Awnings and canopies are great examples of signs that serve multiple purposes. Not only do they get the word out about your business via the lettering and design printed on them, they also provide shade when it’s hot and keep you dry when it’s wet out.

Installed year-round or only seasonally, this type of signage is commonly used for entrances at hotels and retail stores, outdoor seating for restaurants and cafes, outdoor waiting areas, and more. They provide comfort for your customers as well as savings for your business, since they can lower utility bills by lowering the need for air conditioning or fan usage thanks to their shading.

Available Awning Types

Awnings are made up of fabric or a fabric-like material and a frame to support it. They’re easy to find in cities, especially, where they’re installed over windows and doors to advertise and identify businesses while also providing protection from the weather.
We offer several kinds of awnings to accommodate a variety of installation locations. Awnings options include:

  • Retractable Awnings – Meant to be pulled out when the weather is good and/or when your business is open, and retracted for safe storage when not in use.
  • Storefront Awnings – More sturdy than retractable awnings, these are most often displayed year round.
    Vestibules – Unlike the other two types of awning, vestibules encloses the entire entrance or waiting area. They can be used seasonally or year round.
  • Vinyl awnings are perhaps the most popular option we offer for materials, but we also offer acrylic and fabric awnings. These materials are manufactured by top brands like Sunbrella, and are resistant to water, fading, mold, and other forms of weather damage.

Custom Awnings Signs

There are several additions to the basic construction of door and window awnings that provide better coverage or further enhance the awning’s appearance. Some of these features include:

  • Brass Posts
  • Painted Frames
  • Ceilings
  • Side Curtains
  • Internal Illumination
  • Sunlight Stoppers
  • Concave, Convex, Dome, Custom Shapes, and More

We are able to customize almost every detail of our awnings and other types of signage, from size, to shape, to color, and more. Please let us know of any specialized needs you want your awning to address, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

New Jersey Custom Awnings Services

Blue Dot Signs is well-known for providing high-quality signage products. We are a top awning manufacturer and have created printed awnings in New Jersey and the surrounding area for a wide variety of businesses.

Please contact us at for further information on our awnings, canopies, and other signs today. We want to help you further your business by providing you with signage that both promotes your name and makes your customers more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Awnings


Can I leave my awning up year round?

Yes. However, if you have a retractable awning, you should retract it during severe weather like high winds or hail.

Can my business’s custom logo or color be added to my awning?

Yes. We are able match almost any color you need, even if it is custom made for your business. Our printers are also able to reproduce custom graphics like logos.

Do I need a permit to install and display my awning?

Depending on the size and design of your awnings as well as where you want to install it, you may need a permit. If you’re unsure how to ensure local code compliance, we offer permit filing services.

How do I clean my awning?

In most cases, a soft brush used with mild dish soap and water can to remove most types of staining that awning fabric may sustain. Avoid using bleach or other traditional cleaning products unless specifically recommended for you as they can fade the colors on your awning.

How do I install my awning?

We can provide instructions for how to install your custom awning. However, we offer installation services for awnings and many other kinds of signs. We recommend this service because it results in a safely and attractively installed awning.

How do you keep the colors and designs on awnings from fading?

The ink we print with is UV ray resistant, and we offer PVC coating for some materials for extra protecting against fading. Retracting or otherwise storing your awning indoors when not in use can also prevent fading.

How large should my awning be?

This depends on the size of the area your awning will be covering and the direction that area is facing. If you’re unsure of what size awning you need, we can make a recommendation based on those details. For example north or south-facing awnings should be as wide as possible, around 6”-12” wider on each side than the area your awning will cover, to accommodate for the way the sun moves in the sky and shifts the shade from left to right.

How long do awnings last?

It’s variable according to the specific kind of fabric used and what kind of awning you have. In general, the awning fabrics we use last about 10 years.

What are awning frames made of?

Awning frames are designed to be both lightweight and highly durable. We offer them in aluminum, powder-coated aluminum, or steel.

What surfaces can storefront and retractable awnings be installed on?

They can be installed on almost any flat, firm surface, including brick, concrete, wood, aluminum, and more.