Egress Map NJ

The specific details of building safety regulations can vary somewhat depending on your location, but egress map signs, often also called floor map signs, are typically required no matter where a building is located.

These signs direct occupants where to go in the event of an emergency like a fire. Blue Dot Signs is a full service sign company, which means we can craft simple signage made of sturdy, high quality materials that are both compliant with HPD, ADA, and fire safety codes as well as reflective of your business’s aesthetic.

Building Safety Signs Types

Floor map signs are a crucial part of evacuations both real and practice run-throughs because they give a layout of the floor they’re posted on with highlights pointing out where on that floor the sign is posted (You Are Here signs). This lets occupants know how close they are to the quickest exit, making evacuations faster and safer.

Building information signs like egress maps are required – or at least strongly suggested – by the HPD. Other types of egress signs besides floor map signs that we can provide include:

  • Stair Signs
  • Lit Emergency Exit Signs
  • Fire Exit Door Signs
  • Elevator Bank Signs, and More

These signs are designed to be quickly read and understood by as many people as possible, and don’t typically involve a lot of creative customization in order to avoid decreasing their accessibility. However, we can customize some aspects of yours if they don’t violate safety codes.

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Signage isn’t always just about supporting your business’s brand. It’s also about keeping people inside your building safe. Blue Dot Signs can design and fabricate one of the widest arrays of building egress map signs in NJ. Our signs can both accomplish this practical goal while also reflecting what your business is like as much as possible.

Please email us at as soon as you’re ready to order or learn more about our standard model and personalized egress map signs for your business’s building.

Frequently Asked Questions About Egress Maps

Egress Maps

Are egress map signs the same thing as “you are here” signs?

Yes. They’re two different terms for the same product.

Can I use a custom font on my egress map sign?

There’s not a specific font that’s required for egress map signs or HPD signs in general, but to keep them ADA compliant and as readable as possible, sticking with plain, sans-serif fonts like Arial, Helvetica, and Verdana is ideal.

Can you help if my egress map sign cracks or otherwise needs repair?

We do provide sign repair services. Please contact us for a price estimate and plan of action for your sign.

Can you install my egress map signs?

Yes. We provide sign installation, repair, and removal services that comply with any relevant regulations like HPD code.

Can you make personalized egress map signs?

Yes. They would need to incorporate your building’s specific floor layouts. They could also include your business’s custom colors or logo as long as they don’t make the sign more difficult to understand or otherwise violate HPD regulations.

Can you tell me how to display my egress map signs according to HPD requirements?

Yes. We are aware of building safety regulations, and can inform you of them if you’re unsure how they apply to your signs.

How do I maintain my egress map signs?

These signs need to be displayed at all times, so keep an eye on how much wear and tear they sustain. Wiping them with a damp, non-abrasive cloth to keep them free of dust and debris is usually all that’s needed.

How long do egress map signs last?

Since they’re meant to be prominently displayed at all times, they can last years when properly installed and maintained.

What happens if I don’t install egress map signs?

If a code inspector doesn’t see these signs installed correctly in certain places, you can face multiple fines for not keeping the building as safe as possible.

What sizes are egress map signs available in?

We can fabricate almost any custom size needed. The minimum size required by HPD code is usually 18” x 12”.