Signage plays a big role in keeping a construction site safe. There are different kinds of signs used address both the construction workers and the general public to keep them alert in areas of heightened risk, redirect them to safer areas, and provide other types of relevant information.

Construction work in progress signs are DOB signs, one of the types of job site sign often required at construction areas by the Department of Buildings. They carry certain requirements related to their design, fabrication and use that must be followed to promote high levels of safety. Still, they are able to be personalized to some extent.

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Jobsite Signs

Work in progress signs, like all construction safety signs, are used to lower the risk of injury at job sites. Some types of common work in progress signs include:

  • Demolition Job Site Signs
  • Construction Area Signs
  • Maintenance Signs
  • Scaffolding Signs

These are more focused on detailed information than other safety signs. They’re information panel signs rather than just brief instructions of what areas around the construction to avoid. Some types of information often found on a work in progress sign include:

  • Company Name
  • Contact Information for General Contractor and Building Owner
  • Brief Description of the Construction Project
  • Anticipated Completion Date
  • Permit

There are also simple, basic, “Work in Progress” text signs that are simply used to inform someone that work is taking place in that location.

Work in progress signs are used for a wide variety of residential, commercial, and public properties. If you’re unsure what a work in progress sign should look like for your job site or whether you need one at all, Blue Dot Signs can help with these and other permitting questions.

Custom Work in Progress Signs

As with any kind of required safety signage, regulations must be followed during the design and installation processes. However, custom work in progress signs are possible. Some personalized elements you can add to your sign include:

  • Photographs
  • Graphics Depicting the Projected End Result
  • Logos
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Fonts

Tailoring your job site area sign can highlight your business’s role in the project and encourage passers-by to get excited about the results of the on-going work. We’ll make sure that your sign is both unique and up to code.

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