Signs Cabinet

Are you looking for ways to enlighten up your business and to freshen up your image? Then you must illuminate your business or companies logos or signs  with the LED lighted cabinet signs from Blue Dot Signs. These signs are generally known as “Light Boxes”, Illuminated cabinet signs provide your business an additional advantage at night.

The Cabinet Signs are the large signs that can be non-illuminated or internally illuminated providing your businesses and retailers an extra edge. At Blue dot signs, we make these signs in any custom shape you desire. Whether it’s a sunny day or a night, the illuminated cabinet signs will help you get the attention of people even in a crowded area of NYC, New Jersey, etc. With the right manufactured and designed Cabinet sign for your company, you can simply stand out from the rest of the businesses,simply you just have to turn on the switch.

Illuminated Sign Cabinet – Lighted Sign Box 

We have always seen that lighted Signs always get more attention. Because the illuminated signs provide your businesses the visibility that no other signs can do. Also known as “Light Boxes” the cabinet signs are a combination of high-impact and cost-efficiency.

At Blue Dot Signs, we can customize the Cabinet Signs according to your brand and your budget. If you are looking to get a good quality and economical rectangular sign cabinet, or any other custom shaped sign cabinet which will help in building a strong brand statement, our experienced team can help you out with your projects.

It’s your choice whether you want your cabinet signs to be lighted or not. We can use high-output fluorescent lights, which will shine bright at night. Or we can use LED lighting which is considered effective to use for years.

Variety of Cabinet Signs at Blue dot Signs. 

Blue dot signs are a full-service sign company and have years of experience in the Signage industry and we have a wide range of options available for Cabinet Signs. We have

  • Illuminated & Lighted Sign CabinetsElectric Sign Cabinets
  • Single-Sided Sign Cabinet: If you are on a low budget and you need a low-cost but good quality solution, you can count on us with this type of sign cabinet.
  • Double-Sided Sign Cabinet: These types of signs at Blue dot signs are the most popular form of advertising options. We can fabricate and install these signs easily.
  • Pole Signs: These signs can be used to highlight your parking lots, shopping malls, or gas stations. One can see these signs from a distance.
  • Store-front Light Box signs
  • Wall Mounted illuminated cabinet signs and much more

Benefits of Cabinet Signs

There are only some signs that are as popular as cabinet signs. While roaming around in the town, we see these signs nearly everywhere. When you trust a good company for your projects like Blue dot Signs, then your signs will surely grab the attention of people. Many benefits are using these signs, some of which are:

  • They are cost-effective
  • They are versatile. The way we make and install these signs, we make the idyllic to be used anywhere in your business. Whether you want them mounted on the walls or you want them to fit right the front of your store, we can surely do that for you.
  • They can be fabricated in any desired designs, shapes, and sizes.
  • They are powered with LED Lights.

Blue dot Signs can custom fabricate the signs cabinets. If you need a specific color, a specific design, or no matter what. Our team can do it for you with the latest technologies available. We can also provide you the installation services. We can mount them on the walls, or install them on the poles. If you have any queries, or if you are interested in getting an illuminated lightbox sign, call us at 908-486-7000 or email us at