Custom Indoor Signs

There are so many interior signs in any given building we inhabit every day that it’s easy to forget they’re there. If you own a business or a building that’s open to the public though, you recognize how important they are and will most likely need to order some at some point.

When you do need indoor signage or sign-related services, Blue Dot Signs should be the first place you look. From singular custom interior graphics to dozens of standardized, HPD required signs, Blue Dot Signs is able to provide clients indoor signage with whatever customized details they need.

If you know exactly what you want, you can get your order started by emailing us at or filling out an online request for a free custom quote at

Available Indoor Signs

We offer a wide variety of indoor display signs, custom interior graphics, and other types of personalized indoor signs. Some of the most frequently ordered signs include:

If you need signs that are pre-made according to building codes we have lots of those in stock, ready to be displayed in your building. These are very affordable whether you’re just buying a few for a single office floor or many of them for an entire office building.

If you want a highly customized sign that incorporates your business’s trademarked graphics and colors, we’re able to provide that too. Our expert sign graphic designers and high-tech manufacturing technology are able to create truly unique and visually appealing signs of all kinds.

Customized Indoor Signs

There are many options for fabrication materials for most of our indoor signs. Some have more limitations. For example, decals are all made out of a thin but durable vinyl and paper signs are of course all made of paper. But other signs like lobby and office door signs can be made of:

  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Dibond
  • PVC, and more

Although it’s not ideal for most of these signs to be displayed outdoors for longer periods of time, the materials they’re made of are still very durable in most environments. As with all of our signs, we fabricate our indoor signs with materials that both withstand daily wear-and-tear and represent your business’s brand.

Many of these materials can be additionally altered with different finishes like:

  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Brushed Aluminum
  • Varnished Wood Grain
  • Gold Leaf, and More

If your budget is limited, you can have a plastic based sign finished to look like metal. If you want to emphasize the detail and colors of the graphics on your sign, a glossy finish can accomplish this nicely.

Indoor Sign Services

In addition to sign manufacturing, we offer multiple types of sign related services. These include:

  • Sign Permit Research and Filing
  • Sign Repair and Replacement
  • Sign Design
  • Sign Maintenance
  • Sign installation

One of the most requested services is sign installation. Some indoor signs, like office door signs, are small enough to be installed with double-sided tape or other simple adhesives. But larger ones like lobby signs and wall decals are larger or more complex. In these cases, our sign technicians can come and install them for you on-site to ensure that they’re properly and safely displayed.

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Blue Dot Signs is perhaps the foremost indoor sign company in our area because of our:

  • High-Quality Materials
  • Extensive List of Signs We Can Create
  • Array of Sign-Related Support Services We Provide
  • Affordable Prices

Those looking for any kind of indoor signs in NJ don’t need to look any further than our business.

If you have any questions about our indoor signs or want to order one of your own, please email us at We have served many, many clients in the New Jersey and New York City areas over the decades we’ve been in business, and would be honored to be able to create your perfect sign next.

Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor Signs

Indoor Signs

Can 3D elements be added to my indoor sign?

Yes. Lettering and simple graphics like logos can be made 3D on office signs, lobby signs, light box signs and more. They make your sign more easily readable and visually interesting.

Can any of these indoor signs be installed outdoors at all?

Some are able to be displayed outdoors for short periods of time with certain protective measures taken. For instance, foam board signs can be outdoors if it’s not rainy or windy, and neon signs can be installed outdoors if the neon tubes are covered with clear plastic to prevent water damage. Please let us know if you intend to display any of our indoor signs outdoors, and we can make suggestions to prevent them from being damaged.

Can you add my business’s custom colors and logo to my indoor sign?

Yes. We have excellent printers and Pantone color matching capabilities that enable us to reproduce almost any graphics in any color needed, including ones that are trademarked.

Can you help design my indoor sign?

Yes. We provide sign design services for any of our signs. These services can range from offering feedback on your mostly completed design, to helping you with the very beginning, brainstorming process to develop a sign that best reflects your business’s brand.

Can you make double-sided indoor signs?

Most of the signs that it’s possible to make double-sided, such as foam board signs and paper signs, we can make double-sided for you.

Can you make sure my office signs are compliant with regulations for the ADA, HPD, and any other relevant regulatory agencies?

Yes. We can customize the details of your office signs to both fit the aesthetic of your business and make sure that they’re still easily readable and accommodating of those with disabilities. If you don’t want to customize them, we also offer standard, pre-made signs that you can order and install more quickly and often for lower cost.

How do I clean my indoor sign?

We can provide cleaning instructions for your particular sign. In most cases, a soft cloth dampened with water is enough to clean your sign. If you have a neon sign ONLY use a dry, non-abrasive cloth when cleaning the neon tubes, no moisture should come into contact with them. Always avoid traditional cleaners to keep your sign from fading or being damaged by the more harsh chemicals.

How much will my sign cost?

It’s difficult to give an exact dollar amount without knowing the type of sign and customization options you need. We can provide a cost estimate with your free quote. You can request your free quote on our website at

What should I do if my sign breaks or needs some type of repairs?

Blue Dot Signs provides sign repair services for all the types of signs we create. Even if your sign wasn’t made by us, we can repair it. For some types of sign, we are able to come and fix them on-site so that you don’t need to do anything besides contact us about the service.

Will I need to file a permit to display my sign?

It’s more likely that you need to file a permit to install outdoor signs, but if you do need a permit for any of our indoor signs, we can find and file them for you with our permit filing services.