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Sintra Board Signs Fabrication and Printing in NJ

If you are looking for quality yet affordable signs, and you want to bring more customers to your retailers with flexible, affordable but eye-catching and quality signs, then Sintra PVC signs by Blue Dot Signs are an ideal choice. The companies who want to leave a unique impression upon their customers, our Sintra signs – made of lightweight and moisture-free PVC board are a great choice. The Sintra signs are a popular choice to be used on and off events.

We can cut-to-shape the rigid material of the Sintra PVC board, into any desired shape and size. These Signs are resistant to weather, graze and they are not easily breakable that makes them an ideal choice for interior and exterior uses.

Available Sintra Signs

Why Choose Sintra Signs

These signs can be chosen for any reason. Some of the features of these signs include are:

  • These Sintra signs can be used against daily heavy usage.
  • They are the best option for photo and graphics quality.
  • The Sintra signs are lightweight but durable and rigid. That makes them the ideal choice for many different uses.
  • They can be cut to any shape and can be transformed into any custom desired size and design.
  • They are chemical resistant.
  • They are resistant to weather and dents.
  • As compared to other foam boards, the Sintra signs are must permanent and stronger.

At Blue dot signs, we use premium inks that are best and will not fade in the sunlight, making sure that they are best to be used outdoors for a long time. The Sintra printing is best for the advertising of your products and services and it is easy. Sintra boards can be used commonly in trade shows, booth props, real estates, and in many other places too. Our Sintra boards can last for 10 years. If you are looking for Sintra PVC boards we can make them shipped with a fast turnaround. 

Custom Fabrication of
Sintra Signs Available

Uses Of Sintra Signs

Due to the durability of Sintra PVC signs they can be easily cleaned and stored for different occasions. The Sintra signs come with beautiful colors and matte finish, and can also be painted to glossy finish or dry erase finish. The Sintra board printing is ideal to be used indoors and outdoors so if you are looking for outdoor signs you can go with these quality PVC Boards. Different uses of Sintra boards include:

Benefits Of Sintra Signs

  • The Sintra Signs come in a range of different thickness and variety of sizes.
  • The Sintra Signs are durable and lightweight.
  • Thy are affordable advertising technique.
  • These boards are highly customizable and can be cut to any shape.
  • Weather impervious and long-lasting material.
Get Your Sintra Cut-To-Shape Signs At Blue Dot Signs

If you need these signs for events, Blue dot signs can provide you these signs with a fast turnaround. We have been dealing in Sintra PVC signs for decades. We have a range of clients in Brooklyn. NYC, New-jersey, and many other areas too. If you need any help with these signs you can freely contact us and we will help you out. You can also get free estimates by just filling out the forms or you can call us at info@bluedotsigns.com.

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