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Custom EDGE Graphics Signs for your Storefronts in NJ

Custom EDGE Graphics Signs for your Storefronts in NJ

Silicone edge graphics (SEG) are a newer innovation in signage, yet are a standard at trade shows and expos, as well as for promotion in retail. They are appreciated for their clean look which hides stitching lines and shows no grommets, pockets, or other ways of keeping a sign supported. Instead the fabric the graphic is printed on fits precisely into a frame and is held with a silicone strip.

Blue Dot Signs creates the custom frames and graphics for SEG signs that stand out at events and in businesses. If you are looking for a sign to elevate your display, an EDGE graphic sign can provide a professional and attractive appearance. Contact us to get more information about this type of signage, or to get a free quote.

Your Local EDGE Graphics Installers in NJ

As a type of fabric box, SEG graphics offers the option for large format graphics with vivid colors and clear lines, making them ideal for photo printing. Silicone edge graphics are made of a thick, wrinkle-free fabric that is stretched over a frame. A thin strip of silicone is sewn along the edge of the fabric, giving the banner its name. This silicone strip is pushed into grooves cut into the frame, resulting in an image that appears to float and stretches taut over the frame.

About Our Custom SEG Signs in New Jersey

Silicone edge graphics are made of a thick, wrinkle-free fabric that is stretched over a frame. A thin strip of silicone is sewn along the edge of the fabric, giving the banner its name. This silicone strip is pushed into grooves cut into the frame, resulting in an image that appears to float and stretches taut over the frame.

The frame is made of extruded aluminum. This material is lightweight and easily manipulated so that each frame can be custom built to match the needs of the completed sign. Customization options include:

  • Size - The dimensions and thickness of the sign can be customized based on the location and graphics that will be displayed. The frame has to be exactly the right size for the fabric to create the needed tension for display.
  • Shape - SEG frames are most often rectangular, but can be fabricated into nearly any shape.
  • Finishing - The aluminum can be finished to imitate wood, stone, or other metals like silver and brass. The frame can also be left as aluminum with a polished or brushed finish.
  • Lighting - Edge graphics can be side lit or back lit by installing rows of LED lights into the frame. This draws attention to the sign and makes it usable in low light conditions.

For SEG graphics printing, the design is transferred to the fabric through “dye-sublimation.” Rather than laying the image over the fabric as with traditional printing, dye-sublimation uses heat transfer to make the graphic part of fabric itself. The result provides saturated colors with photographic accuracy. The colors will not rub off and are resistant to fading.

The fabric is detachable from the sign. This means your business can order multiple fabric graphics with silicone edges and switch them out of the frame as needed. The replacement graphic can be inserted into the frame within a matter of minutes and without tools.

About Our Custom SEG Signs in New Jersey

The signs can be made either single or double sided. They can also be made to be mounted against a wall or free standing with a base to keep them upright.

SEG graphics

Benefits of SEG Graphics

Of the fabric sign options, SEG graphics offer the cleanest and sleekest look. They put the focus on the image, which is vibrantly printed through dye-sublimation. Companies choose SEG graphic signs because they are:

  • Professional - The frameless appearance of SEG graphics removes any factors that might clutter the sign or detract from the imagery.
  • Transportable - The frame is lightweight, making it easy to move and carry. The fabric with the graphics can be folded up during transport, and unfolded to place in the frame upon arrival at an event.
  • Wide Viewing Range - SEG have no glare so they can be seen clearly from any side and beneath strong overhead lights.
  • Reusable - Once you have the frame, you can order updated graphics whenever needed that can be replaced into the same frame.

The customizability of these signs also makes it possible to fabricate one that fits into a particular space and is reasonable for many budgets.

Where EDGE Signs Are Used

The clean look of an SEG sign works well for displaying high definition graphics such as those used in model and product photography. It can also showcase artwork for a more decorative purpose. Places where SEG signs are commonly found include:

  • Trade Shows
  • Expos
  • Offices
  • Retail Stores
  • Shopping Malls

Because they can be permanently installed or set up when needed, these signs can be used at many locations, and moved between locations if necessary.

EDGE Signs

Order a Custom SEG Banner from Blue Dot Signs

In NJ events seem to be happening every day, from trade shows to expos, where your company needs to stand out with an attractive display. Businesses also need to stand out in their everyday operations with the right signage. Silicone edge graphics are one of the most effective ways to present a professional appearance, and Blue Dot Signs is one of the leading producers of these signs in NJ. With knowledgeable customer service, affordable prices, and leading technology, Blue Dot Signs is here to be a partner in your signage needs.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are edge graphics different from fabric box signs?

    Edge graphics are a type of fabric box, but provide a more seamless appearance than other signs. This is because only a small bit of the frame is visible and no finishings like seams or grommets. SEG graphics can also be lit like other fabric boxes.

  • What is the cost of an SEG sign?

    With so many options, it is impossible to provide one price that fits every sign. Please contact us so that we can confirm the technical specifications of your particular sign and we can give you a personalized quote.

  • How do I put the SEG fabric into the frame?

    When installed correctly, the fabric should be taut, like a drum. Start by putting the corners into the frame. Fold down the edge with the silicone and press it into the groove in the frame. After the corners are inserted, insert the centers of each side into the frame. Then slide your finger from the center of each side to the corner to insert the rest of the edges.

  • Can I use my sign outside?

    Fabric signs can be used outside for a short period in good weather, but should not be placed permanently outside or stored outside.

  • What is the fabric made of?

    There are several fabric options depending on your budget and the quality of sign needed. There are options to use fabrics made from recycled materials for a “eco-friendly” display.

  • Can I wash the fabric?

    Yes. The fabric can be machine washed and steamed to remove any wrinkles. The design is printed into the fabric so it will not wash off.

  • Can you install my SEG frame?

    We can install a frame at your business with our installation services. We can install signs in NJ and the five boroughs, including with after hours services.

  • How big can an SEG sign be?

    We have large format printers, so a sign can be as large as you need. We’ve created signs up to 20’ tall. Let us know what size you are wanting, and we will make it possible.