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Outdoor signs are some of the most important signs that your business will use. They need to capture people’s attention, send a message, and above all else make sure that they withstand all of the elements in order to brand your company effectively.

Outdoor signs face more possible sources of damage than indoor signs, often experiencing a more rapid rate of wear and tear thanks to severe weather, traffic, and more. That is why it is so important to find outdoor signs that are made with durable construction, as well as the right materials to handle the moisture, dirt, sun, and other damaging elements that can otherwise cause rapid wear and tear.

At Blue Dot Signs, we can craft these custom outdoor signs in NJ according to your exact specifications. If you are ready to get started, contact us today at 908-486-7000, or fill out our form for a custom quote.

Our Outdoor Signs Services

Blue Dot Signs is a full service sign company with an array of options for those with complex sign needs. We carry many different kinds of outdoor signs made of weather resistant materials such as metal, vinyl, acrylic and more. There are a number of choices available for customization as well, including size, color, shape, and purpose for these signs. Some of our most popular outdoor signs include:

Why Blue Dot Signs?

Any of these commercial outdoor signs can be customized to fit your business’s brand and specific needs. Whether you want your storefront sign to be carved, hand painted, or use lighting in some way, we will take the necessary care to fabricate it to your specifications so it looks perfect and is as long-lasting as you need it to be.

We are also able to provide outdoor signs that you may not expect to be as durable, such as decals and wraps. These signs can be applied to windows, floors, trucks, and more, as a form of decoration or branding as well as identification for business vehicles. As with our other forms of outdoor signs, we also offer installation services for decals to ensure that they’re applied properly and will stay where they’re supposed to be.

Custom Outdoor Signs

Our outdoor signs are custom built specifically with methods and materials meant to withstand weather and other sources of outdoor related damage. No matter what kind of outdoor sign you design and order, you can be sure that it will be well equipped for wherever it will be displayed. If you’re not sure if you have the right sign in mind, we can help there as well.

In addition, to sign fabrication, we are also able to provide a comprehensive range of sign-related services. Our staff can offer input and assistance with sign design, sign installation, repair, permitting, and maintenance. If you need help with a sign in virtually any capacity, we can help.

Place Your Order Today!

Blue Dot Signs is one of the top sign companies in New Jersey for outdoor signs because of the high-quality products, quick turnaround, and excellent customer service we offer. Our wide catalog of products that are able to be customized in almost every detail mean that you’ll be able to bring your dream sign design to life.

Please contact us on 908-486-7000 or email at info@bluedotsigns.com for more information about our custom outdoor signs in NJ and NY, as well as all of our sign-related services. We serve the New Jersey and New York City area, including all five boroughs, and offer some of the best prices in the area’s sign industry.

Whenever possible, we strive to streamline and improve the sign-making process in order to keep our products affordable and accessible to large and small companies alike.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Signs

Outdoor Signs

Can I add a copyrighted image or color to my outdoor sign?

We are able to add almost any image, color, or design to our signs. If you want to include your company’s logo, signature color, or another type of imagery you own the copyright of, then yes, we can include it immediately. Otherwise, you’ll need to provide permission from the copyright’s owner, or stock imagery that you have paid for commercial rights to use.

Can I get input on my sign’s design?

It’s a good idea to seek graphic design input to make sure your sign is eye-catching but not clashing, as well as visible and easy to understand from any distance. If you want an expert opinion on your sign’s font, color choices, design arrangement, or want an idea of where to start with any aspect of the design process, we can offer that. We have sign designers that can help you create any type of outdoor sign, from 3 dimensional to custom colors, shapes, and more.

Can lighting be incorporated with my outdoor sign?

Lighting your outdoor sign, internally or externally, is a great way to attract attention to your store at any time of day or night. Some can be lit internally, like a backlight with lightbox signs, channel letters, and some types of awnings to create a glowing effect. External lighting, such as a spotlight, is another option for signs like carved or aluminum metal signs. If you want your outdoor sign to be lit, we can consult with you as to how to make that happen during the ordering process.

Can my neon sign include a custom font?

