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We offer Wraps in New Jersey, NYC and Pennsylvania

We offer Wraps in New Jersey, NYC and Pennsylvania

Vehicle wrapping has grown in popularity over the past decade, and become an efficient and economical means of advertising. A wrap consists of a vinyl decal placed around the body of automobiles and trucks in assorted colors and prints for marketing and branding purposes. With a look that resembles fresh paint, these wraps transform your truck into a free canvas for advertising.

At Blue Dot Signs we offer a full range of tailored and modern truck wraps to suit any advertising and aesthetic standard. We can design, fabricate, print, and install wraps for any vehicle. For more information, please contact us today at

What are Truck Wraps?

Truck wraps are made from a vinyl film manufactured by 3M, Avery, or Oracal. They cover the exterior body of your trucks or vehicles with custom graphics and designs. These films are designed specifically for vehicle use, so they stand up to environments where these vehicles are typically used including sun, rain, snow, road salt, and wind. Blue dot Signs offer you both partial and full truck wraps IN nj. Some of our truck wraps are:

Types and Options for Wrapping your trucks

Vinyl Truck wraps can protect vehicles against scratches, minor dings, and minimize the fast depreciation of sales vehicles, trucks, and entire fleets, but their primary value is in their ability to turn any vehicle into a mobile billboard – all while looking more professional to viewers. 

The vinyl film is a 2mil, 1.50 gram weight vinyl that is an opaque white. The graphics print directly to the vinyl, and the white base provides accurate coloration for full color designs. Vinyl wrap film can be modified in the following ways to match your design needs:

  • Complete or Partial Wraps - A truck wrap can cover the entire vehicle, even the cab when necessary, or a portion of it, such as the back panel. Vinyl film is trimmed to size with electronic cutting. For partial graphics, the vinyl can be cut around the design or in a custom shape.
  • Full Color or Black and White Graphics - Graphics are printed onto vinyl with latex inks that are UV-resistant. Full color designs are applied to the vinyl with a four color, digital printing process so that clarity is not lost during transfer.
  • Matte or Glossy Finishes - Vinyl film is available with a matte or glossy finish. Matte vinyl is less able to show dust and glare free. Glossy vinyl can be more visible after installation.
Types and Options for Wrapping your trucks
Graphic Printed Truck Wraps

Materials and Finishes of Wrap material we offer

There is also the option to apply a laminate on some vinyl films. This protective layer is applied after the graphics have been printed and provides sealing, increased durability, and texturizing. 3M vinyl wraps are able to be installed on most vehicle substrates, including paint, chrome, ABS resins, and aluminum.

The film is backed with a solvent acrylic adhesive that is activated by pressure that can be repositioned until applied. Vinyl manufacturers also create their wraps with air release channels for a smooth finish free of bubbling.

Wraps should be installed by 3M certified installers - like our team here at Blue Dot Signs - who first clean the truck’s surface and then positions the wrap in the correct location. To fix the wrap semi-permanently onto the truck, we use heat and pressure. The adhesive needs to cure for 24 hours before the truck can be driven again.

Benefits of Truck Wraps

Many companies that use truck wraps do so for the benefits that essentially free mobile advertising can provide, helping to offset the cost of fuel and maintenance for the vehicle. As a truck drives around, especially in heavily trafficked areas like NJ and NYC, they can get thousands of impressions and place promotional material directly in front of potential customers. In addition, a vinyl wrap:

  • Protects the Vehicle - The vinyl creates a protective layer over the vehicle’s paint when installed and removed correctly. This prevents fading from the sun, rock nicks, and minor scratches if something hits the truck.
  • Removable - Although it looks like paint, vinyl truck wraps can be quickly removed if it needs to be updated or the truck is being sold. Some truck companies sell the space to advertisers, and each time the wraps are removed cleanly.
  • Long Lasting - Vinyl wraps can last 4 to 5 years when they are maintained properly and parked out of the sun.
  • Provides Coverage - If your truck is worn or has unsightly graffiti, a vinyl wrap can provide a new looking exterior without requiring any new paint.
Other wraps like vinyl letters can serve a utilitarian purpose by allowing you to add DOT signs to your trucks. This semi-permanent option makes it possible to update signs when needed, but are durable enough to last while driving routes.
Benefits of Truck Wraps
Popular Industries who uses Trucks as their Branding tool

Popular Industries who uses Trucks as their Branding tool

Whether your business uses one truck or a fleet, No matter what part of NYC or NJ you are located, we can design print and install your dream design on industry most popular wrap material. There are several ways to decorate your truck depending on the industry you serve, such as images of your products, logos, social icons, phone number and services. Most popular companies who uses our services are:

  • Food deliveries
  • Local and Nationwide moving companies 
  • Movie shoot and Advertisers
  • Fruits and Vegetables delivery companies
  • Auto parts 
  • Manufacturers
  • Pet supplies 
  • Coffee Roasters

Our expert team of installers are ready to take your next project. 

Clients Testimonials

Get your Truck wrap today

With vehicle and truck wraps from Blue Dot Signs, we deliver high quality manufacturing with affordable prices. We also have installation services available to those that need us. Your professional decal and vinyl wrap services provide custom solutions for all marketing measures. We make wraps for cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need striking print or uniform design to protect vehicle exteriors, contact Blue Dot Signs at

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can you make truck wraps for any type of truck?

    Yes. All truck wraps are based on the exact measurements of your truck, based on manufacturer data. Although rare, if you do somehow have a rare or custom truck design, we’ll coordinate the measurements with you and make sure that we create a truck wrap that fits.

  • How difficult is the truck wrap to remove?

    Generally, truck wraps are easy to remove, but do require some expertise. Most truck wraps are removed with heat. It can be a bit of a time consuming process, but once removed there will be no remaining residue, and your vehicle should be like new. The only exception is for trucks that have been wrapped for an extended period of time – especially over 2.5 years. Extra adhesion may occur. We do recommend you let us remove the wrap for you, just to be safe.

  • How long do truck wraps last?

    There is a lot that goes into the longevity of a truck wrap, and upkeep will be important. But on average, a truck wrap lasts about 5 years. With excellent maintenance, truck wraps can last longer than 7 years before the vinyl starts to wear down.

  • How long does it take to get your truck wrapped?

    It is possible to install a truck wrap on your own, but we generally recommend you let Blue Dot Signs handle the installation. It takes about 1 to 2 days to install a truck wrap, so you’ll want to drop it off with us at a time that is convenient for us to keep it. The more complex the shape of the truck, the longer it can take.

  • Can I get a carwash with a truck wrap?

    Yes. In fact, you should wash your truck regularly to maintain the vinyl’s appearance, but it should be a brushless wash to avoid scratching the vinyl. You can also powerwash a truck with a pressure of 2000 psi or less to remove dirt.

  • Will weather damage my truck wrap?

    Vinyl vehicle wraps are made to handle temporary exposure to more extreme weather. The wraps are waterproof and fade resistant, and can handle mild alkalis, acids, and road salt. It is important to note that the more weather a truck experiences, the faster the wrap will degrade.

  • Is it possible to fix a scratch on my truck wrap?

    Sometimes yes. With heat from a heat gun or hair dryer, a minor scratch can often be smoothed out. We can do this with our professional and low cost maintenance services to avoid damaging the wrap further.

  • Can I park my truck outdoors with a wrap on it?

    It is not recommended. Like paint, sunlight and weather can deteriorate your wrap. Whenever possible, park your vehicle under a cover when not in use. However, these wraps are designed to be weather resistant. It just helps to be as careful as possible.