DOB Signs 

How to share a message while renovating or construction of a building?

We know that it is important to share messages with people passing by renovating or under-constructing buildings. To convey such messages, there are DOB Signs, also known as Work in progress Signs. These are the signs that are mandatory to be used on the work sites. 

There are Work in progress Signs which are used for almost every type of project, which can include new buildings, demolitions, and amendments. 

Work in progress (DOB) & Construction Signs 

The work sites can be dangerous for the employees working and for the passing by too. You can get your Work in progress signs, also known as DOB signs and demolition signs by Blue dot Signs with a quick turnaround. The safety of the employees must be the first choice because they work with us and stay with us. DOB Signs helps you to convey messages to people out there and to avoid accidents. Our team at Blue Dot Signs can provide you a wide range of DOB Signs that are highly visible and readable from a distance. The Work in progress Signs is necessary according to NYC DOB Building Code § 3301.9.1. 

Information panels on DOB Signs

The Work in progress signs must consist of some of the following important information such as:

Description: There are some important projects like contractors’ projects that must need the depiction of the sign. That can include elevation drawings, etc. 

Completion of the project:  The signs must consist of the project completion date. The date must be mentioned somewhere. An estimated date can also play the role.

WIP Notification: The signs with “Work In progress” must be visible.

Owner name and Contact no: The information about the process and the name and contact of the owner must be listed. The name of the property owner can also be listed.

Types of DOB Construction Signs at Blue Dot Signs

At Blue Dot Signs, you can have these signs customized. We have a range of these signs available. The Signs available are:

  • WIP Signs
  • Information Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Demolition Signs
  • Construction Site Signs
  • Work area ahead Signs
  • Sidewalk closed Signs and much more.

There are some DOB signs according to code §3301.9.5 that must be displayed within the construction site including FDNY Signs, DOT Certifications, etc.

Get your Signs ready by Blue Dot Signs

Blue Dot Signs can deliver you any type of Sign that you need for your projects. We deliver our services in areas of NYC, New Jersey, Manhattan, Linden, Brooklyn, etc. You can choose the area from the list below. And if your name is not on the list, you can call us and let us know. We will try our best to help you out with your projects. 

The WIP Signs that we provide you here will help you protect your workers and sites from accidents. Our experts help to match all the DOB requirements and create the right sign for you. No matter whatever Signage project you have, our Ultra-modern technology can help craft these signs. To get a free quote, fill-up the form or call us at 908-486-7000 or email us at