Yes. We want your neon sign to perfectly reflect your business, and can include custom fonts and logos so that it does. Letters can be upper and/or lowercase, cursive, written in a font your business uses for your logo, as part of channel lettering, and more. Just let us know how you want your sign’s lettering to appear and where, and we can make it happen.

Can my outdoor sign be kept outdoors all the time?

It depends on the materials it’s made with. Most of our outdoor signs can be kept outside at least for the majority of the day or night, although extreme weather like storms may cause damage. If your sign isn’t permanently installed outdoors, it can be a good idea to bring them inside sometimes to extend their lifespan. Otherwise, regular maintenance can prevent any wear they might experience.

Can you help if my outdoor sign breaks or is damaged?

We offer sign repair services for any of our signs that become broken or damaged in some way. From a burned out bulb in a light box sign to weather damage after a storm, our repair technicians can fix whatever the problem is with specialized skills and tools like cherry pickers for signs that are larger or installed in difficult to reach places.

Can you install my neon sign outdoors?

Blue Dot Signs does offer installation services. If you’re not experienced with installing this kind of sign or if it’s going to be displayed in a difficult to reach area, it’s a good idea to ask us about this service.

We usually recommend keeping this kind of sign indoors. They could be displayed outdoors if they’re completely protected from the weather such as being mounted under a roof or overhang, but it is far safer for your investment if they are an indoor sign.

Do you have any advice for designing a neon sign?

In addition to sign fabrication, installation, repair and more, we also offer help with sign design if needed. Our experience in graphic design for many different kinds of sign means that we can offer tips to make your sign look better depending on its materials and style.

For example, color has a big impact on a neon sign’s visibility. Since one of neon signs’ primary advantages is being visible from a distance, this is important to know. Red lettering is the most legible from a distance and purple and yellow is the least.

How can I ensure that my outdoor sign will last a long time?

We make all of our signs, outdoor and indoor, with the highest quality materials available to make sure they last as long as possible. Let us know that you’re planning to have your sign outdoors, and we will make sure that it is the right choice for your needs. We can also provide instructions for proper maintenance specifically for your sign to help prevent damage by mitigating or reversing the effects of everyday wear and tear.

How do I install my outdoor sign?

We can provide instructions on how to install your sign. However, in order make sure your sign will look its best when displayed, we also offer NJ sign installation services. Our installation experts are experienced with all the types of outdoor signage we offer and have just the skills to make sure it is successfully put in place.

How do I maintain my neon sign?

We provide maintenance instructions for your custom sign to help you prevent damage that can occur from daily wear and tear. In general, neon signs are a low maintenance kind of sign. Dusting it with a dry, soft cloth is about all the upkeep you’ll need to provide. Don’t use any liquids like water or cleaning fluids, and always make sure you unplug your sign before handling it.

How energy efficient are neon signs?

Compared to other lighted signs, neon signs are very efficient and don’t cost much to keep on even for long periods of time. In fact, they use less energy if you leave them on 24-7 than if you turn them off and on. They typically use less energy than a 75 watt light bulb.

How far away can neon signs be read?

The larger the height of the letters and graphics on your neon sign, the further away they’ll be visible. For about each inch of height on your sign’s letters, you gain legibility for about 38 feet away.

How long will it take to get my outdoor sign?

As with pricing, the details of your individual custom order will determine the time frame between your order and the end of your sign’s fabrication. We seek to provide as fast a turnaround as possible, no matter what kind of sign and design you need. We can also speed up the development of your outdoor sign for a nominal fee depending on the date you require it.

How much will my outdoor sign cost?

There are a number of factors that affect a sign’s price, including what type of sign it is, what materials it’s made of, how complicated its design is, how large it is, and more. If you’d like to know exactly what the cost of your custom outdoor sign will be before you order it, you can request a free quote online at www.bluedotsigns.com/request-a-quote.

Will my custom sized and shaped sign be able to be displayed outside my storefront?

It’s a good idea to be aware of any municipal regulations and restrictions that might apply to your storefront or wherever else you want to display your outdoor sign. If you’re unsure of anything in regards to these rules, we can find out if you need any permits based on the details of your custom sign and go through any necessary compliance processes for you.