Construction Signs for Development Work

Construction site signage is not only a good idea. In many cases, it is the law. There are dozens of different signs that are required at each construction site, and those businesses that want to remain compliant to NJ law – as well as protect themselves from lawsuits and keep their employees safe – should strongly consider partnering with a sign company in NJ that understands construction signage.

Here at Blue Dot Signs, we have printed high quality construction signs for contractors and developers across NJ and the surrounding areas. We genuinely understand the needs of these signs, and can even help you make sure that you have all the signs you need. If you are in need of construction signs fast, contact us today at

Construction Sign Designs

Custom Construction Signs Types

Some construction signs are required by NJ law. Others are required, but have some variability. Still others are optional, or allow the company to have complete creative control over their design.

At Blue Dot Signs, we supply both the mandatory signs and the optional signs, with almost every customization option possible. We encourage you to choose the signs that are best for safety, meet all required regulations, and help potentially draw more business or investors to your builds.

We can create any custom construction job site signs that you need at your work site. Some of the signs that we can create include:

  • Construction Safety Signs – Warning signs on a construction site are both a legal and ethical tool that companies use to keep workers and passersby safe. We create everything from “Danger Construction Area” signs to Hard Hat signs, to signs that are more custom in nature. We can also use materials that will withstand some of the harsh elements of the build.
  • Construction Street Signs – It’s not just inside of the building that you need to care for. It’s also the outside. There are many construction street signs, such as road construction signs, those notifying the public of the build, those telling others to stay safe, and more – all of which require someone to custom print the sign based on your needs.
  • Construction Advertising Signs – So much attention is paid to the signs you have to have for legal or safety reasons. But you’re also a business, and often that means that you should take an opportunity to create construction business signs that advertise what you offer. We can create all types of advertising and marketing signs that are ideal for getting your name and brand out there.
  • Construction Traffic Control Signs – Blue Dot Signs can also create the traffic control signs you need to make sure that both pedestrian and automobile traffic is well managed. From highway construction signs to pedestrian scaffold signage, our signs can help you manage the walkways and make sure that everyone knows where they need to be.

From construction sign boards to billboard sign construction, there are few signs that we cannot create. Indeed, we can even create the signs you use on trucks, and the signs you use back at the office.

Blue Dot Signs Construction Signage Services

There are many custom sign fabrication companies in New Jersey that print and create custom construction signage. But here at Blue Dot Signs, our years of experience and commitment to the satisfaction of each customer we work with is what makes us such a fine choice for your company’s needs.

Our costs are some of the most affordable in the industry, and we offer those low prices without sacrificing quality because we have streamlined the sign development and creation process in a way that saves us time, and saves you money. Our team is capable of creating signs quickly as well with fast turnaround options available for those that need it, and we can help guide some of your prints if you are new to the construction sign world.

Contact Blue Dot Signs Today to Get Started

We are proud to be a local New Jersey sign company, and we are also happy to see clients in NYC areas like Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and of course, Manhattan. With so many years in the sign industry, we’re confident that we can successfully supply you with the perfect construction signs for your business. If you are ready to get started, fill out our order form or drop email today at to get started.


Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Signs

Construction Sign

Are There Any Construction Signs You Cannot Complete?

If there are, we don’t know about them yet. Large or small. Metal, vinyl, plastic, wood, or paper. Full color or black and white. We’re very familiar with the needs of construction companies, including both those legally obligated and those that are completely optional and we can craft them all.

Can You Also Do Marketing Construction Signs?

Absolutely. We print signs of all types and all sizes, which means that we can also create the signs that you use for marketing your business (or construction job) as well.

Do You Work With Municipalities Too?

Yes we do. If the work is under contract with the city, let us know and we’ll create the signs that are needed.

How Familiar Are You With OHSA and NJ DOB Requirements?

We are intimately familiar with the signage requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Association, as well as those required by the New Jersey Department of Business. We have been crafting construction signs in both the NJ and NYC market for decades. We are also happy to consult with you if you need design guidance.

Our Job Starts Soon – How Fast Can You Print the Construction Signs?

Right away. If you ask for a rush order, we can often complete it within 48 hours or less. Let us know when you need it by and we’ll make sure to give you an accurate timeframe, along with the best time to pick it up.