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Custom Shaped Foam Board Printed Signs for Events

Custom Shaped Foam Board Printed Signs for Events

Foam board signs are some of the most commonly used rigid signs for trade shows and short-term events because they’re low-cost and lightweight, with fast printing times and easy installation. With our foam board signs and stands, you can have the perfect custom printed sign for whatever your advertising and branding needs may be.

Blue Dot Signs can fabricate a foam board sign that will exceed your expectations, and we can supply you with the ideal stand to display it with. We provide you custom shaped and sized foam board signs. For more information, or to start your order for your next New Jersey foam board, contact Blue Dot Signs today.

Custom Foam Board & Gator Board Printing With Stands In NJ

When temporary signage is needed, many companies, event planners, and individuals use foam board signs. These signs are rigid and smooth for a professional look, and while they are designed for short term installation, they can often last for months or even years with careful handling. This makes them a more affordable option that can be changed out and updated as needed.

Customized Rigid Foam Core Signs

When temporary signage is needed, many companies, event planners, and individuals use foam board signs. They are a more affordable option that can be changed out and updated as needed. Some options for exterior materials include:

  • Paper – Called foam board signs, this temporary signage is the lightest and lowest cost of our foam core signs.
  • Plastic – Ultra Board signs have plastic sheets adhered to their foam center, and are sturdy enough for longer-term signage than foam board signs with the paper exterior.
  • Wood–Fiber Veneer – Also known as Gator Board signs, these are the most durable and resistant to warping, bending, and water damage type of foam core sign.
Customized Rigid Foam Core Signs

When choosing your sign’s exterior, durability is the most common concern. Where you’d like your sign to be, how long you’ll be using it, and how much wear and tear will be expected will determine whether paper, plastic or wood fiber veneer is needed.

How thick the sign is will impact its rigidity with larger signs generally needing a thicker base material. Foam core, ultra board, and gatorboard are all available in thicknesses of:

  • 3/16"
  • 1/4"
  • 1/2"
  • 1"

These materials are also available with white or black cores so that they foam interior showing around the edge of the sign matches the final design.

Many foam board signs are rectangular, but they can also be cut to a custom size or shape. We use a CNC router or laser cutter to automate the cutting process, making shapes like letters or logos an option with sharp corners and added detail.

The paper, plastic, or veneer used to coat the sign is most generally produced in white. This allows for colors to show up accurately on the sign when printed, and to stand out from the background.

For printing, the design is rendered directly on the sign’s surface with UV-resistant ink. Designs in any size are possible with large format printers, and we use Pantone color match to replicate the shade of your business’s color scheme or design for the sign. Signs are finished with a matte or gloss finish over the printed graphics which both protects the ink and offers an additional way to customize the appearance.

Custom Foam Board sign

Foam Board Installation Methods

Foam board signs can be displayed in multiple different ways, depending on your needs. The two primary display methods are:

  • Standing Foam Board – We have several different types of standing foam board options including easels, wedges attached to the back as props, and “Mighty Mount” foam board stands. Event display stand signs like “Mightee Mounts” are ideal for double printed signs as they keep both sides of the sign visible.
  • Wall Attachment – Command™ strips and tape are often used to adhere these signs to the wall or any other flat surface you want to display them on.

If you need them, we can provide foam board stands along with your signs so they can be placed at your business or event and removed later.

Benefits of Foam Board for Signage

The available options for designs and the rigidity of foam board make it an option for short term signage that can be used for most indoor signage needs. Benefits unique to foam board signs include:

  • Affordable - Made of polystyrene plastics, foam board material is easily produced and inexpensive. Trimming and printing on it is also an affordable process that does not require high costs.
  • Easy to Transport - Many foam core signs weigh less than three pounds, meaning they can be carried by hand and will not significantly add to the wait of an event kit.
  • Customizable - Size, shape, durability, and design can all be tailored to the needs of a particular sign.
  • Convenient Display - Their weight makes it possible to set up signs in a few minutes whether on a stand or attached directly to any smooth, flat wall.

When foam board signs are carefully handled during transport, or left in a single location away from sun, water, and heat, they can also be durable and long lasting. Many foam board signs last for several years and can be reused frequently.

Benefits of Foam Boards for Signage
uses of foam board

Where to Use Foam Board Signs

Stronger than paper poster board, foam board provides additional stability in signs that need to look more permanent or offer more durability. These signs are often used at:

  • Events
  • Schools
  • Art Galleries
  • Promotions
  • Protests

They are also used at trade shows and conventions either on a table top or stand to advertise a new product or draw attention to a display.

Order a Foam Board Sign from Blue Dot Signs

With a wide inventory of foam board products, large format printing, and a range of customization options, Blue Dot Signs can quickly produce a professional rigid sign. We also offer rush orders for those who need their sign in time for an event or product launch. For all other orders, we have a rapid production process that prioritizes quality signage. If you’re interested in ordering or finding out more about some of the best foam board signs and foam board stands in NJ, contact us today.