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Blue Dot Signs creates beautifully crafted wall decals of all shapes and sizes for those looking to decorate and use their space. The application of logo wall signs and customized graphics is quick and easy; readily available for commercial and residential purposes.

Here at Blue Dot Signs, you can find a multitude of unique, standard, and fully customized wall decals for the home, office, restaurants, and more. There is truly something unique about the application of wall décor. It adds charm and character to any room creating a private space or acts as effective advertising for a business. We specialize in the creation of well-crafted wall decals of any size, shape, and customer idea. If you are in need of quality custom wall decals in NJ, contact us today at info@bluedotsigns.com

Blue Dot Signs Custom Wall Decals

Custom wall decals are more than a decorative tool. They are an effective form of advertising and branding, as well as a great non-permanent way to transform a wall or room. At Blue Dot Signs, we guarantee quality products with lasting applications that will easily meet the needs and ideas of your vision, whether you are advertising a logo or changing an entire wall.

All of our wall decal printing solutions involve vigorous attention to detail to deliver an exceptional final product, all with our highly respected standard of service.

We create custom decals for any home or office. For example our tree decal for walls and text wall decals are among the most popular products. It is great for modern rooms and provides the edge needed to transform a mundane space into a personalized addition. Not only do we provide a wide range of standard wall decals, but also custom removable wall decals.

Our extensive line of fully custom wall decal printing services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Company Logo Wall Decal
  • Large Custom Vinyl Wall Decals
  • Custom Removable Wall Decals
  • Standard Wall Decals
  • Business Wall Decals

Wall decals are used to personalize rooms, or create a personal in an area. For businesses, these decals are a great way to give exposure to your brand, announce a sale or clearance area, or even simply design a wall sign that matches the vision you have for your property.

For homeowners, you can select a small text sign with a loving message or beautiful tree to decorate toddler rooms. For plain walls and rooms that lack character, the addition of custom wall mural decals can instantly enhance the room. Rather than hassle with the difficulties of wall paper or having to paint the room, wall decals are cost effective, valuable, and easy to apply and provide the modern appeal you need.

Wall graphics printing is high in demand because it is affordable and unique. These applications create positive impressions and beautifully display images, names, or text on windows and walls. At Blue Dot Signs, we can develop these truly custom solutions for your business or simply to transform your living space. Benefits of using our services include:

  • Years of Experience – We know how to create these wall decals in nearly every shape and size, including the large custom vinyl wall decals and logo wall signs that make your property pop.
  • Designers on Hand – If you need help designing your wall decal, we have experienced graphic artists that truly understand the sign world and its needs, and can help you manage any type of project.
  • Quality Materials/Affordable Price – We are able to combine the highest quality materials with the most affordable pricing, because we’ve been in this business a long time and have streamlined our signage printing techniques.

Why Blue Dot Signs?

At Blue Dot Signs, our mission is to develop unique wall decals that you can use in the home and the office. From restaurants and store fronts to corporate and education, applying beautifully designed wall decals can add charm and branding that spruces up any space.

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For all wall decal requirements in NJ, contact Blue Dot Signs for the best prices and guaranteed quality in all wall art. Whether you need a small wall decal or large window branding, our services are the perfect choice for your wall decal printing needs. Our precision printing and careful details ensure that every wall decal appears neat, appealing, and versatile.

If you’d like to ask us more about our wall decals, or you need a custom quote for our services, please feel free and contact us today at info@bluedotsigns.com and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Are Wall Decals different fro Windows Decals?

Most of the time there is no difference between wall and window decals. However, window decals may also use static cling material, whereas wall decals are almost always just adhesive. Most window decals are also adhesive, however.

Can you reuse wall decal?

Most wall decals use an adhesive. This adhesive will wear down over time, which means your particular wall decal may not be reusable. If you do need a reusable wall decal, talk to us about our static decals. Usually, static decals only work on glass-like surfaces, however.

Do Wall Decals stick to wall paneling?

Most of the time, yes. Wall decals can stick to wood, and even plaster walls. They do, however, require flat surfaces that aren’t cracked, and with no peeling wood or paint.

How do you get Wall Decals off?

Wall decals are usually removed with heat. Using a portable heating tool, like a hairdryer, slowly heat one corner of the decal until it starts to loosen and peel off. Then move slowly to heat and peel the rest of the decal. Try not to rush this process to avoid leaving any excess residue. If you do have adhesive residue left over, it can be removed with nail polish remover.

What if I need a Custom Shape?

We can provide custom shapes, but we generally recommend you consider a square with a clear background. This makes it easier to place and remove the custom decals.