Fabric Light Box

Frequently Asked Questions About Fabric Light Boxes

Fabric Light Boxes

Can fabric light box signs be installed outdoors?

Fabric light box signs are best installed indoors. However, we offer other kinds of light box signs fabricated with weather resistant materials that can be easily installed outdoors. Let us know where you want to install your sign, and we can make recommendations accordingly. 

Can I have a custom color added to my fabric light box sign?

Yes. Our printing technology and Pantone color matching capabilities make it possible for us to reproduce nearly any color you need. Even if the color you use for your logo or overall design is completely unique to your business, we can match and print it if requested to do so. 

Can my fabric light box sign be double sided?

Yes. The typical backlit fabric light box is single-sided, but double-sided signs are possible with the correct extrusion. Extrusions are hardware used to internally light and display light box signs.  

Can you fabricate a very large fabric light box sign?

Yes. Our printers can efficiently produce large format signs in custom sizes and shapes for fabric light boxes and more. Any graphics or photographs included on your sign will be include accurate colors and high definition images with no blurring or pixilation.  

How much will my fabric light box sign cost?

You can find out how much your custom fabric light box sign will cost before ordering it by requesting a free quote. To do so, you can fill out our online form at www.bluedotsigns.com/request-a-quote, or email us at info@bluedotsigns.com 

I need my fabric light box sign very soon. How long is turnaround for this type of sign?

Custom fabric light box signs usually take around one to two weeks to complete and ship. However, this time frame can vary depending on what customizations have been incorporated into your sign. For example, very large signs or ones with complex designs typically take longer to fabricate. Your free quote can provide a projected turnaround time frame. If that estimate is too long, we can do a rush order for an additional fee. 

What finishes are available for my fabric light box’s frame?

The finish for fabric light box signs’ frame and support structures can be customized according to your sign’s color scheme and overall design. However, our standard colors are silver and black. These are most likely to coordinate with the colors of most sign’s design and fade into the background to create a seamless looking display.

What kind of installation options do I have for fabric light box signs?

They can be mounted on the wall, hung from the ceiling, or stand on the floor by themselves. Both framed or frameless design are possible. If you want to install your sign yourself, we can provide instructions that take into account any customization options you may have chosen. If you don’t have sign installation experience, we provide installation services for the New Jersey and New York City areas.