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LED  Light Boxes Signs Manufacturers in NJ

LED Light Boxes Signs Manufacturers in NJ

When you want to light up your storefront and freshen your business image, an LED light box sign can illuminate your business name and logo. Whether it’s a sunny day or a night, a lit sign cabinet will help you get the attention of people even in a crowded area of NYC, New Jersey, or another busy locale.

Blue Dot Signs is a full-service sign company with years of experience in the signage industry. We manufacture and have a wide range of options available for sign cabinets that work as both indoor and outdoor signage. Lighted signs are one of the best options for helping customers locate your business, and our customization choices for sign cabinets mean we can create the right one for your company and budget.

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What are Sign Cabinets?

Known as “sign cabinets” or “lightbox signs,” this type of signage is a combination of high-impact visibility and cost-efficiency. Sign cabinets are made with metal sides (known as the cabinet) and has an acrylic face on either one or both sides. When lit, the lights are installed behind the facing inside the cabinet so that they shine through acrylic, allowing for nighttime visibility. Lights can be on 24 hours, or turned on at night when the sun starts to set. At Blue Dot Signs, we can customize the cabinet signs according to your brand and your budget.

Options for Illuminated Sign Cabinets at Blue Dot Signs

NJ is a bright, busy place. Every business is fighting for attention, both during the day and at night. Lighted signs get more attention because illumination provides your businesses visibility not possible with other signs, especially when it's dark outside. 

Our illuminated sign boxes in NJ can be customized to meet almost any design, and because we are a full service sign fabricator, it is often possible for us to create light box signs that are even more unique when compared to other sign manufacturers. We can create:

  • Single-Sided Sign Cabinet - These sign cabinets can be viewed from straight on, and are best used against a wall or in an area where traffic comes primarily from one direction.
  • Double-Sided Sign Cabinet - A double-sided sign has an identical acrylic face on each side so that it can be viewed no matter which direction the viewer is coming from.
  • Pole Signs - When mounted on a pole, these signs can be used to highlight parking lots, shopping malls, or gas stations. Pole signs can be seen from a distance.
  • Storefront Light Box Signs - Bearing your business name, these are mounted outside the front of your store to help customers find you.
  • Wall Mounted Sign Cabinet - - Light boxes can be hung on either interior or exterior walls with a company name, service, contact information, and more.

The frame is typically made of aluminum as this makes it possible for the sign to withstand years outside without rusting. The traditional shape for these frames is a rectangle, but we can create a custom sign cabinet in any shape, including irregular ones, and any size. We can also alter the thickness of the cabinet for a slim profile sign. For the face, we use a semi-opaque acrylic that is available in a variety of colors to match your logo. The acrylic is printed with your design or text with a UV-protected ink that can also withstand outdoor conditions.Any design is possible, as our colors with our PMS palette matching, but less intricate designs and larger text ensure a sign will be legible from a distance, even at night. Once the graphics are printed, the acrylic is cut with a CNC router to fit exactly into the constructed cabinet.

Options for Illuminated Sign Cabinets at Blue Dot Signs

Sign cabinets do not have to have lighting, but most do. Illuminated sign cabinets use LED lighting which is bright and will last for years with good energy efficiency. We can also use high-output fluorescent lights, which will shine bright at night. Beyond simply a sign fabrication company, Blue Dot Signs can also install and mount any type of lighted sign, as well as repair, refurbish, and replace existing signs.

Led Lighted Sign Cabinets

Benefits of Light Boxes and Sign Cabinets

Lighted signs are used for their visibility at any time and in any weather. Businesses need to be easy for their customers to find, and illuminated sign cabinets ensure that they are. In addition to visibility, however, sign cabinets offer several other benefits such as:

  • Cost-Effective - An investment in a lit sign cabinet can yield more customers and more sales, all with an affordable cost and low ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Versatile - These signs can be used anywhere at your business whether you want them mounted on a wall or made to fit right at the front of your store.
  • Customizable - Light boxes can be fabricated in any desired design, shape, and size, making it possible to get the exact one needed at your business.
  • LED Lighting - LED sign cabinets offer superior durability and energy efficiency with lights that are graded to last for years and consume little power.

In terms of energy efficiency, if you have a lit sign cabinet already, but it uses fluorescents, we can refurbish your cabinet with long lasting LED bulbs. This means there is no need to purchase a new cabinet to get an updated sign.

Where to Install a Sign Cabinet

Illuminated sign cabinets can be used anywhere a lit sign is needed, but they are most commonly installed when you need visibility from a significant distance, such as across a parking lot or from a street or highway. This makes them popular with:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Retail Stores
  • Galleries
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Offices
  • Stadiums
  • Bars and Night Clubs

Light boxes can also be used indoors, such as in low visibility offices, to provide wayfinding or decor. Many interior light boxes are made with a fabric face instead of acrylic, are lighter, and have a slimmer profile.

Backlit led lighted sign

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Order a Custom Light Box Sign from Blue Dot Signs

Blue Dot Signs can fabricate custom sign cabinets. If you need a specific color or a specific design, our team can do it for you with the latest technologies available on the market today. We can also provide you the sign installation services to mount signs on walls or poles. For a good quality and economical rectangular sign cabinet, or any other custom shaped sign cabinet to help in building a strong brand statement, our experienced team can assist with your projects. . If you have any queries, or if you are interested in getting an illuminated lightbox sign, call us at 908-486-7000 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do you install sign cabinets?

    The actual process will depend on where and how the sign is being installed. A smaller wall mounted sign can be hung from the wall, usually with limited equipment. For larger pole mounted signs like those in parking lots, we use special equipment and our cherry picker to hang them.

  • Does my sign need a permit?

    Many larger illuminated light boxes do need permits before they are installed or maintained outdoor. You can check with your local building codes or let us assist with our sign permit filing services.

  • How long will a sign cabinet last?

    These cabinets are designed to last outdoors for years, even in poor weather conditions. LED lights can often last up to 10 years, and the electrical components will last around 3 to 5 or more. However, replacing those as needed will enable the sign cabinet itself to last longer.

  • Can I print my business logo on my light box sign?

    Yes. We can print any design onto the acrylic for your sign cabinet, including a logo or business graphic. If your sign will be seen from a distance, it is best to remember to keep your design choices simple for readability.

  • Are sign cabinets like neon signs?

    While they are both types of lighted signs, light boxes have some differences from neon. Neon relies on glass tubes filled with gases to make the shapes and colors in the sign. Sign cabinets use modern LEDs or fluorescent bulbs to provide light and acrylic to give the sign its coloring.

  • How should I clean my light box?

    The cabinet can be cleaned and waxed with a clear automotive wax to help extend its life. A mixture of water and vinegar can help remove any buildup. For the acrylic face, a gentle cleaning with a soft cloth, lukewarm water, and a mild soap will keep the colors and light bright. Do not use any abrasive cleaners or materials on the acrylic as they could cause scratching.

  • What is your service area?

    Our installation, removal, maintenance, and repair services are centered in New Jersey and New York City, including all five boroughs. If you are unsure if you are within our area, we would be happy to confirm for you.

  • How are job site signs installed?

    This will depend on the sign. They are often pole mounted, affixed with cords to fences or scaffolding, staked in the ground, and mounted to walls. We can customize your sign so it can be installed in the correct location and include hardware for installation.