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Channel Letters

Channel Letters

Open Face & Halo Effect Illuminated Channel Letters

Channel Letters are defined as the 3-dimensional letters which are fabricated from acrylic, aluminum, or neon lighting. Channel letters have gotten well known and can be viewed as the quickest developing kinds of signage and brand acknowledgment. Channel Letters are the 3D custom letters that are illuminated or enlightened from inside. If you want to have some creative designed or fabricated signs for your store-fronts, Channel letters are one of them. They are of high importance. Channel letters are the exclusively large items that are used for the exterior signage mostly at the retailer stores. They are the illuminated 3D letters that are commonly illuminated with light bulbs, LED Lights, Halo effects, neon lights, and etc.

Available Channel Letters

A wide range of Channel Letters at Blue Dot Signs

You can get channel letters in various sizes, shapes, and with different colors of lightings. At Blue Dot Signs, we have a range of Channel letters for your businesses. To best fit your brand we offer you various fonts of various sizes. Our experts can help you with the decision-making process to choose the best style of channel letter for your business. There is a wide range of channel letters that you can get at Blue dot signs, some of which includes:

  • Halo-Lit Letters - These letters comprise of the neon or LED lights however these letters let the lights sparkle from within and cast the shine around each letter, which makes the Halo Effect. These Halo-Lit Letters are utilized for one of a kind and tasteful tasks.
  • Standard Front-Lit Channel Letters - The front-lit channel letters are made up of Aluminum from the front and back end. They are internally illuminated with neon lights or LED Lights. These Channel letters are highly visible, because of the glow they create with the lights placed within them and the material used.
  • Front and Back-Lit Channel Letter - The front and backlit channel letters are the fancy type of letters. These channel letters are defined by the lighting placed behind them. These channel letters combine the front-lit with the halo-lit, creating a unique and attractive look.
Custom Fabrication of
Channel Letters Available

Uses of these illuminated Channel letters

The channel letters have high Visibility, they can be seen from distance. The lights inside these letters make them obvious to be seen even in dull evenings. These enlightened letters have a brilliant and expert appearance and regardless of whether your retailer or business is situated in a thickly populated region these channel letters will publicize your business on a higher scale and will concede your brand acknowledgment since they are genuinely attractive. These illuminated letters can be used to light up:

  • Retailer stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial buildings
  • Corporate offices
  • National Chains etc.

Services for Channel Letters at Blue Dot Signs

We provide you a wide range of customization options for channel letters at Blue Dot Signs The most broadly utilized and well known are Neon and Led lights Channel letters. You can let us know or provide us the design for the channel letters or our Team can provide you the designs for your channel letters project. Our experts use the latest equipment and routers to provide you the best channel letters in the market. Besides just fabricating the channel letters, we also provide you the services to install these Signs. We have experts that can easily install these letters for you, wherever you want. And most importantly, we also provide you the maintenance services.

Get a free estimate for your Signs at Blue Dot Signs

Channel letters are now used widely and we are here to help you with the best-suited channel letters for your business. We want your business to shine brightly. If you want your business to get the attention of the whole town, go with Channel Letters. And if you are looking for quality materials and expert services, then you know how to contact us! Call us at 908-486-7000 or email us at info@bluedotsigns.com.

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