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An indoor office sign is more than just a label on a door. It is a symbol of your business and a form of communication for employees and customers. From conference rooms to lobbies, custom office signs make it easier to find specific rooms, create a professional image, and tell a corporate story.

At Blue Dot Signs, our focus is on the creating quality and valuable designs for any of your office’s needs. For the best professional signage, trust the services of an experienced signage company, prepared to transform your ideas and corporate message into a reality.

Why Choose Blue Dot Signs?

Custom office signs, which come in dozens of different styles and materials, serve many possible purposes. From professional marketing and branding to improved communication between departments and staff, the right signs can be a valuable tool in your office.

With business office signs in NJ, a variety of logos and signage can be developed with precision measurements and exceptional results. Different styles of signs are available including:

  • Lobby Signs
  • Office Door Signs
  • Conference Room Signs
  • Metal Signs
  • Acrylic Signs
  • Glass Signs
  • Brass Signs

Interior office signs can prevent disruptions to important meetings, minimizes loss of production and help create efficiency. Employees and customers are not confused about which room to visit as every door can depict its purpose with a clearly defined office sign. With office direction signs, visiting customers and suppliers can easily navigate their way through the building without becoming lost or affecting active staff.

Lobby signs can influence brand impressions when customers walk into the office. Greeting clients with a professionally designed, wall mounted metal or beautifully crafted glass sign not only reveals the logo, but depicts a message about the business brand.

While professional signage that is poorly created can leave customers questioning the value of the company and its service standards, a modern fresh and innovative style of sign will prove appealing and receive the nod of approval from visitors.

Exterior and Interior Office Signs Benefits

  • Creates Professional Appeal

An indoor office sign that is classic or modern, easy to read, and reliably manufactured is often an asset to your building. A well-designed office sign delivers instant professional appeal. It is a versatile and affordable solution to enhance bare walls above a reception area depicting the professional logo. These signs are developed to display the company message or assist in directing staff and customers.

  • Attracts Customers

Placing these logos and interior signs at the entrance will provide consumers with an instant impression of what a business is about and it should always be a positive one. A drab and deteriorated or small office sign does not say much about a company.

Consumers want to trust the brand and investing in the right styles and types of office signs for walls will satisfy this purpose. Office signage will set the tone for the space, delivering a message of professionalism and superior service or a lack of trust in business delivery.

  • Employee Impressions

Influence staff with bold office signage decorating the walls. Interior office signs remind employees of the business brand, what the company stands for and set a specific tone within the working environment. Motivation and connecting with a company are better achieved with professional branding including well designed interior and exterior office signs.

Consider how your business could benefit from modern and stylish office signs created to produce all the right impressions. Invest in your logo and professional image with a stand out service dedicated to the manufacture of customized interior office signs.

The transformation of brands, logos, and symbols into signs for the office can create effective marketing awareness. Place a beautifully decorated logo along the wall of a conference room or a large iconic sign representative of the firm on outside walls.

Office Signs Types

There are so many benefits to having quality office signs printed or crafted for your company. Office signs come in numerous shapes and sizes, giving you more control over how people see your business. At Blue Dot Signs, we can provide you with all different types of office signs that match your needs, with options including, but in no way limited to:

  • Braille Door Signs
  • Glass Office Door Signs
  • Engraved Office Door Signs
  • Office Logo Signs
  • Conference Room Door Signs For Offices
  • Office Direction Signs and More

There are office cubicle signs, company signs for the office, and office signs for walls – there are office signs that are big and office signs that are small, and everything in between.

Attention to detail, exceptional quality, lasting design, and guaranteed creativity are some of the benefits of working with Blue Dot Signs, a leader in office sign manufacturing. If you need conference room signage, office door signs, or a more complex exterior office sign, our superior services can produce the greatest results.

Ordering your office signs from Blue Dot Signs ensures value for money. We pride ourselves in producing precision professional signs for any business. We offer customized corporate office signs in metal, plastic, glass, and a variety of other materials, so that you always have the sign you need.

Contact Blue Dot Signs for Office Signs

From intricate detailing to the correct choice of materials, we can help transform your business and create the right impression with anyone that steps foot in or near your property. Whether you need interior office sign directions or bold logos for branding, we can help your New Jersey business with all its signage requirements.

Simply contact Blue Dot Signs at and order your fully custom office sign today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Office Signs

Office Sign

Can You Make ADA Compliant Signs?

Yes we can, and we often do. If you need Braille, non-glare material, high contrast, etc., we’ll make sure to design it in a way that matches ADA requirements.

How Do We Know if Our Signs Are Compliant?

ADA compliance, NJ DOB compliance, and other requirements can be found on the appropriate websites. Given our background, we can also design compliant signs for you. However, please let us know that this is something you are interested in.

We Have a Crazy Idea for a Logo Sign. Can You Create It?

Most likely. We create signs in over 30 different materials, we have large format printing available, we can create pop-out signs, custom lighted signs, die-cut signs – there are very few limitations. Give us your idea and chances are we’ll be able to make your sign for you.

We May Need Similar Signs Designed in the Future. Can You Save Our Orders?

Yes we can. We know that some signs, like nameplate signs, often need to be completed in an identical style with each new change or employee. If you let us know that you plan to order more signs in the future, we’re happy to keep your information on file.

What Types of Office Signs Do I Need?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. There are door signs, floor signs, logo signs, marketing signs, award signs, maps, ADA signs, EXIT signs, and so much more. If you have a new office building and are looking to fill it with all the signs you need, let us know and we can make recommendations or start printing the ones that are most important.