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We Offer Custom Lobby Signs in New Jersey For Your Buildings

We Offer Custom Lobby Signs in New Jersey For Your Buildings

First impressions might not be everything, but when it comes to your business, they are important. The lobby signs and directional signs that guide visitors through buildings tend to be more utilitarian, but they are still some of the first signs a person will see when they enter a building. You want your entrance signs to be professional and well designed.

Blue Dot Signs is an experienced manufacturer of hundreds of different types of signs. With all of our options, we can create signs that are clear, high-quality, and affordable, all while giving a good impression of your company or business. When you need lobby signs in NJ for your building, fill out our online form to start an order, or call 908-486-7000 with any questions.

What are Lobby Signs?

Lobby signs are a broad category of sign that refers to any signs or displays used in the reception area or hallways of a building to welcome visitors and help them find their way. Lobby signs encompass a variety of different signs - those that welcome visitors, directories, wayfinding signs - essentially any sign that appears in your reception area. Some of the wayfinding signs in NJ that we have crafted are:

Custom Options for Lobby Signs and the Material Used

If you are considering wayfinding signs for your company, the most professional lobby signs should reflect your brand and fit with the interior decor. Blue Dot Signs can help turn your design ideas into custom building lobby signs that meet both goals. We offer you a wide range of these directional signs, that includes:

  • Floor Directories
  • Office Directories
  • Directional Signs
  • Floor Numbers
  • Business Logo Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Legally Mandated Signs

Lobby signs have extensive customization options because they can be any type of indoor signage. This means that materials, shape, size, color, and more can all be specifically chosen to match the building’s interior. Some of the options for sign materials include:

  • Acrylic
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Lightboxes
  • Vinyl Wall Decals
  • Vinyl Window Decals

Each material offers many different benefits for a lobby sign, although all can create a professional and tasteful sign. Metal is particularly durable, acrylic is affordable, lightboxes can easily draw attention with illumination, and vinyl decals can provide creative and low profile signage. For each type of sign, we also offer dozens of customizations. Shapes, both on a large and small scale, can be cut using our CNC router or laser cutter, giving us the ability to create complex designs with sharp edges. Where applicable, we use Pantone color matching to create exact colors in graphics and materials like acrylic.

Custom Options for Lobby Signs and the Material Used

There are also several different finishing options available. Matte or glossy lamination (or brushed or polished for metal) can help create a unique look that can either stand out or blend in to match your design. We are also able to create gold leaf, or add features like chalk paint and whiteboard material for any handwritten areas. Entrance signs, directories, and number signs can be installed in any desired way.

For lighter signs, adhesive can attach them to doors and walls. Other signs can be mounted on walls, free standing, hung, and more. When you order your sign, we can discuss the intended location and choose an installation method that will best suit.

lobby signs benefits

Benefits of Lobby Signs

Although the focus of lobby signs is to provide information for those within a lobby, there are still several reasons to have a custom and well-made lobby signs. These go beyond what a simple list of directions provides because they are:

  • Professional - As an expected aspect of many buildings, a lobby directory sign or wayfinding signs that are well made give your building or company an elevated look.
  • Convenient - The proper direction signage makes it easy for customers, visitors, and employees to navigate your space with less confusion.
  • Customizable - Our lobby signs can be created from any of our fabrication options, making it possible to create one in the style and shape that matches your branding or interior design.
  • Affordable - Because there are so many design options for your lobby sign, we can help you create one that meets your budget requirements while still looking professional.

Our process for creating your lobby signs is focused on your design goals. We can assist with the graphics, make recommendations for materials and finishing, or fabricate a sign from your established design. Regardless of where you are in the process, our services are individualized and provide fast turnaround.

Uses of Lobby Signs

Almost every building can benefit from lobby signs, especially those that are larger or receive visitors often. This most often includes properties like:

  • Corporate Offices
  • Law Firms
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Offices
  • Universities
  • Museums

Inside these properties, lobby signs can let visitors know where offices are located or direct them to points of interest. They allow both visitors and employees to navigate confidently.

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Order Your Lobby Signs in NJ and NY from Blue Dot Signs

Blue Dot Signs is ready to make the lobby sign to guide visitors through your new building or elevate the look of an existing one. The hundreds of customization options we are able to utilize ensure we can make a sign to any specifications. With years of experience in design and fabrication, we are also here to offer as much assistance as you require as we build your signs. We can even provide professional installation at your site. When you’re ready to start your order or have additional questions, call us at 908-486-7000 or fill out our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you provide free quotes?

    Of course. Give us a call or send us an email and we can offer a no-obligation estimate for your custom signage

  • How do I install my sign?

    Different signs will require different installation steps. Some are as simple as sticking to a wall, door, or desk with an adhesive backing. Others can require minimal handyman skills. We are always able to install signs as well with licensed and insured service.

  • When can you install my sign?

    Lobby signs often go in busy areas where you don’t want to deal with construction work during business hours. For that reason, we offer after hours installation that works around your schedule. Our services are also available fast.

  • Which type of sign will work best for my lobby?

    We know there are many options for sign types, and it can be hard to choose. We’re happy to discuss your space, business, and any other factors that will impact your design, and then offer recommendations for your specific situation.

  • What should I do to maintain my lobby signs?

    That will depend on the type of sign. Many materials are durable when used indoors, and wiping them down with a soft cloth is enough to keep them looking professional. A gentle soap can be used when needed. Metal signs will look best with regular polishing, and lightboxes can require occasional servicing to replace burnt out bulbs.