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Blade Signs

Blade Signs

Commercial Printed/Hand Painted Double Sided Blade Signs

Blade signs can be known as an ideal choice for advertising. A blade sign can be defined as a type of bulging sign that is mounted on a building façade or a storefront pole. The blade signs can prove to be a good-looking and eye-catching sign, which is placed or mounted perpendicularly outside of a building or a storefront. We also know these signs by the names of flat signs, swinging signs, scroll bracket signs, and others. But no matter whatever name is used for them, they are considered to play an important role in the marketing of a brand. These signs help people to find your place. 

At Blue Dot Signs, you can get these signs in different shapes and sizes and either illuminated or non-illuminated. 

Examples of Blade Signs

Range of Blade Signs at Blue Dot Signs

Whether you own a simple or a fashion retailer or a café, Blade signs fluently catch the attention of the foot traffic that daily passes by your retailer because they highlight your Building. At Blue dot Signs, we offer you a range of Blade signs which you can use for your businesses and retailers. We can fabricate these designs according to your demands. We offer a wide range of blade signs.

  • Illuminated blade signs
  • LED illuminated Blade Signs
  • Exposed Neon Blade Signs
  • Non-illuminated blade signs
  • Custom Swinging Blade Signs
  • Scroll Bracket wall sign
  • Specialty Blade Signs
  • 3 dimensional Blade signs and much more

These signs can be made of wood, aluminum, and plastic. Whether it’s a flat rectangular print or a 3D lighted sign in an unusual shape, we’re here to help you create it.

Custom Fabrication of
Blade Signs Available

How Blade Sign can be valuable for your Business

  • The Blade signs can stack vertically or horizontally outside of your building and can lure foot traffic into your store by telling them what services you have got in-store. 
  • Blade Signs are very popular in different downtown shopping areas. They can be manufactured in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. These signs are double-sided and consistent to provide your retailer with a cool identity. 
  • Blade Signs can light up the exterior of your store. This can add elegance and flair to your storefronts and can catch foot traffic. 
Services for Blade Signs at Blue Dot Signs

At Blue dot Signs, our experienced team can fabricate the Latest and most popular and best designs for your Blade signs. We can make them illuminated to catch the attention of people. We use the latest technologies to get your Signs ready and stand out in the public. Besides manufacturing these blade signs, we can also install them and provide you with different designs of these blade signs. We can also repair them after you have got them installed. No matter if you need these Signs in Manhattan, New-jersey, NYC, and Pennsylvania or anywhere else, you can contact us to get our services. On the other hand, you can get a free estimate for any project. If you’re interested to fill out the form or call us at 908-486-7000 or email us at info@bluedotsigns.com