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We Provide Different Types of Exterior Signs in NJ

We Provide Different Types of Exterior Signs in NJ

Outdoor signs are some of the most important signs for your business's success. They are the signs used to capture the attention of customers, send a message, and brand your company to anyone that may walk near your storefront or building. Outdoor signs face more possible sources of damage than indoor signs, often experiencing a more rapid rate of wear and tear thanks to severe weather, traffic, and more. At Blue Dot Signs, we can craft these custom commercial signs in NJ according to your exact specifications that can handle the moisture, dirt, sun, and other damaging elements.

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Different Types of Outdoor Signs

Blue Dot Signs is a full service sign company with an array of options for those with complex sign needs. We carry many different kinds of outdoor signs made of weather resistant materials such as metal, vinyl, acrylic and more. There are a number of choices available for customization as well, including size, color, shape, and purpose for these signs. Some of our most popular outdoor signs include:

Options for Exterior Signs from Blue Dot Signs

Our outdoor building signs and storefront signs are custom built specifically with methods and materials meant to withstand weather and other sources of outdoor related damage. No matter what kind of outdoor sign you design and order, you can be sure that it will be well equipped for wherever it will be displayed. If you’re not sure if you have the right sign in mind, we can help there as well. Any of our commercial outdoor signs can be customized to fit your business’s brand and specific needs.

Whether you want your storefront sign to be carved, hand painted, or use lighting in some way, we will take the necessary care to fabricate it to your specifications so it looks perfect and is as long-lasting as you need it to be. We have an inventory of hundreds of different sign types available, with the materials and equipment on hand to customize each one. Options for your sign include choices such as:

  • Material - We can craft signs from metal, acrylic, plastic, wood, vinyl, and more to fabricate any sign design you may envision.
  • Shape and Size - Using a state of the art CNC router and laser cutting, we can cut any materials to the desired size and shape. Even complex or intricate shapes are possible with the automated, precision cuts of the CNC router.
  • Dimension and Lighting - We are able to create 3 dimensional signs, lighted signs, and large format signs that measure as large as 120" or more depending on the material.
  • Color - We use the Pantone Matching System to choose colors that exactly match your design for printing and colored materials like acrylic.
  • Printing - The graphics on some of our 2-dimensional signs are rendered through direct digital printing which replicates the design exactly as it appears in the design file. This provides flexibility in creating the graphics. We also have large scale printers that can seamlessly create images on signs measuring several feet, and we have machines that can etch or otherwise craft signs where printing isn't recommended.
  • Installation - In the process of designing your sign, we will collaborate with you on where and how it will be installed so that we can finish it appropriately.
Options for Exterior Signs from Blue Dot Signs

We are also able to provide outdoor signs that you may not expect to be as durable, such as decals and wraps. These signs can be applied to windows, floors, trucks, and more, as a form of decoration or branding as well as identification for business vehicles. As with our other forms of outdoor signs, we also offer NJ sign installation services for decals to ensure that they’re applied properly and will stay where they’re supposed to be.

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Exterior Sign Services

In addition to sign fabrication, we are a licensed and insured sign company able to provide a comprehensive range of sign-related services. Our staff can offer input and assistance with:

  • Sign Design - We are experts in creating graphics that encompass your company’s brand and integrate the information you need to share. We can also use our CAD machines to create 3D signs. If you don’t yet have the design for your exterior sign, we can help create it.
  • Sign Installation - Blue Dot Signs offers licensed and insured installation services. You can be sure your signs will be safe and visible wherever they are installed. We also offer after hours installation to minimize disruptions at your business.
  • Sign Repair - Even the best outdoor signs can see wear after a few years, especially lighting signs using electricity. We can replace electrical components, cracked sign faces, deteriorating paint, and more to make your sign look like new again.
  • Sign Permitting - Many exterior signs require a permit before they can be installed. With our knowledge in NJ sign regulations, we can assist with researching and filing for the necessary permits.
  • Sign Maintenance - Regular maintenance both keeps a sign looking sharp and extends its service life. We can clean and touch up exterior signs on your property.

If you need help with a sign in virtually any capacity, we can help even when we did not create the sign. Whenever possible, we strive to streamline and improve our processes in order to keep our products affordable and accessible to large and small companies alike.

Where Exterior Signs Are Used

Outdoor commercial signs are one of the most noticeable types of signage out in use. The signs draw attention, let customers know where to find a business, promote products, and help enforce regulations. For these reasons, exterior signage can be used by:

  • Store Owners
  • Restaurants
  • New Businesses
  • Pop Up Stores
  • Sign Companies
  • Building Owners
  • Property Management
  • General Contractors

Whenever a sign needs to be used outdoors, we can work with you to create one that has the needed durability while still representing your brand and conveying the needed message.

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Order Outdoor Signs in NJ from Blue Dot Signs

Blue Dot Signs is one of the top sign companies in New Jersey for outdoor signs because of the high-quality products, quick turnaround, and excellent customer service we offer. Our wide catalog of products that are able to be customized in almost every detail means that you’ll be able to bring your dream sign design to life. Please contact us on 908-486-7000 or email at [email protected] for more information about our custom outdoor signs in NJ and NY, as well as all of our sign-related services. We serve the New Jersey and New York City area, including all five boroughs, and offer some of the best prices in the area’s sign industry. Whenever possible, we strive to streamline and improve the sign-making process in order to keep our products affordable and accessible to large and small companies alike.