Metal signs are some of the best-looking, most durable, and most highly sought after types of signage. Yet most metal signs can be more expensive than competing materials, such as plastic or wood-based. The higher cost of metal signs can sometimes prevent smaller businesses from purchasing them at a large scale. 

Dibond signs makes the resilience and aesthetic attractiveness of metal signage affordable and practical by combining aluminum with a plastic core. Whether it’s used for a small name plate, large lobby sign, indoor menu board, outdoor real estate sign, dibond signs are a high-quality choice of sign that offers an effective alternative to other metals, and is fantastic for most custom prints. 

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Why Use Dibond Signs? 

Dibond signs are constructed of aluminum sheets attached to a core made of solid polyethylene. These aluminum composite signs are stronger and less flexible than regular aluminum signs, making them perfect for almost any type of outdoor sign, capable of withstanding the elements for a long lasting display.  

Dibond outdoor signs and indoor signs alike possess many benefits, such as: 

  • Resistance to Damage – Aluminum and solid plastic combo signs are naturally resistant to breaking, bending, warping, rot, rust, water, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.  
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Dibond signs cost less than metal signs, and yet are stronger than some types of metal signs and almost all non-metal alternatives. Also, with personalized finishes, dibond signs can be made to look almost identical to metal. 
  • Customizability – The physical and aesthetic flexibility of aluminum allows for a wider range of customizable details than some types of metal signs. 
  • Lightweight – Dibond signs are lighter than most metal signs, and are thus easier to install, move, and store.  

All of these advantages combined with their many design possibilities make NJ dibond signs very versatile and ideal for all kinds of signage.  

Custom Dibond Sign? 

Almost any detail of a dibond sign can be personalized to your business’s brand and signage needs. This includes: 

  • Double-Sided Printing 
  • Custom Pantone Matched Colors 
  • Vertical and Horizontal Printing Orientations 
  • CNC Router Drilled Holes For Installation 
  • Finishes Like Brushed Aluminum   

The aluminum material makes for especially eye-catching signs that look great with full color designs or with monochrome text and graphics.  

Order Custom Dibond Signs Today

At Blue Dot Signs, we work hard to ensure that your custom signs include each detail they need to best represent your business. We also provide a number of other services like sign design, permit filing, sign repair and maintenance, and more to keep your sign looking its best.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dibond Signs

Dibond Signs

Are dibond aluminum signs heavier than solid aluminum signs?

No, not in most cases. The solid plastic core keeps the aluminum sheets rigid, but is more lightweight than the metal. 

Are dibond signs made with reflective material?

No, but reflective elements can be added to your custom sign if requested. 

Are there any limits to the size and shape of custom dibond signs?

Not many. We are able to fabricate and print both small and large format signage, and have the technology to cut them into almost any shape needed.  

Can dibond signs be double-sided?

Yes. Double-sided printing for dibond signs is available if requested.  

Do you offer dibond sign installation services?

Yes, we offer installation services for all our sign products, including dibond signs. This service is especially recommended if your sign is unusually large or shaped, making it difficult to display safely without professional sign installation experience. 

How do I properly maintain my dibond sign?

These are generally low-maintenance signs. If you do need to clean your sign for any reason, all you need is a non-abrasive cloth, water, and mild dish soap.    

How long do dibond signs last?

Depending on where it’s installed, what maintenance and protective treatments it receives, and other variables, they can stay looking good for many years.  

How long will it take to receive my dibond sign order?

It usually takes about a week to fabricate and ship custom dibond signs, but this can time frame depends on what kind of customization needs to be completed. 

What installation methods are available for dibond signs?

They can be mounted to a post, mounted to a wall, attached to poles, displayed in a sidewalk stand, and more. 

Will my dibond sign fade if installed in direct sunlight?

No. Our dibond sign designs are printed with ink that resists fading from UV rays and other kinds of weather damage, as well as damage from scratches and other abrasions.