Blade Signs

Get Commercial Double Sided Blade Signs in New Jersey

Get Commercial Double Sided Blade Signs in New Jersey

Every time someone walks by your storefront or building, you want them to be able to see you - whether it's your logo or what you offer. Blade signs, which hang in front of your building, ensure that even those looking forward have a chance to see who you are and where you're located.

Custom blade signs from Blue Dot Signs ensures that your hanging sign captures attention. At Blue Dot Signs, we offer full service sign design and fabrication, and can create a blade sign in NJ that both matches your brand and entices customers into your store. If your business is in an area with heavy foot traffic, consider a blade sign for the storefront, and call us today to learn about customization options.

Printed Double Sided Blade Signs from Blue Dot Signs

A blade sign is named for the way it sticks out perpendicularly from the side of a building and is thin, similar to the blade of a knife. They can be affixed with a bracket onto the wall or from a pole, or hung from an overhang. Because they come away from the wall, they can be seen from either direction, making it easy for customers to locate your store.

Customized Blade Signs and Hanging Signs

Customized Blade and Hanging Signs Blade signs come in a variety of different appearances. Although they are one of the more common signage types, many look completely unique. Some of the different blade and hanging signs we create include:

  • Illuminated blade signs
  • Hanging Signs
  • Exposed Neon Blade Signs
  • Custom Swinging Blade Signs
  • Scroll Bracket wall sign
  • Specialty Blade Signs
  • 3 dimensional Blade signs

The base material can be chosen based on the design you are seeking and the location - indoors or outdoors - where the sign will be used. Common materials include:

  • Metal
  • Acrylic
  • Wood
  • Glass
Customized Blade Signs and Hanging Signs

Materials like metal and wood can better withstand an outdoor environment, while glass and glossy acrylics can be professional and eye-catching. Each material can be cut into a rectangle, circle, or any more complex shape. We use a CNC router to create even intricate shapes with an automatic process that ensures accuracy.

For the artwork and graphics on the sign, your design can be printed, hand painted, etched, and more. We use PMS color matching and direct digital printing with UV-resistant inks to create signs with vibrant colors that can be seen from a distance. Text can also be created from neon, or lit up with LEDs. We also have textured and 3D blade signs that we can fabricate as needed..

We can install the brackets in the appropriate location for your installation. This can be a plain side bracket for a sign that will be attached perpendicular to the facade, or a scroll bracket for a classic look. Hanging signs and swinging signs will have the installation hardware at the top of the sign

Why Choose a Swinging Sign in NJ

Why Choose a Blade Sign NJ

When used as a storefront sign, a distinctive blade sign sets your business apart from the crowd and provides valuable wayfinding to people passing by. Blade signs are a particularly good signage option because they are:

  • 3 Dimensional - A blade sign protrudes from the wall in a way that naturally draws the eye. The design places your sign directly in front of the viewer’s line of sight.
  • Affordable - With so many size and material options, it is possible to make a blade sign that fits into any budget that is still high quality and looks great.
  • Customizable - Whether you are seeking a sign with a sleek, modern look or one with the appearance of vintage neon, a blade sign can be customized to any appearance. The variety of choices in materials, size, shape, color, and installation make blade signs one of the most flexible.

With additional technical choices, individual signs can offer benefits like durability, vibrancy, and more. We can assist in choosing options that will ensure your sign meets both your design and technical specifications, all without hurting your budget.

Where to Use a Blade Sign

The options for blade signs make them an ideal signage solution for most businesses, but those with foot traffic and located in busy shopping centers benefit the most. This is because these signs are best viewed from close up. Blade signs are popular with:

  • retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Designer Clothing Stores
  • Boutiques
  • Law Offices
  • Shopping Malls

It is possible to make blade signs that are readable from a distance or at night if the sign is large enough and lit. For instance, illuminated signs on theaters are a classic example of a blade sign that can be replicated or modernized on any business.

Uses of Blade Sign

Let Blue Dot Signs Create Your Blade and Swinging Signs

When you want to capitalize on the foot traffic outside your store and restaurant and bring in more customers, a custom blade sign is one of the most cost-effective ways to make that happen. The unique look can reflect your brand with both your logo and the style chosen for the sign. When coupled with the quality and affordability of signs made by Blue Dot Signs, it is an ideal way to make your business stand out. Blue Dot Signs can assist you with every aspect of creating your custom blade sign, including the design and installation.