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Your Local Bus Wraps Manufacturers and Installers

Your Local Bus Wraps Manufacturers and Installers

Buses are often used as an advertising tool. They offer a considerable amount of unused space, and with a custom bus wrap, both private companies and local municipalities have an opportunity to create or sell space by covering them in custom vinyl. These vinyl wraps look like paint, and can be printed with almost any design or graphic to transform the look of the bus. With over 30 years of experience in the signage industry,

Blue Dot Signs can fabricate and install 3M vinyl wraps on every model of bus. We have options for both temporary and more permanent commercial bus wraps, printed with unique graphics. Learn how we can transform your company’s vehicles by contacting us today via our online form.

Your Local Bus Wraps Manufacturers and Installers

If your company uses a bus to shuttle passengers, a custom wrap can let customers know where the bus is going. Yet branding also serves as advertising to bystanders and other motorists, the combination of which can provide several thousand impressions each day the bus is in service. By customizing the design and the wrap, you can create advertising that fits your business. Some of our bus wraps:

Options for Custom Bus Wraps in NJ

With the right vinyl films, an entire bus can be wrapped with printed graphics, including the windows. The 3M vehicle and window vinyl product lines offer various films for different applications. The ones most commonly used on trailer wraps and bus wraps are:

  • Vehicle Vinyl - This lightweight, 2mil opaque vinyl is used on most surfaces of the vehicle. It has a pressure-activated adhesive backing that sticks to most bus substrates, including aluminum, paint, and ABS resins.
  • Transparent Vinyl - So that windows can still be safely seen through, designs can be printed onto a transparent vinyl. This design is visible to both those inside and outside the vehicle, making it useful on buses where passengers could see it.
Options for Custom Bus Wraps in NJ

These films are made of cast vinyl, giving it the ability to be melded around curves, compound curves, corrugated surfaces, and flat surfaces with rivets. They are cut from the manufacturer’s sheets to the sizes required for each panel where they will be installed. In addition the right vinyl for vehicle applications, there are also options to customize other features of the wrap including:

  • A full or partial bus wrap
  • Printed graphics through direct digital printing
  • Black and white or full color with CMYK printing process
  • Color matching with the Pantone system
  • Matte, glossy, or satin finish
  • With or without lamination for texturing and protection
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Installation of the Custom Vinyl Graphics

In addition to full and partial wraps, it is also possible to create decals and lettering, such as DOT signs, from vinyl film. These can be used for either advertising purposes or to meet regulations put forth by the Department of Transportation.

When the vinyl vehicle film has been printed and cut to size for your vehicle model, it can be applied. Bus wraps are self-adhering due to the adhesive backing on the film that requires only pressure to activate it. The wrap is applied by positioning it, starting with an edge or corner, and working slowly across the vehicle. A small squeegee is used to force out any air bubbles throughout the process which escapes through built in air release channels.

Window vinyl use a “wet method” application process that includes moistening both the window and the vinyl. The vinyl is positioned and given time to dry, at which point the adhesive seals it to the glass.

Both methods can require a few days of installation time, especially for larger buses. However, once installed, graphics can last for up to 5 years and are resistant to typical weather conditions, as well as the alkalis and acids present in pollution.

It is also possible to create shorter term use temporary bus wraps that will be installed for only a few weeks or months. These can be easily removed when no longer needed.

Why Companies Use Bus Wraps

Whether for branding or advertising, vinyl bus wraps offer a convenient and cost effective way to customize a vehicle with advantages such as:

  • Advertising - Buses are often one of the largest vehicles on the road. When their large scale and mobility are coupled with full color designs, they provide easily noticed advertising that can generate revenue.
  • Brand Recognition for Passengers - A bus with your company’s name, colors, and logo on it makes it easy for customers to identify. This can make it reassuring and professional for passengers.
  • Replaceable - Instead of permanent paint, vinyl wraps can be removed and replaced when needed. This makes it possible to update vehicles as needed.
  • Protects Bus - A vinyl wrap can extend the lifespan of the bus by protecting the paint from sun, rain, rust, scratches, and other sources of discoloration and damage.
Vinyl wraps can also be customized to different budgets, such as by using a partial wrap or decals for a more inexpensive option, or leaving the windows uncovered. This can make them affordable for most businesses.
Why Companies Use Bus Wraps
Industries That Are Leading With Bus Wraps and Graphics

Industries That Are Leading With Bus Wraps and Graphics

Any bus or other vehicle can be wrapped in a custom printed vinyl film. Businesses that often use promotional vinyl graphics on their buses include:

  • Charter Schools and Daycares
  • Casinos
  • Hotels
  • Rental Car Companies
  • Municipalities

Common design elements for bus wraps used in these industries include the company logo, photography, address and phone number, and coloring to match the business aesthetic.

Let Blue Dot Signs Print and Install Your Bus Wrap

As a full service sign company, Blue Dot Signs can design, manufacture, and install a commercial bus wrap for your vehicle. We have an in-house process designed for efficiency so that we can install graphics and have your bus back in service as soon as possible. We also offer low cost maintenance and removal services so that we can assist you throughout the life of your wrap.