rented. They’re most commonly made to sizes 8’x8’ and 8’x10’ and come with stands to display them. They can also be made in a custom size and displayed on an adjustable stand.

Get Red Carpet Rental Services

Whatever the event you need a red carpet, backdrop, and/or velvet ropes for, rentals from Blue Dot Signs will enhance it. Having a rental rather than only a purchase option allows you to make use of our high-quality products without having to worry about upkeep or storage for them. You can simply set them up and return them after the event.

If you’re in the New Jersey area and interested in renting a red carpet, please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions About Red Carpet Rentals

Red Carpet Rentals

Are your carpets only available in red?

Yes, we don’t currently offer them in any other color. If you were looking for some other color carpet, let us know.

Can a custom sized red carpet backdrop rental be displayed on a stand?

Yes. They can be adjusted to best display almost any nonstandard size.

Can I purchase a red carpet from you instead of just renting it?

We only offer red carpet rentals at this time, not purchases.

Can the red carpet be put outdoors leading indoors?

No. Red carpet rentals along with any accompanying stanchions and velvet ropes should be kept indoors at all times to avoid weather damage.

Can you install the rental backdrop?

Yes, we can set up and take down your rental backdrop for an additional fee.

Do the velvet ropes come in colors other than red?

Yes, they’re also available in black.

How long are the velvet ropes between stanchions?

About two feet long.

I only need stanchions and ropes, do I need to also rent a red carpet?

No. You can rent just one or all of the red carpet rental options according to your needs.

What finishes do red carpet backdrops have?

We offer backdrops primarily with matte finishes. Matte backdrops aren’t as shiny as other finishes, and so are better to take photographs in front of.

What sizes are red carpet backdrops available in?

The most common backdrop stand dimensions are 8’x8’ and 8’x10’. However, we can fabricate custom sized backdrops and stands. Backdrops are often something that should be purchased instead of rented so that it can be customized with your logo or event information. We offer extremely low cost on our backdrops, so printing should not be an issue for your budget.