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Custom Trailers and Large Vehicle Wraps Manufacturers in NJ

Custom Trailers and Large Vehicle Wraps Manufacturers in NJ

Buses, trailers, and trucks are some of the largest vehicles on the road and excellent for transporting a business’s products or groups of people. Their size can be helpful for more than just moving people and items, however. It can also be an advantage when used for advertising.

Large vehicle wraps enable you to get your brand in front of customers in your area while the trailer or bus drives from location to location. There are few better methods of multitasking to build your business, and at Blue Dot Signs, we can make sure you have the best possible trailer wraps that are clear, effective, and designed to last. Call us today for bus wraps and trailer wraps in NJ.

3M Vinyl Trailer Wrapping Company

As with other varieties of vehicle wraps, bus and trailer wraps are large vinyl signs molded to the exterior of a vehicle and kept there with the vinyl’s adhesive. From commercial trailer wraps to food trailer wraps and more, vehicle wraps made by Blue Dot Signs are made from 3M vinyl and are able to be customized to your size and design needs.

Customization Options for Vinyl Trailer Wraps and Large Vehicles

Graphics for vinyl wraps are designed using the specifications of the trailer or bus. These can be taken from factory blueprints or measurements, but accuracy is important to ensure that the film will fit the vehicle. The graphics are printed directly to the vinyl with latex or UV inks. Both ink types provide clear, bright shades, and a white vinyl background prevents dulled colors. With a wide format printer, the graphics can be printed onto vinyl in one continuous print that is large enough to cover a trailer.

This removes the need to piece together different vinyl panels and instead provides a seamless look. The vinyl film itself is one of a line of 3M products designed specifically to withstand outdoor installations. They are waterproof and UV resistant. To adhere to the substrate of the trailer, the vinyl uses an adhesive backing with a coated lining for printing.

Most of the details involved with large vehicle wraps can be customized for your vehicle, business’s brand, and personal preference. Some common customizations include:    

  • Coverage - Full or partial trailer wraps are available so that you can cover as much or as little of your vehicle as needed.    
  • Length of Display - If you want to promote a one-time event, a temporary wrap can be installed on your vehicle. If you want to include your business’s logo or another long-term addition, the wrap can be semi-permanent.    
  • Color - We are able to print detailed graphics, and can custom match colors, such as those within your business logo, with a Pantone color match.
Customization Options for Vinyl Trailer Wraps and Large Vehicles
Full Trailer Wrapping

Personalized Large Vehicle Wraps

Other customization options can include the finish. 3M vinyl comes standard in matte, glossy, and reflective finishes. It is also possible to apply a laminate after printing. This protects the vinyl and the graphics to reduce the amount of wear they experience.

As 3M certified installers, we use the manufacturer’s guidelines to place wraps and decals onto your vehicle. This process can take a few days to allow for the vehicle to be cleaned, the removal of accessories like headlights, the application of vinyl, and the setting period. Once installed, the vinyl can be left on for approximately 5 years.

Different conditions will cause wear faster, such as extreme weather, traveling in highly dirty or polluted places, and prolonged sun exposure. After 5 years, the vinyl should be removed and replaced regardless of its appearance to prevent over adhesion that can make it difficult to uninstall.

Benefits of a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

Vinyl wraps are often chosen for the design and advertising possibilities they present, especially with the large format of a trailer or bus. Wraps also offer several additional advantages:    

  • Semi Permanent - Vinyl wraps have the appearance of long term signage, as they look similar to paint - but the costs and benefits of temporary signs. It can be removed when needed to change out promotional material or branding, or to transfer ownership of the trailer.    
  • Extends Trailer Life - A vinyl film protects the trailer’s paint from sun, scratches, dust, graffiti, and other general wear during use. The replaceable film will take this wear instead and can be changed out for a fresh graphic to maintain the truck’s clean look.   
  • More Professional Look - As opposed to flex side systems that use tie downs to attach a banner to the side of the trailer, vinyl wraps offer a permanent, painted look that appears to be part of the vehicle.
For buses, perforated vinyl window mesh can also have the added benefit of providing privacy to the occupants while still conveying branding or a design, and those inside of the bus will still be able to see outdoors through the perforations.
Trailer Vehicle Vinyl Wraps Benefits
Companies Using Trailer and Bus Wraps

Companies Using Trailer and Bus Wraps

Large vehicle wraps work on trailers, shipping containers, buses, and other vehicles with extensive space that companies would like to capitalize for advertising. Those vehicles that are frequently in view of potential customers during their routes can increase impressions with a vinyl wrap. Businesses with larger trucks include:

  • Moving Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Retailers
  • Food Service Providers
  • Shuttle Companies
  • Travel Companies
  • Political Campaigns

We can install vinyl graphics on every vehicle in your fleet, or on just a single bus or trailer depending on your business’s needs.

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Order a Bus Wrap or Trailer Wrap from Blue Dot Signs

At Blue Dot Signs, we manufacture one of a kind signage for every type of business. Our full service vehicle wrap assistance - from design to installation to removal - can help your business turn vehicles already in use into profit generating advertising. Blue Dot Signs understands that your vehicle is a very important asset for you and your business. We want to make sure that you’re able to use it to its full advantage with beautiful signage that boosts your brand. Please contact us at [email protected] if you’re interested in van wraps in NJ or any other type of vehicle wrap.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can a laminated trailer wrap have finishes added?

    Yes. Laminated wraps can be given a gloss or matte finish. If you don’t want either finish through, the lamination doesn’t have to affect the design’s appearance. It’s primarily a protective feature.

  • Can I order multiple bus wraps?

    Yes. There’s no standard minimum or maximum number for vehicle wrap orders. We can create just one, or many more for a large fleet of buses.

  • Can truck wraps be removed?

    Yes. We can remove yours for you if you’re inexperienced with vinyl vehicle wraps. Many buses sell advertising space and remove the wrap when the contract is completed.

  • How is my bus wrap installed?

    We provide installation services, especially for signage of this size. Improper installation of your wrap by non-professionals could mean uneven adhesion, accelerated wear and tear, and a warped appearance.

  • How long does trailer wrap installation take?

    Installation usually takes one or two days to complete, depending how large your vehicle and your wrap are. It is not recommended that you install it yourself, so you will need to find a time that you can leave the wrap with us overnight for us to complete the installation process.

  • Will my wrap damage my truck’s finish?

    No. The adhesive used for our vehicle wraps and our method of removing them guarantees that the paint and finish under the wrap won’t be damaged during the removal process.