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3M Vinyl Lettering for Vehicles in NJ

3M Vinyl Lettering for Vehicles in NJ

Whether used to meet requirements for the Department of Transportation or as a simple way to share your business name and contact information, vinyl lettering is an affordable and convenient way to label your vehicle. Vinyl letters are individually custom cut to your business’s design specifications and needs. They can be easily applied to your truck and removed when no longer necessary.

Blue Dot Signs offers a range of options for truck lettering. From templates for standard signs to custom text for a vehicle, we can assist you in creating the signage for the mobile aspect of your business. We also have the installation and removal services for vinyl vehicle products. Start with a quote for your vinyl truck lettering by giving us a call.

Vinyl Truck Lettering And Van Door Decals Installation NJ

Truck lettering is made from a vinyl film, usually one made by 3M. The film has an acrylic adhesive backing that can be affixed directly to the surface of a truck - either the cab or the trailer - without the use of additional glues. This adhesive is durable, lasting for up to 7 years, and yet can be removed when needed in a matter of minutes. The adhesive is also vehicle safe so as not to damage the paint.

Custom Truck Door Letters and Decals from Blue Dot Signs

Vinyl truck door decals are cut from a sheet of 3M vinyl film using an automated, digital process. The process cuts letters according to the design file, making it possible to use serif, san serif, and cursive fonts. We can also trim letters using the font in your business logo for added brand recognition.

Standard lettering like DOT number signs and fleet identifications are typically made from black vinyl, or white if the truck is painted a dark color. For more customized signs, 3M also produces vinyl in a range of other colors, including multiple shades of:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Grey
Custom Truck Door Letters and Decals from Blue Dot Signs

3M vinyl films can come with matte, satin, glossy, and reflective finishes. They can be finished with or without laminate as well, depending on the planned length of installation and the protection needed from the elements. Since DOT signs must meet certain requirements, we have standard designs available that ensure they are readable from up to 50 feet away. Our DOT number signs are generally:

  • Black
  • San Serif Font
  • 2 or 3 Inches High

Signs that meet the basic requirements can be quickly designed from a template. It is also possible to customize each of these features if your registered vehicles or the area you operate in has different requirements.

To apply vinyl letters, the application area should first be cleaned and dried. The letter can then be positioned and, when correct, pressure will activate the adhesive, fixing it to the vehicle. Custom DIY cut lettering can be applied by the client, but professional installation is recommended for larger or more complex decals as they are not repositionable once installed.

Why Use Vinyl Lettering in NJ?

Why Use Vinyl Lettering in NJ?

There are several different methods to add lettering to your vehicle - paint, magnets, and more - but vinyl is one of the most professional. It applies smoothly so that it looks permanent, though it is a temporary sign. For these reasons, vinyl lettering is:

  • Convenient - Adding lettering to a truck is generally fast as it is a smaller vinyl decal. Removing it is even faster, and can be done if the vehicle is being transferred or a piece of information has changed and updates are needed.
  • Affordable - Vinyl lettering is inexpensive when compared with a professional paint job. It also will not cause permanent and pricey damage to your truck.
  • Various Options - Although lettering is simpler than other vinyl wrap options, there are enough options in color, size, typeface, and more to create a sign that encompasses your brand.
Because of their utility, cost-efficiency, and easy customization, it is possible to install vinyl lettering across a fleet of vehicles without a large time investment. This is applicable to both regulatory signage and that which will label trucks for brand recognition.

Uses of Vinyl Letters

Most vehicles involved in transporting heavy loads or passengers will have some regulatory signage applied to them that can be rendered in vinyl. Other businesses like contractors, lawn care companies, towing services, health care, and more frequently use vinyl lettering to display:

  • DOT Number Signs
  • Business Names
  • Phone Numbers
  • Addresses
  • “How’s My Driving?” Signs

With the utility and cost-effectiveness of vinyl lettering, they can be used by both corporations and individuals.

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For custom vinyl lettering, or any type of wrap or decals for the vehicles your business uses, Blue Dot Signs is the premier provider in the NYC and NJ area. We work with clients of all sizes, from sole-proprietorship businesses to national corporations to create unique advertising and standard vinyl lettering. We offer rapid turnaround times, including accepting rush orders, to get your vinyl letters to you quickly.