Wall wraps

One of the most satisfying product services that we offer at Blue Dot Signs is the service of Wall Wraps, which can also be referred to as Wall graphics and also as Wall Murals, but there’s a difference because Wall Mural is the art painted on a wall or other surfaces. 

Wall graphics can be used to decorate the places cost-effectively. They make your places look more attractive and enjoyable. The customized Wall wraps offered at Blue dot signs can be an excellent way to update your business walls and to differentiate your business from others. With our 3M vinyl Large printed Wall graphics, your business will be able to create a healthy environment and will share the information with your customers in an effective manner. 

The deluxe wall wraps offered at Blue Dot Signs are printed on Vinyl and when installed on the walls can leave an outstanding impression of your brand on your client’s minds. Our custom vinyl wall wraps can prove to be a great choice for your corporate office walls, Retail stores outdoor walls, Restaurants walls, School Walls, Art Galleries, etc. and you can even use them in your Bed-rooms. 

Different uses of Wall wraps (Permanent & Temporary)

Our large format printing is capable of printing large wraps for your walls and to give them a professional and  decorative look. These wall graphics can simply be used for advertisement of your products/services or just for the decoration of your walls and much more. The best thing about them is that they can be removable and permanent. And the removable ones do not leave a residue or damage your paints. You can install the wall wraps whenever you want and get them removed if you get bored, and can install the new ones. There are no restrictions. Blue dot Signs offer high-quality graphics and colors that can be matte and glossy and can be fully customizable. Wall Graphics can be pre-made or can be made upon demand with full customization to fit any place. There are many uses of Wall graphics such as:

Interior Usage: Our large printed Wall wraps can be used to transform any boring interior walls to the well-looking and attractive walls. You can use them to enhance the appearance of your office walls, conference rooms, restaurants, personal rooms, etc, with no need to repaint the full area. You can use the wall wraps to advertise your brand along with creating a well-organized color scheme. 

Set the Mood: By using large and creative printed vinyl wall wraps, you can set the mood of your audience and customers. No matter which business you belong to, you can decorate your place with attractive wall wraps and people will come to you. They will spend money to sit in a restaurant with well-decorated walls, etc. Attractive walls decorated with Big and persuasive wall wraps, rather than boring white walls will set up the mood of your office employees. 

Informative Wall Wraps: You can provide the information related to your brand and business on the wall wraps. For example, you can tell people the history of your brand and get them involved and interested in your service. You can impress your customers with such tips. 

Exterior advertising: Wall wraps can be used for exterior advertising because they can prove to be an effective and powerful way to promote your business and convey your messages to the people in such busy times. You can place them at the store-front walls, or cover your sidewalls with them, along with your products and services printed upon them.

Why choose Blue Dot Signs 

At Blue dot signs, we are very much dedicated to providing our customers with quality products, because we are fair with you and your investment. We use the material that lasts long, and our team of designers helps to customize the best look for your wraps. At Blue dot signs, we do not only print the wall graphics but we also design them, install them, and repair them when needed. We offer many services in an affordable range and we have helped many industries and organizations in getting their walls decorated.  

If you are interested in having your walls wrapped, or you need any other information regarding the wall waps you can contact us at 908-486-7000 or email us at info@bluedotsigns.com, we will be pleased to help you out with your projects.