Channel Letters

We have realized that nowadays, businesses use attractive signage to showcase their brands, services, names, and products. These attractive signs consist of LightBox signs, Neon signs, etc. Channel letters are also one of them. They are the illuminated 3D letters that are commonly illuminated with light bulbs, LED Lights, Halo effects, neon lights, and etc. 

Channel letters have become popular and can be seen as the fastest-growing types of signage and brand recognition. Channel Letters are the 3-dimensional custom letters that are back-lit or illuminated from inside. 

Uses of these illuminated letters

These illuminated letters can be used to light up:

Retailer stores

Grocery stores


Commercial buildings

Corporate offices

National Chains etc.

The channel letters have high visibility, they can be seen from distance. The lights within these letters make them visible to be seen even at dark nights. These illuminated letters possess a bright and professional appearance and even if your retailer or business is located in a densely populated area these channel letters will advertise your business on a higher scale and will grant you brand recognition because they are truly eye-catching. 

Channel letters to choose for your Brand

At Blue dot signs, we offer custom sizes and designs for these illuminated letters. Use attractive illuminated channel letters to light up your stores. These backlit letters are the most effective signs that attract people day and night even from distance. AT Blue dot signs, we can create 3-dimensional lighted signs that are visible. You can display your company name, products, or services through these channel letters and these illuminated channel letters make you get noticed in the new york city, manhattan, New-Jersey and etc. and they are the versatile storefront displays.

There is a wide range of channel letters that you can get at Blue dot signs, some of which includes:

Front-Lit Channel Letters: The front-lit channel letters are also known as standard channel letters. They are made of aluminum from both sides. They are internally illuminated with neon lights or LED Lights. These Channel letters are highly visible, because of the glow they create with the lights placed within them and the material used. 

Halo-Lit Letters: These letters also consist of the neon or LED lights but these letters let the lights shine from the inside and cast the glow around each letter, which creates the halo effect. These Halo-Lit Letters are used for unique and classy projects.

Back-Lit Channel Letter: If you want to really fancy then you must consider Back-Lit Channel letters. These channel letters are defined by the lighting placed behind them. These channel letters combine the front-lit with the halo-lit, creating a unique and attractive look.

Open Face Lit Channel Letters: These channel letters are illuminated with neon lights, that provide a very clear light because the sign face is clear or there is no sign face and this makes it different from others. 

Services for Channel Letters at Blue Dot Signs

At Blue dot signs, We can provide customized Channel letters. The most widely used and popular is Neon and Led lights Channel letters. Our Team can provide you the designs for these letters. Our team has the ability to fabricate these signs for you. Besides that, our team can install these Signs too. We have experts that can easily install these letters for you, wherever you want. And most importantly, we also provide you the maintenance services. 

Channel letters are of great importance and we know that that’s why we are here for you. We want your business to shine brightly. If you want your business to get the attention of the whole town, go with Channel Letters. And if you are looking for quality materials and expert services, then you know how to contact us!

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