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Custom Size Durable Metal Signs in NJ

Custom Size Durable Metal Signs in NJ

Metal presents many advantages when used for commercial signage, such as durability and a professional, modern appearance. These signs can be used for everything from multiple smaller directional and regulatory signs in a building, to a large storefront or outdoor lobby sign that measures its dimensions in feet instead of inches.

Whether you want a simple NJ aluminum sign with just a few lines of informative text or a more complex sign with a unique design and finish on it, metal can be a great material for your signage needs. At Blue Dot Signs, we work with a variety of metals to create custom, affordable signage for your property. Call us today at 908-486-7000.

Outdoor Metal Aluminum Signs for Businesses

Metal signs remain a classic, long lasting form of outdoor sign. Used by businesses, municipalities, and more throughout NJ, we are able to make metal signs with custom cuts and essentially any color or graphics, using state of the art printing capabilities, a full service CNC router, and the ability to fabricate in almost any shape.

Options Available for Metal Signs at Blue Dot Signs

Metal signs can be designed to be 3 dimensional, but most metal signs are flat. Flat commercial signs are made from a variety of metals. All are suitable for outdoor use, although some will stand up to weather better than others. The common choices include:

  • Aluminum Signs - The most popular, and usually the material meant when referring to metal signs, aluminum is one of the most durable, affordable, and easiest to customize metals.
  • Tin Signs - Tin signs are often painted and colorful, although any design is possible. They are reminiscent of retro signs.
  • Stainless Steel Signs - Available in brushed or polished finishes, stainless steel can be cut into many different shapes, including letters. They are corrosion and rust resistant.

At Blue Dot Signs, our custom aluminum signs are made of two thin sheets of aluminum attached to both sides of a polyethylene core. This hard plastic material makes the sign more sturdy and unlikely to bend, which strongly improves durability and makes it easy to place the signs outdoors or indoors. We can make aluminum signs in almost any custom size required but the standard sizes include:

  • 6″ x 18″
  • 6″ x 24″
  • 18″ x 24″
  • 2″ x 1″
  • 2″ x 2″
  • 4″ x 2″
  • 4″ x 4″
  • 6″ x 3″
  • 4″ x 8″
Options Available for Metal Signs at Blue Dot Signs

We are not limited by these sizes, however. We have created signs with unusual dimensions, shapes, and unique colors and fonts associated with specific business’s brands before. We have very few limitations with custom metal signs, with sizes that can be as large as you want. We also have laser cutters for those hoping for a special shape. We will work with your design needs to make sure special features you want to include on your aluminum sign are there.

store front metal sign

Installation Options For Aluminum Signs

Most clients choose to keep the standard glossy finish on their aluminum sign, but we have many different unique sign options for those that want something interesting or special. We also offer a brushed aluminum finish if you’re looking for a professional, monochromatic aesthetic, and a reflective overlay for signs that need to be extra visible in lower light like at night. There are a few options to choose from when installing and displaying an aluminum sign. These include:

  • Directly On the Wall - It is the most commonly used metal sign. A range of customized metal signs can be crafted with Aluminum and you can have them in a range of thickness.
  • In a Frame - Rope, string, or a bungee cord can be used to hang your sign in a frame.
  • On a Stand - Nuts and bolts can securely attach your sign to a post.

With multiple ways of effectively installing your sign, there is sure to be a perfect way of drawing in customers and displaying what your business is all about. If you aren’t experienced with installing signs or this kind of sign, in particular, we offer installation services for all of our signs.

Benefits of Metal Signs

Metal signs, especially aluminum, are one of the most common materials used to make flat signs (and commercial signs in general) because they have many positive qualities that other sign materials may not share. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Lightweight - Aluminum, in particular, weighs little even in large sizes, and certain constructions like Dibond aluminum result in even less weight. This makes installation and transport easy.
  • Corrosion and Generally Weather Damage Resistant - Metal signs can last outside for years without rusting, molding, or deteriorating.
  • Easy to Shape and Customize - Aluminum is a thin metal that can be easily cut into any shape on a CNC router. Tin and stainless steel are also shapeable.
  • Easy to Clean - A cloth, warm water, and soap is usually enough to clean metal signs. They are harder to scratch and will not rust or mold, so cleaning does not require special care.
  • Inexpensive - Aluminum is one of the most affordable metals, resulting in signs that are cost-effective given their many benefits.

When you need a sign that can withstand weather and time while still conveying the message you need, metal signs are the way to go.

Durable Metal Aluminum Sign

Where Metal Signs Are Used

Metal signs are used both indoors and outdoors. They are one of the most common types of signs for functional and utility signs. Because their message stays clear and they can be affordably produced, they are often used for parking restrictions, safety signage, and other important messages. However, they are also ideal for promotion and storefronts. For either use, outdoor metal signs can be found outside:

  • Warehouses
  • Retail Stores
  • Car Dealers
  • Churches
  • Yoga Studios
  • Car Washes
  • Residential and Commercial Properties

For required signage such as building and fire safety signs, aluminum is often the material of choice for building owners who need an affordable and durable sign.

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Contact Us to Order Metal Signs in New Jersey

Affordable, attractive, and durable metal signs are often one of the best ways to meet your outdoor signage needs. We have provided custom building signs, outdoor metal signs, and many other types of commercial flat signs made of aluminum for clients all around New Jersey, New York City, and the surrounding areas. If you’re interested in further information about our sign products or in ordering a personalized aluminum sign of your own, please email us at or call on 908-486-7000.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much will a metal sign cost?

    Metal signs can vary from small and standard, like parking and building signs, to large scale custom storefront and promotional signs. The cost will vary as well. The best way to find out how much your signs will cost is to give us a call. We’ll gather details on your order and can provide you with a quote for your projects.

  • Can I order building signs made out of metal?

    Yes, building signs are one of our most popular metal signs. We also have standard templates available for building signs, construction signs, parking signs, and more that can be easily applied to a metal sign for a fast and affordable order.

  • Where can I install a metal sign?

    Aluminum signs are highly resistant to weather and corrosion. They will not rust or mold, making them ideal in almost any location. Only areas liable to have harsh chemicals are unsuitable for aluminum signs.

  • What is the turnaround time for commercial metal signs?

    The timeline depends on what type of sign you order. Standard signs can often be completed in two or three days. Larger custom signs might require some additional days. We can always confirm scheduling before you place your order. Additionally, we also welcome rush orders if you have a limited timeline.

  • How do I install my sign?

    Aluminum signs are lightweight, so it is easy to mount them on a wall or pole usually with screws and minimal tools. We will include the instructions you need to install your sign. If you need additional assistance, we also offer installation services for customers in New Jersey, NYC, and nearby areas.

  • Will my sign need a permit?

    The placement of the sign will determine if it needs a permit in your municipality or building. When installing an outdoor sign, you should first research local building codes to see if any permits are required. We can also complete the research and filing for you with our permit filing services.

  • Do I need to do anything to maintain my sign?

    Most metal signs need nothing more than to be wiped down with a cloth and water as they accumulate dirt. These are low maintenance signage options, and usually nothing else is needed.

  • Can I print my business logo on a metal sign?

    Of course. Whether you have a custom logo or a design, we can print it directly onto the aluminum sign using latex inks that keep the graphic’s vibrant colors and defined lines, and can endure the sun and weather aluminum signs often face.