Carved Signs

Engraved Wooden Sign Makers in NYC and NJ

Engraved Wooden Sign Makers in NYC and NJ

Engraved carved signs are unique in that they are informative to viewers not only because of their design elements, but also because the style of sign says something about the business’s character. Carved signs in NJ can be made to look more personal and classic with a simple monochromatic design that accentuates the wooden material, or more modern with colored graphics added to a synthetic sign material.

No matter what kind of business you operate or what kind of event you have planned, a carved sign is a great way to convey the kind of personal care you take with your customers. Contact Blue Dot Signs today for a free quote, or more information about our NJ carved sign services.

Your Local Engraved Wooden Sign Makers in NJ

Perhaps no sign has withstood the tests of time like the carved sign. Carved wooden signs were one of the first methods of advertising a business and providing direction, and some wood signs from centuries ago still stand across the United States. Now in modern times, these engraved signs still bring that classic look to the companies that use them to indicate a storefront, give wayfinding information, decorate a space, and more, and they no longer have to be limited to wood alone, nor are they limited to a rustic appearance.

Options for Hand Carved Signs

Carved signs can be made into any number of sign styles, from large storefront signs to small directional signs. Their extremely sturdy construction and three-dimensional lettering and graphics options make them ideal for any kind of custom signage.

For the base material, these signs are available in both natural and synthetic materials:

  • Wood - Wood signs are most often thought of when it comes to carved signs. We offer engraved wooden signs in oak or cedar since they’re both naturally resistant to pests, water damage, and other common sources of degradation that signs face. A custom wooden sign is especially popular with those seeking more handcrafted, rustic, or unique looking signage.
  • Synthetic - High-density urethane (HDU) is a lower-cost synthetic alternative that carved signs are also made of. It’s easier to carve into specific, more highly detailed shapes and designs and is even more durable than natural wood. If you’re making a sign more interested in conveying information than an ambiance, like a directory sign, HDU is something to consider.

We can also carve into metals, and other materials as well. Each engraved sign is shaped and then carved by hand by one of our artisans. The engraving follows your design, but is characterized by the individuality of a hand made object.

We also offer a number of high quality finishing details for carved signs of any material to accentuate your design’s appeal and set your sign apart. Some of these options include:

  • Sandblasting - Sandblasted signs have greater texture and accentuated wood grain compared to other signs.
  • Hand Painting - Hand painted signs feature completely unique designs and can improve the visibility of your sign with contrasting colors.
  • Gold Leaf - The addition of some gold detailing brightens up a sign’s design and adds a level of refinement to your business.

If you’re not sure what makes the most sense for your sign design, let us know as we’re happy to consult with you and provide you with more information on the benefits of each material or finishing choice. Let us know what you want your sign to look like, and we can suggest these and many other options for fabricating exactly what you want.

The installation of your sign will depend on its purpose and where you would like it placed. Some options for sign display include:

  • Swinging - A swinging sign can convey a homey, more personable atmosphere. Blade signs and door signs are often installed as swinging signs.
  • Sign Post -Yard signs and welcome signs in front of a business can be securely attached to a custom sign post that matches the aesthetic of the sign.
  • Wall - For storefront signs at a business’s entrance or for indoor wall signs, one of the most practical installation methods is simply bolting the sign to the wall.
Options for Hand Carved Signs

Because carved signs are usually denser and thus heavier, it’s recommended that you allow us at Blue Dot Signs to install yours for you or to hire a handyman with experience in placing signage. Our licensed and insured sign installation team is available locally throughout New Jersey and much of NYC.

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Why Choose a Hand Carved Sign?

Because it is handmade, carved signs do tend to be more expensive than other sign types like acrylic or vinyl printed signs. But the artistry and benefits they provide to businesses almost always outweigh the initial cost. Some reasons businesses choose a custom carved sign include:

  • Distinctive - Wood has a vintage and respectable look that lends your business a special appearance no matter how the sign is customized.
  • Unique - Each carved sign is crafted by hand, meaning that no two are the same. Your sign will be different from any other sign out there.
  • Customizable - - Materials, sizing, finishing options, and more will help create a sign that matches the style of your business and fits into its space.

A hand carved sign will set your business apart, both bringing in customers and providing a statement about your brand.

Hand Carved Signs for Businesses and Homes

Carved signs are some of the most desirable signs available for a variety of businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and more. Some of the hand of the place carved signs are most often found include:

  • Town and Village Entrances
  • Churches
  • Spas
  • Yoga Studios
  • Tattoo Parlors
  • Antique Store

These signs are also popular with homeowners looking for a unique way to decorate their property or event planners looking for a custom decor piece for their party.

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Contact Blue Dot Signs to Order a Hand Carved Sign

The particular kind of sturdiness and ambiance that carved signs convey to your potential customers can’t be replicated with any other kind of sign. If you’re thinking about ordering a carved sign for your business or just interested in finding out more about them, please contact Blue Dot Signs today. We have designed and fabricated some of the finest carved signs in the New Jersey area.