Hand Painted Signs

Custom Hand Painted Sign Makers and Installers in NJ

Custom Hand Painted Sign Makers and Installers in NJ

While Blue Dot Signs can create and fabricate custom signs in almost any size, shape, and design, there is nothing quite like a hand painted sign. There is something unique, special, and “real” about custom hand painted shop signs and other painted signage that almost no other displays can offer, simply because no one else will paint that sign exactly the same.

Blue Dot Signs may be a sign printing company, but we also have genuine artists available – capable of providing hand painted custom signage that match the personality of your business. Not only can we hand paint on nearly any material, including metal and glass, but we are also one of the few companies capable of creating custom hand painted wood signs.

Custom Shape Wooden Hand Painted Sign Maker in NJ

Most signs are designed to stand out with bright colors, lights, a large size, and other eye-catching factors. But a hand painted sign stands out because it is one of a kind. The custom artistry of each sign, no matter what it is made of and where it is used, makes for an impactful sign that both captures the attention of your customers and gives your business a style of its own.

Custom Signs Painted by Hand in NJ from Blue Dot Signs

Of our hundreds of different sign types, almost any can be hand painted. However, the most common choices of a custom painted sign are:

  • Hand Painted Wooden Signs
  • Hand Painted Posters
  • Hand Painted Carved Signs
  • Hand Painted Metal Signs

To create your hand painted sign, we first cut the base material to the size and shape you need. This part is usually done by inputting the design into our state of the art CNC router, which automates the cutting process to produce an exact and clean edge. A CNC router makes it possible to cut even intricate, decorative shapes in wood, metal, and more.

The sign is then hand painted by our in house artisans. We use paints that are weather and UV-resistant so that they will maintain their look either indoors or outdoors. Signs can then be sealed with a clear coat lacquer to help protect the wood and paint from wear when used outside.

Custom Signs Painted by Hand in NJ from Blue Dot Signs

Since hand painting refers to the method of adding graphics to your sign rather than the type of sign, we can create a sign that fits into your space. This includes:

  • Hanging Wooden Signs
  • Blade Signs
  • Wall Mounted Signs
  • A-Frame Signs
  • Menu Boards and More

There are dozens of options for designing your hand painted sign, and many go beyond simply choosing the graphic. Because we have both artisans and expert designers of staff, we can help you create a sign with elements that work together and stand out in your chosen location.

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Benefits of a Unique Hand Painted Sign

At Blue Dot Signs, we believe that each sign we create is meant to send a message to those that view it. Sometimes the message is simple, such as “this is the floor number you are on” or “this is the product we are trying to market. But much more is said with hand painted signs, which have qualities that very few other signs are able to create. When people see a custom sign, they see:

  • Experience - Even a new sign gives the impression that you know what you’re doing because you have a sign that has vision, and required a true artist to create.
  • Unique/Special - The fact that each sign is hand-painted, and that no two signs can be exactly alike, is not something that is lost on those that view it. Your customers know and understand what hand-painted means in terms of its quality and how special it is. They see it each time they look.
  • Art - Art captures people’s attention. Whenever we create any sign here in New Jersey, we create it to get noticed, and we have graphic designers available that can make sure that the design is meant to draw the eyes. But hand-painted signs do that naturally, simply because viewers can sense the artistry that is necessary for each brushstroke.

Our hand-painted signs in NJ here at Blue Dot Signs are simply some of the best available, with a level of quality and detail that few other New Jersey sign companies can offer. And because we have graphic artists available, you do not even need to design the sign yourself. Our custom sign painters can take your ideas and turn them into a reality if you need us to, or paint your own design in vibrant colors.

Where Hand Painted Signs Fit Best

Our custom hand painted signs are easily some of our top sellers. These signs are extremely popular with businesses that want a more personalized approach to their signage. Examples of where these personalized painted wooden signs may be found include:

  • Hotels, Motels and Inns
  • Antique Stores and Thrift Stores
  • Beauty and Barber Shops
  • Art Galleries and Showrooms
  • Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars

Yet no company has to be limited by these examples either, as custom painted wooden signs are appreciated with nearly every type of business. Clothing stores, grocery stores – even accountants and therapists benefit from these types of hand painted signs.

Both hand painted metal and hand painted wooden signs are found on some of the most iconic shops and stands across New Jersey, and are used by businesses both large and small.

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Let Blue Dot Signs Create a One of a Kind Hand Painted Sign for Your Business

At Blue Dot Signs, we treat your signs as if they are our own art, taking special care to craft the type of sign that matches the character and appearance that you want from your signage. We serve not only NJ and anywhere in driving distance, and we can even ship in some cases to select customers or help with installation. We know you have your choice in sign companies. Whether you need our custom hand painted signs or a variety of different types of signage, we’ll be there to make sure you have exactly what you’re looking for in minimal time.