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Magnetic Menu Boards

Changeable Menu Boards

Custom Graphics And Magnetic Menu Boards Printing In New Jersey

Magnetic menu board signs are great for situations where you need both the physical durability of permanent signage and the changing design possibilities of temporary signage. Although they’re used most often for menus at restaurants or on food trucks, this type of magnetic sign can be used for any business that wants NJ signage that can be altered quickly and easily.

Customized Magnetic Menu Boards

Available Magnetic Menu Boards

Magnetic menu boards consist of a frame around a magnetic surface. The surface serves as its own sort of adhesive for a sign with magnetic backing. There are multiple ways these signs can be customized in graphic design and overall form to best suit a business’s particular purpose. Some of the most common types of magnetic board signs include:

  • Static – A large magnetic sign that comes in one piece. No parts of it can be easily removed or altered, as it’s all part of one printed design.
  • Semi-Changeable – Sections of the sign can be removed and replaced as needed.
  • Graphics – Pictures and decorative elements can be added and removed to highlight and illustrate different parts of the sign.

Not only is the font and graphics of the sign design able to be customized, the sign’s frame and shape can be made with nearly any material you want, in whatever shape or size you want. Few sign companies are able to provide as many sign personalization options as Blue Dot Signs is.

Why Blue Dot Signs?

If your business’s message or method of reaching out to potential customers changes frequently, magnetic menu boards are a great signage option. Blue Dot Signs has provided clients with high-quality magnetic menu boards in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Please contact us at info@bluedotsigns.com if you’re interested in finding out more about our signs or ordering a magnetic menu board for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetic Menu
  • Can I add photographs or logos to my magnetic menu board?

    Yes. Like our other signs, menu boards are highly customizable. They’re a popular choice with restaurants, who include photos of menu items on their menu boards, and any other business that wants to enhance their brand by including their custom graphics and colors on their magnetic signage.

  • How do I maintain my magnetic menu board?

    All you need to clean your sign is a damp, non-abrasive cloth and lukewarm water, maybe a very mild dish soap if it’s very dirty. Keeping it only indoors also decreases wear and tear and increases its lifespan.