Fleet Graphics

Fleet Graphics, Vehicle Wraps and Vinyl Lettering in NJ

Fleet Graphics, Vehicle Wraps and Vinyl Lettering in NJ

For companies that rely on vehicles - from truck fleets to company cars - these vehicles are often the most visible part of your business. Delivery vehicles, contractor cars, passenger buses - all are seen by thousands of people each day as they drive through NJ and NY cities. Turn your vehicle into a branded mobile advertisement with our vehicle wraps installation at Blue Dot Signs. Blue Dot Signs is an experienced fabricator and installer of custom vehicle wraps.

We produce vinyl decals, transformative full wraps, custom cut lettering and more, all of high quality manufactured vinyl that will transform the vehicles your business uses. Give us a call at 908-486-7000 to start the process and get a quote for your car or truck wrap.

Types of Fleet Graphics available at Blue Dot Signs

Applying a printed vinyl wrap to your vehicle or placing vinyl lettering on a truck creates the appearance of permanent paint, yet can be removed whenever needed without damaging the surface beneath. To ensure a wrap fits the vehicle, each one is individually made and customized with options for size, shape, and graphics.

Options for Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle wraps are made from a vinyl film that is thin, flexible, and lightweight. The film is a cast vinyl, meaning it is created from liquid plastic that is poured into a “cast,” or mold, in a thin layer. The vinyl hardens to create a single sheet. This vinyl manufacturing process differs from others and yields a vinyl that adjusts to the shape of whatever object it is adhered to rather than maintaining its own shape. This allows it to fit around the angles and curves of a vehicle.

The primary vinyl film used in vehicle wraps is manufactured by 3M, although Avery and Oracal also produce vehicle wrap film that can be used as well. It is a 2 mil film with an adhesive backing and stretch so that it fits with a smooth finish. Depending on the type of vinyl wrap needed, the film is cut to the required shape and size. The options include:

Options for Vinyl Vehicle Graphics
  • Vehicle Decals - A decal can be made from a logo, product artwork, or other designs to be placed on a vehicle or the windows. Decals can be any size, with some as small as a couple inches across and others covering an entire vehicle.
  • Full Vehicle Wraps - A full wrap covers the entire vehicle, leaving none of the original paint visible. This creates a look that most resembles a custom, detailed paint job, but can be removed at any time. Windows can also be covered in a full vehicle wrap with a transparent vinyl or perforated vinyl mesh.
  • Partial Vehicle Wraps - Partial wraps cover a portion of the vehicle. That can be a panel like the back of a truck or the hood of a car. They can also be cut based on their design so that they do not cover the entire panel of the vehicle where they are installed.
  • Vehicle Lettering - White, black, or colored vinyl can be cut into letters, both in standard and custom typefaces. Letters can be used for regulatory DOT signs, a business’s name, decoration, advertising, or contact information.

To install a vinyl film, the vehicle’s surface is deep cleaned and allowed to dry. Then the vinyl is slowly applied, using a gentle stretching to position it. The adhesive is pressure activated, and heat guns are used as well to meld the film to the vehicle. The vinyl requires 24 hours to set before the car can be used once more.

A vinyl wrap or decal is weather resistant and can withstand rain, snow, road salt, sun, and high wind speeds for 4 to 5 years on average before it needs to be removed.

Truck wraps and decals

Blue Dot Signs Services for Vehicle Wraps

Ordering and applying a vinyl wrap involves more than fabrication. Wraps need to be designed to the specific measurements of the make and model of the vehicle. Installation, especially of full or partial wraps, is typically done by professionals so that it fits properly and does not damage the paint. Beyond fabrication, we also have:

  • Vehicle Wrap Design - For companies that do not have a graphic designer familiar with vehicle wrapping, our in house designers can transfer your design into one that meets the dimensions of your vehicle. They can also work with you if you only have a general idea and no set designs.
  • Vehicle Wrap Installation - We can install every type of vinyl graphic onto your business vehicles. As 3M certified installers, we use the approved process that protects the vehicle’s paint, creates a smooth finish, and lasts for 4 to 5 years.
  • Vehicle Wrap Maintenance - Many wraps can be maintained with regular cleaning and proper storage. For additional needs, we can assist in maintaining the look of your vehicle wrap.
  • Vehicle Wrap Removal - It is also recommended that removal be done by a professional to prevent any damage to the paint. We use heat and chemicals to cleanly strip the wrap, and this results in a smooth removal if there has been extra adhesion in wraps past the end of their lifespan.
Our services are available to our clients in NJ and the five boroughs of NYC. They are also performed quickly to limit the time a vehicle is out of service.

Uses for Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wraps are often used by contractors, small businesses, delivery companies, courier services, municipalities, and corporate brands to advertise their services on their fleet vehicles. The wraps can be used as:

  • DOT Signs
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Vehicle Branding
  • Vehicle Protection
  • Contact Information

Individuals can also use vinyl wraps to transform the look of the personal vehicles. Whether simulating a new paint job or adding a feature like stripes, a vehicle wrap can transform a car and help protect the standard paint from scratches and chips.

Uses of Vinyl Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Contact Us for a Custom Vehicle Wrap in NJ

With over 30 years experience in sign fabrication and sign services, Blue Dot Signs can create and apply a vehicle wrap for your entire fleet, or for a personal vehicle that will be used to advertise your small business. We use advanced technology and a streamlined process in our sign manufacturing, keeping our rates affordable and our turnaround times fast so your vehicle is not kept out of service longer than necessary. Give our team a call at 908-486-7000 or send an email to [email protected]. We can help you begin the process whether you have a design for your wrap or questions about whether vinyl wrapping is right for your business.