Vinyl Banners NJ

Vinyl banners are often one of the most effective marketing and advertising techniques for today’s businesses. Seen in trade shows, conventions, hotels, retail, and more, vinyl banners are full color banners and stands that come in a variety of sizes, and can be made for both indoor and outdoor use. Great for receiving the maximum exposure and expanding your brand, these banners are a must-have for most modern day businesses.

At Blue Dot Signs, we offer high quality design and support for banners in New Jersey. Available in a multitude of sizes, including vertical vinyl banners, double sided vinyl banners, and horizontal designs, our banners will provide your company with the tools it needs to attract visitors to your brand.

Full Color Vinyl Banners

With our vinyl banners in New Jersey, you can rest assured that your advertising is created according to your design vision. Vinyl banner material is highly resistant and can tolerate exposure to the elements without suffering considerable damage and deterioration. The large poster-like design can truly capture the attention of potential customers when produced the right way.

While we are one of the only providers of cheap vinyl banners in New Jersey, we don’t sacrifice quality. We use our experience to reduce costs, by streamlining the printing process. For beautiful custom printed vinyl banners, Blue Dot Signs provides vinyl banners that have many advantages, including:

  • Ease of Use – Our custom printed vinyl banners can come with grommets, and includes rope ties and flexible cord on each end making it easy to tie down. Tying up these banners is simple and easy. From design to installation, we make sure that your vinyl banners are ready for you to use regularly.
  • Fully Mobile – If you need to transport full color vinyl banners, the product is light and flexible. You can easily and efficiently move the banners from one location to the next. Vinyl is a versatile material allowing you to reuse your hanging vinyl banners for various promotional purposes.
  • Effective Advertising – Vinyl banners are versatile, durable, and economical, but most importantly these banners are an effective advertising medium. At Blue Dot Signs, our custom outdoor vinyl banner printing will depict your brand in a professional light. Designers can also advise on branding and incorporate client input to produce a unique and beautiful banner range.
  • Top Design – Owing to the size and shape of large custom banners, businesses can place a significant amount of detail on the poster. Maintaining balanced brand awareness with clean design and bold colors can attract attention and appeal to customers aesthetically.
  • Affordable – Advertising in NJ can be expensive, lengthy, and complex. The availability of vinyl banners delivers affordable solutions for marketing of any brand. Cheap vinyl banners are available to support any of your marketing requirements, and to make sure you have the perfect sign to match your needs.

With all advertising banners designed with high quality prints and durable material, these promotional products will not only last, but produce effective brand awareness.

Vinyl banners are simply a great way to advertise your business, and here at Blue Dot Signs, we make sure that you have the custom, high quality, uniquely created material banners that are perfect for any purpose – whether you are advertising at trade shows or making an outdoor announcement.

Custom Vinyl Banners

We know you have your choice in vinyl banners in NJ. With the best possible banner printing services and overnight banner printing options available, Blue Dot Signs remains the best choice to make sure that you always have the custom banner you need.

With many standard vinyl banner sizes, as well as unique options that include backlit vinyl banners, hanging vinyl banners, and so much more, we are the best possible choice for your banner printing needs, and we’d love an opportunity to help you with your next project tor idea.

Order Custom Vinyl Banners Today

Every care is taken to produce vinyl banners of the highest quality. Our professional banner services in NJ specialize in designing and manufacturing vinyl banners of different shapes, sizes and colors. If you reside in and around New Jersey, as well as most of NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, etc.), call Blue Dot Signs for a custom banner quote right away, or fill out our order form to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sign Installation

Vinyl Banner

How Do You Clean a Vinyl Banner?

Generally, vinyl banners can be wiped down with nothing more than a bit of warm water and a soft towel. If the vinyl banner is highly soiled, mix a small amount of a gentle soap into a bucket of water. Try to avoid any rough towels or sponges, as these may damage the banner.

How Do You Design a Banner?

Designing a vinyl banner is similar to any graphic design project. A minimum of 100 dpi is needed, with 300 dpi strongly recommended. The design should be the actual size of the banner, and should ideally be saved in a high end file format, like .ai, .eps, or .psd.

How Much Does a Vinyl Banner Weigh on Average?

It depends on the type of vinyl, but on average, each vinyl banner weighs approximately 13 oz per square yard. So a 3’ x 9’ vinyl banner would weigh about 39 ounces, or 2lbs, 7 oz.

What is a Scrim Banner?

Scrim banners are a type of vinyl banner that uses a back layer that blocks out the lighting. They are almost exclusively used as outdoor banners, designed to block out the light of the sun.

What is the Difference Between an Indoor and Outdoor Banner?

Banners can be made in nearly any material, but vinyl is more common. Outdoors, vinyl is also strongly recommended, as fabric, paper, and other materials are unlikely to handle the elements. What you’ll want to consider outdoors that is largely unnecessary indoors is the use of mesh vinyl as well, which will let wind through without messing up your banner.