Coroplast signs can be found almost everywhere in New Jersey because they’re low-cost, easy to customize and easy to install. They’re often interchangeably called yard signs because they’re so often used as temporary signage that’s still sturdy enough to be displayed outdoors for a while. However, they can be indoor signs and outdoor signs, and placed in nearly any location.  

Whether used indoors or out, our NJ coroplast signs look great for longer on a smaller budget. Get started by contacting our team today.  

Coroplast Signage Advantages 

Coroplast signs are a type of rigid sign made of plastic. Two flat sheets of plastic are adhered to a core of corrugated plastic to add rigidity without making the sign heavier. In addition to being lightweight, other advantages of coroplast signs include: 

  • Affordability – The low-cost materials and sturdy construction of coroplast keeps their price lower, making them an ideal choice when people need to order multiple signs at a time.  
  • Resiliency – Coroplast signs are durable enough to be installed in both indoor and outdoor environments, although it’s recommended that they only stay outdoors short term. They are waterproof and resistant to staining and fading.  
  • Portability – Their low weight makes coroplast signs easy to pick up and quickly install almost anywhere.  

Coroplast signage is used in a wide variety of professional industries like real estate, construction, lawn care, retail, and more. However, it can also be used for personal purposes like home and yard decoration and parties. When you need a reliable indoor and outdoor sign, coroplast is a popular NJ choice.  

Custom Coroplast Sign Features

There are a number of detail options to choose from to create perfect custom coroplast signs for almost anyone. We can fabricate these signs into many custom shapes and sizes to fit your use for them. Some commonly ordered sizes include: 

  • 18”x24” 
  • 24”x36” 
  • 36”x36” 
  • 36”x48” 
  • 48”x48” 

However, keep in mind that there are not many limitations when it comes to your sign, so if you have something different you’d like to consider, let us know and we can provide that as well. 

Full color coroplast signs as well as monochrome designs are all printed on our default white sign material. The white background helps colors be reproduced most accurately. If your design has a mostly dark colored background, it can be printed over the white material. 

Book Custom Coroplast Signs Today!

Coroplast signs from Blue Dot Signs are the type of sign to order if you need more than one sign to get the word out about an upcoming event or your business’s services. We only fabricate high-quality, professional-looking signs for all our clients. Please email us today at if you’re interested in any of our sign products.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Coroplast Signs

Coroplast Signs

Can I install coroplast signs outdoors?

Yes, for limited periods of time. Don’t install them in direct sunlight to keep the material from warping, and bring them inside during severe weather. 

Can I print a custom color or logo onto my coroplast sign?

Yes. We are able to color match any shade you want and print trademarked images like logos and graphics with permission of the trademark owner. 

Can you help me design my coroplast sign?

Yes. If you don’t have a graphic designer to help you, ours can assist you through the designing process to create a sign that best represents your business.  

How do I clean my coroplast sign?

Use a soft cloth to wash any dirt off with lukewarm water and mild dish soap. Make sure it’s completely dry before storing it anywhere.  

How do I install my coroplast sign?

We can add grommets to the edges so that you can hang it up, provide double-sided tape to display it on the wall, or provide a metal stake to secure it in the ground outdoors. Let us know where you suspect the sign to go and we can also provide feedback as needed.    

How do I store my coroplast sign?

Store by stacking upright or lying flat without any heavy objects nearby to avoid creasing them. Don’t keep them in a hot environment like a car as it can warp or even melt them. 

How long will it take for me to get my coroplast sign?

Turnaround is typically one to two business days for smaller orders, and three to seven business days for larger orders. Rush orders are possible if you need your signs sooner. 

How long will my coroplast sign last?

If kept mostly outdoors but protected from severe weather they usually last up to two years or more. If kept indoors, they can last up to ten years or more. 

What kind of image file our coroplast sign’s design be sent as?

PDF files are ideal, but JPG and TIF files can also work for some designs. Our graphic designers can make recommendations based on your custom sign during the ordering and designing process.  

What width are coroplast signs made to?

Most are 1/4″ thick, but this measurement can be customized if needed.