Sintra Board Signs Fabrication and Installation in NJ

Sintra Board Signs Fabrication and Installation in NJ

From lightweight foam board to durable aluminum composite, there are many options for rigid signs. One of the top choices for many businesses is Sintra, the brand name for PVC board. Like other rigid signs, this material offers stability and has a low weight for easy installation and portability. The surface of PVC board also offers an optimal surface for displaying graphics, making this a popular choice for signs that need extensive details or text.

At Blue Dot Signs, we craft custom PVC signs for small businesses and major companies alike. Each sign is made to your design specifications with options to choose the size, shape, and design. We also offer ancillary services such as installation and design to assist you with your Sintra board sign. Contact us for more information and to get a quote.

Sintra Board Signs Fabrication and Printing in NJ

PVC is a material known for durability and flexibility. When used in signage in the form of PVC board, it offers a sign that can be used in a variety of locations, including both interior and exterior installations, and will last for several years. Our NJ Sintra signs are also affordable, and a smart choice for high quality budget signage.

Custom Sintra Board Signs in New Jersey with Blue Dot Signs

Sintra is the industry standard brand name for PVC board. This is a type of rigid sign material made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that has been extruded into a smooth sheet. PVC is a closed-cell plastic, meaning it is impermeable to water and air. This makes it rigid and able to withstand high pressure while still being lightweight.

PVC board comes in a pure white with a low gloss matte finishing. This gives printed and painted graphics luminosity and prevents dulled colors. Several different thicknesses are available. For larger signs, a thicker board will give added stability. Standard widths are:

  • 1mm
  • 2mm
  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • 5mm
  • 6mm
  • 10mm
  • 19mm

The base board for a Sintra sign is cut into the needed size and shape for the graphic. While many signs are rectangular, PVC can be cut into round and irregular shapes as well. Thinner Sintra board is cut using a CNC router or laser cutter to translate the digital design to a physical cut. Boards of a thickness 10mm and up can be die cut.

Custom Sintra Board Signs in New Jersey with Blue Dot Signs

It is also possible to create PVC letters by custom cutting individual shapes out of Sintra board. These are also cut on the CNC router where the automated process can trim letters in standard and custom fonts, including cursive typefaces. For letters, Sintra board is also available in blue, dark blue, dark red, green, yellow, light grey, and dark grey.

To make printed sintra signs, graphics are screen printed or digitally printed using a four color process with durable UV-inks. These are long lasting inks that can be used indoors or outdoors as they are weather-resistant. Installation options for Sintra board signs can be fabricated as the sign is made if needed. Options include:

  • Adhesive Backing - Sintra signs are lightweight and double sided tape or Velcro can keep them attached to a wall or door.
  • Drilled Holes - For larger signs, holes can be drilled in on the CNC router. This allows the sign to be bolted to a wall or hung.
  • Easel - As a rigid sign, PVC board has the stability to be displayed on an easel.
  • Self-Supporting Base - Sintra is shapeable with heat. We can bend the bottom of a sign to create a base for the sign, such as with a desk sign or placard, so it will stand on its own.
  • Framing - Thin Sintra board can be mounted in a frame like a picture or photograph.

A PVC sign can be displayed either indoors or outdoors for several years without its appearance fading. The PVC board will not rust, mold, or warp unless used in an area heated in excess of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Uses Of Sintra Signs

What Makes Sintra Board Signs Effective

Whether using Sintra PVC board sign as an outdoor sign, a display sign, or a menu board, this sturdy rigid material offers several benefits including:
Durable - Sintra board is resistant to scratching and dents, even if it is frequently handled.

  • Chemical Resistant - If a sign will be installed in an area with heavy chemical use, PVC boards will not deteriorate and have a UL-94 fire resistance rating, the highest possible rating.
  • Readable - Because printed Sintra signs do not have a glare, they can be read from any angle and a distance away as long as the typeface is large enough.
  • Transportable - The lightweight and durability allows them to be carried to different events without showing wear or being cumbersome.
  • Easy to Maintain - PVC resists dirt and smudges from handling. If it does need cleaned, dirt can usually be wiped off the smooth surface with a cloth.

The exact lifespan of a Sintra sign will depend on the environmental factors where it is installed. Indoor signs will last up to 10 years or more. They will last several years outdoors as well, and longer if the weather is more mild or they're in a protected space. 

Where Sintra Signs Are Used

Because PVC signs are durable and display detailed graphics or text well, they are commonly used in restaurants and retail food chains. However, event planners and retail stores can also incorporate them into a display. Sintra board signs are often used for:

  • Promotions
  • Menus
  • Wall Graphics
  • Event Decor
  • Tradeshow Displays
  • Reserved Signs

Sintra board is also commonly used in archival framing and preservation. As a backing, the acid-free PVC does not deteriorate fiber materials mounted to it.

Custom Sintra Sign Options

Contact Us For Your Custom Sintra Sign

Blue Dot Signs is a custom sign fabricator that has been serving clients in NJ and NYC for over 30 years. Our custom rigid signs using Sintra board or other materials are high quality, long lasting, and available at affordable rates. With our extensive experience, we are also able to make recommendations for signage used at your business. We will need your design file, preferably as a PDF, .ai, or .eps file in 300 dpi to create your sign. We can also assist in the design of your sign if you do not have a graphic artist of your own. Contact us to get started.