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Egress Maps & Emergency Exit Signs Manufacturer in NJ

Egress Maps & Emergency Exit Signs Manufacturer in NJ

The specific details of building safety regulations can vary somewhat depending on your location, but egress map signs, often also called floor map signs, are typically required no matter where a building is located. These signs direct occupants where to go in the event of an emergency like a fire.

Blue Dot Signs is a full-service sign company in NJ, which means we can craft simple signage made of sturdy, high-quality materials that are both compliant with ADA, HPD, and fire safety codes as well as reflective of your business’s aesthetic. Fill out our online form to order your egress map.

Egress Signs Durable Evacuation Map Sign In New Jersey

Floor map signs are a crucial part of evacuations both real and practice run-throughs because they give a layout of the floor they’re posted on with highlights pointing out where on that floor the sign is posted (You Are Here signs). This lets occupants know how close they are to the quickest exit, making evacuations faster and safer.

Egress Map Options at Blue Dot Signs

Some egress maps are designed strictly for directional use. Local malls and shopping centers use "You Are Here" signs in NJ to help direct people to stores and other areas they may want to find.

For most other properties, building information signs like egress maps are required – or at least strongly suggested – by the NJ Department of Community Affairs, the HPD  and other local building codes. They should be installed at the critical areas in your building where occupants can use them to determine a safe path out during an emergency.

Because of our experience in building signs for safety and DCA compliance, we can assist with egress map designs to create graphics that are accurate and clear.

Egress maps are a type of fire sign. Other types of emergency exit signs besides floor map signs that we can provide include:

  • Stair Signs
  • Lit Emergency Exit Signs
  • Fire Exit Door Signs
  • Elevator Bank Signs, and More
Egress Map Options at Blue Dot Signs

These signs are designed to be quickly read and understood by as many people as possible, and don’t typically involve a lot of creative customization in order to avoid decreasing their accessibility. However, we can customize some aspects of yours if they don’t violate safety codes such as:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Font
  • Material

The graphics are usually printed or engraved in acrylic or metal. We also use contrasting colors and clean fonts to ensure signage is legible even in low light conditions.

These customizations can help your sign blend in with your decor so that it looks professional in your building when it is not needed. If an emergency exit is required, however, the sign will be there, clear and ready to help building occupants.

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Benefits of Our Egress Maps

Building evacuation maps, "you are here," signs, and other required emergency signs, are an important part of every building. We believe there are significant advantages to choosing a custom sign from Blue Dot. Specifically, our egress map signs are:

  • Affordable - Required safety signs should not be a financial burden. Ours are made with materials and processes that keep these signs cost effective without hurting the appearance or quality.
  • Durable - An egress map needs to be present and legible in an emergency, so we design our exit signs to last. They are resistant to almost every indoor condition and will be readable for years after install.
  • Easy to Install - Our lightweight egress map signs can be affixed to walls and doors with adhesive strips that we add to the backs of the signs. They can also be screwed into a wall or door with simple equipment.

In addition to sign manufacturing, our services are another benefit to choosing emergency signage from Blue Dot. We have an in-depth understanding of building signage and regulations, as well as installation services, that can assist you in getting the correct signage.

Where to Install Egress Maps

Almost every public, commercial, or multi-family residential property is required to post the proper egress signs in case of an emergency. This includes businesses, hotels, apartments, offices, court buildings, hospitals, and more. These signs should be placed throughout the building, usually in:

  • Back Of Doors
  • Stairwells
  • Elevators
  • Lobbies
  • Hallways
  • Open Spaces

The You Are Here signs used by shopping centers and for wayfinding can be placed almost anywhere, but are best placed in areas that people already walk.

We can assist with customizing your egress map designs and installing signage in the correct places through our knowledge of building codes and regulations regarding emergency signage. This way, you can be sure that your building is both compliant and safe.

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Signage isn’t always just about supporting your business’s brand. It’s also about keeping people inside your building safe. Blue Dot Signs can design and fabricate one of the widest arrays of building egress map signs in NJ. Our signs can both accomplish this practical goal while also reflecting what your business is like as much as possible. Please email us at [email protected] as soon as you’re ready to order or learn more about our standard model and personalized egress map signs for your business’s building.