Decals Services New Jersey

Decals are an outstanding sign type for those that want to use space they already have. Nearly any flat surface, including windows decals, walls, floors, and more, can be transformed into prime advertising or branding space with a decal. Decals can also be a beautiful decorative touch to your home or other private space.

Available Decals Services

Decals allow you to transform a space quickly by easily sticking them onto nearly any flat surface. Decals are also both long lasting and not permanent. Although they firmly stay put when needed and are resistant to weather they can also be removed at any time. Whenever you want to take them down you can do so without worrying that you’ll damage the surface behind them.

That makes them especially useful for almost any purpose in your store or office. These decals take unused real estate on your property and then transform that area by adding a thin sheet of durable, easily removed full color vinyl. That allows us to offer all sorts of deals, including:

Window decals turn your open windows into a sign or decoration with ease. These decals can be used to display full color images or the name of your store. They can even function as a source of privacy.

Translucent decals can be frosted or etched to provide a professional appearance without the cost of real treated glass. Because they can also be easily removed, these decals can be changed at a moment’s notice without any remaining residue.

Wall decals can also be used to turn the inside of your store into a frequent source of marketing/branding. They are also great for decoration, as NJ mural decals can be a good alternative to wallpaper. They’re durable, easy to remove without damaging the paint or finish on the wall behind it, and easier to customize in whatever way you want.

We also create vehicle wraps, which are a form of decal that covers the entirety of a car to give it a completely custom look at appearance, and we can provide floor decals which can be used to identify directions or label an area of a property.

Everything from your company’s name and logo to decorative graphics and lettering can be reproduced as a decal in New Jersey and displayed where it can be viewed all day for years.

Standard Vinyl Options

Most of our decals in NJ are made of standard vinyl. However, there are different options available for the needs of custom decals. Some of the specialized types of vinyl that are available for decals include:

  • Retroreflective Vinyl – Reflective vinyl printing increases visibility at places and times with limited light, like nighttime. It can be found on traffic signs and high-visibility clothing.
  • Calendered Vinyl – Used commonly with vehicle wraps, this type of decal printing in NJ is highly resistant to damage like an abrasion.
  • Cast Vinyl – This type of decal sign in NJ is thinner than other types of vinyl, making it easier than other types to apply over curves and bumps in an otherwise smooth display surface.
  • Prismatic Reflective Vinyl – This additional type of reflective vinyl is also used to increase visibility to whatever it’s applied too, often around construction and other work areas where safety is paramount.

We are happy to help you design your decal and recommend whatever type of vinyl is best for how it’ll be displayed. We want to make sure you and your business are represented in the best way possible.

Why Blue Dot Signs?

Custom NJ decals can be printed in small sizes, large sizes, full color, black and white, and everything in between. They are cost-efficient, affordable, and simply a great choice for any type of advertisement or decoration.

No matter what you want to use to customize your decal, Blue Dot Signs is here to help. We can print and fabricate the highest quality decals available, all for an affordable price. To get started with our NJ decal sign services, please contact Blue Dot Signs on following number 908-486-7000 or request a quote today.

Place Your Order

Our staff at Blue Dot Signs has decades of experience sign designing, fabricating, installing, and providing other sign-related services for our clients. If you order your New Jersey custom vinyl decal from us, you can be assured that you’ll be receiving just the decal you want, made with high-quality, long-lasting material at an affordable price.

If you’re interested in learning more about our signs or want to order a custom decal of your own, please contact us today at We’ve provided unique, attractive, and attention-getting decals for all kinds of clients in the New Jersey and New York City areas and are ready to create one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decals


Are Decals Reusable?

Adhesive decals are not reusable, because the adhesive and the shape of the decal itself are altered when they’re removed. Static cling decals can be installed and removed many times if maintained well, but don’t stick as strongly or have as long a life span as adhesive decals. Luckily, because adhesive decals are so affordable, they are easy to re-order if you want to use the same design.

Are There Any Color Limitations For Decals?

Very few. We can even match custom colors for your company’s trademarked logo. We also provide specialized colors and effects like gold and silver leaf, frosting, and etching. Because vinyl decals allow for full color prints, nearly all designs are capable.

Are There Any Surfaces Decals Won’t Stick To?

Decals stick best to surfaces that are clean and smooth. Brick, cement, stucco, and other uneven surfaces prevent decals from evenly adhering and result in a bumpy looking installation.

Can I Order A Transparent Decal?

Yes. We offer varying levels of transparency for our window decals. They can be entirely transparent, opaque, or translucent. Translucent decals can be frosted or have another effect added to allow some light in while preserving privacy.

Can I Wash The Surface The Decal Is Applied To?

Yes, as long as you don’t power wash it or use an abrasive cleaning tool or cleaning chemicals beyond a very mild dish soap. The decal itself can also be gently cleaned with lukewarm water and a soft cloth, before being dried thoroughly.

Can You Install My Decal?

As with our other signs, we do offer installation services for decals. This can be especially helpful if you have a large or intricate decal, and will ensure a professional appearance once installed.

How Do I Remove My Decal?

Peel up one corner and slowly pull it up and off the surface it’s applied to. This may be a more challenging process if the decal is larger or has been displayed there for a while.

How Long Will My Decal Last?

They can last up to five or more years if well-maintained. The vinyl material resists fading, peeling, or tearing for long periods of time.

What Finishes Are Available?

Glossy and matte finishes are available for all decals we offer.

What Material Are Vinyl Decals Made With?

Standard vinyl is used for most decals, although a premium vinyl may be suggested for some of the signs that you order.