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Rigid Signs

Rigid Signs

Custom Shape Rigid Plastic & Foam Board Sign Printing In NJ

Many indoor and temporary outdoor signs are a type of rigid sign. They’re resilient and professional-looking, like more permanent signage, but are much easier to transport, install, and afford. They can be displayed for months before a special event without worrying much about wear and tear and then easily and quickly taken down to be reused later if desired.

There are so many ways to utilize this versatile and easily personalized type of signage. From political campaigns to retail stores to restaurants, and more, nearly any business or special event can find a way that rigid signs can benefit them.

Types Of Rigid Signs

What sets the most rigid signs apart is a plastic core that makes them both lightweight and resistant to bending (and other types of damage) is a big part of what sets rigid signs apart. “Rigid Signs” may refer to any sign that is reinforced to prevent bends and creases, but they often refer to signs specifically with a plastic core that make the sign more durable and sturdy. Some of the rigid signs we fabricate include:

Rigid Sign Features

  • PVC Signs – These are made of plastic sheets that are both flexible and firm.
  • Foam Board Signs – Foam board signs have a plastic foam core with paper, wood veneer, or hard plastic surrounding it.
  • Coroplast Signs – Often used for yard signs, these have a corrugated plastic center and are especially lightweight.
  • Dibond Signs – These signs have a very durable aluminum exterior and a solid polyethylene core. One thing to note with rigid signs is that they are flexible and are more pliable the larger they are. That said, it’s very difficult to snap them or break them. You can also make them more durable with your sign selection. An aluminum or wood exterior is the best choice if you want an extremely rigid sign.

The most common options for rigid sign thickness are 3/16”, 1/4″, 1/2”, and 1”. Options besides these standard ones are also available. There are even more standard options for sign dimensions, including:

  • 12” x 12”
  • 24” x 12”
  • 36” x 18”
  • 2’ x 4’
  • 4’ x 4’
  • 4’ x 8’

As with thickness, dimension measurements are able to be customized at your request. We can also provide custom rigid sign shapes if needed.

Printed rigid signs don’t have quite as many finishing options as other kinds of signs but most materials can be fabricated with a matte or more glossy finish at least. The aluminum exterior of Dibond signs can be customized with a brushed aluminum finishing for a professional-looking background texture.

Rigid Signs Available

Rigid Signs Installation

There are a variety of installation options for rigid signs. The option you use should take both what material your sign is made of and where you’re installing it into account. Some of the most common installation methods include:

  • Screws or Bolts
  • Rope, String, or Bungee Cord
  • Adhesive, like Tape, Velcro, or Glue
  • A Frame

Rigid signs are usually quite easy to install because they're so lightweight and simpler in design. However, we do offer sign installation services if your order is difficult for you to put up by yourself for any reason.

Order Custom Rigid Sign Today

Blue Dot Signs has provided custom shape rigid signs to New Jersey and the surrounding areas for decades. The versatility, high quality, and cost-effectiveness of our signs have made us one of the leading companies in our field and region. Our rigid signs can be seen everywhere from large office buildings to small convenience stores. If you’re ready to stop just searching “rigid signs near me” online and find out more about our sign products, please email us at info@bluedotsigns.com

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can photographs be added to my rigid sign?

    Yes. Rigid signs like PVC and foam board signs are often used for café menus, museum exhibits, trade shows, and other types of signs that benefit greatly from added photographs. Our printing capabilities ensure that the image quality on even these less permanent forms of signage are excellent and detailed.

  • Can rigid signs be engraved?

    No. The design is printed or painted onto the surface, not engraved. We do offer engraved signs for other material types, and we can print in such a way that the product looks engraved.

  • Can you help with my sign’s design?

    If you aren’t sure about how you want your sign to look, our skilled graphic design team can help. They have experience with designing all kinds of signs, including rigid signs, and can help you with choosing colors, graphics, design arrangement, text fonts, and more.

  • How do I properly care for my rigid sign?

    A dry, soft cloth for cleaning off dust or smudges is generally all you need to clean a rigid sign. You can use a little bit of lukewarm water with the cloth if it gets unusually dirty, but never use traditional cleaning products as they can fade or damage your sign.

  • How long will my rigid sign last?

    If you take good care of your sign you can expect to have it in good condition for anywhere from two to five or more years depending on what material it’s made with.

  • I need a lot of signs with this design. What kind of material is most cost-effective?

    Most of the material options for this type of sign are inexpensive bulk order options and will be long lived enough to make their cost more than worth it. One of the best ways to determine what material to use is to define where you’re installing your sign and then choose which material has the type of durability you’d need in that environment.

  • What colors of plastic are available for PVC and coroplast signs?

    Most of our rigid sign materials are standard or exclusively available in white. This makes colors printed on them show up better. If your sign’s design has a dark colored background, we can easily print that and the rest of your design onto the white plastic.

  • What is the best material for outdoor rigid signs to be made with?

    Dibond. This type of rigid sign is one of the longer-lasting and more weather resistant options, so it’s often used for outdoor signage. Like most kinds of rigid sign however, it will last even longer if kept indoors when possible. There are other materials for these rigid signs if needed, and we can talk about the benefits and weaknesses of each.

  • What shapes can rigid signs be cut into?

    We offer standard shapes, like rectangular or circular cuts, as well as contour cut and halo cut. Whatever custom shape you want your sign to be in, we can fabricate it.