Metal Letters

Stainless Steel Wall letters for Lobbies in NJ

Stainless Steel Wall letters for Lobbies in NJ

Metal is the material of choice for so many sign projects. It is durable, stands out, looks professional, and, in many cases, is very affordable. With the right equipment, metal is also customizable, and can be shaped into almost any design to create an eye-catching, custom made sign.

At Blue Dot Signs, our metal letters provide a creative way to display your company name, share a motto, or encapsulate your brand. We offer a range of customization options to ensure we can create the best metal sign that matches your needs, and our metal lettering can be installed on walls, shelves, or hanging in your business. Contact us to learn more about our options for metal letters in NJ and NY.

Metal Letters Signs - Custom Wall Letters NJ

When it comes to creating a sign that fits a specific modern and classic appearance, metal letters and metal signs are a top choice. They can be flat or 3-dimensional, allowing them to stand away from the wall for a more visually impressive impact. They can also be uniquely shaped, large, and bright, making them difficult to miss. Our variety of customization options for metal lettering provides endless solutions for text based signage.

Types of Customized Metal Letters Signs of our Production

At Blue Dot Signs, we design and fabricate each sign by hand, making it possible to make almost any custom idea into reality. Our wall signs are built from high quality metallic materials that can be used in a multitude of spaces. With our equipment, we can craft any of the following wall signs:

  • Aluminum Letters
  • Brass Letters
  • Bronze Letters
  • Copper Letters
  • Stainless Steel Letters
  • Gold Letters
  • Chrome Letters

The thickness of the letters depend on the material chosen, and many are available in multiple widths for options that best match the desired appearance and location.

Types of Customized Metal Letters Signs of our Production

For our metal letter signs, we can individually cut each metal letter on a CNC router. This allows for precision shaping for any font, even those that are custom designed, like a brand name or cursive typeface, so the options are endless. We do, however, have standard fonts that are known to look clear and professional when crafted in metal such as:

  • Ariel
  • Copperplate
  • Fitz Quadrata
  • Futura
  • Helvetica

For a striking look, we can also create illuminated letters. These can be made by installing LED lighting behind each letter so that the lighting reflects onto the wall behind the text. We can also install lights on the front of the metal letters for a more classic look.

Blue Dot Signs also offers a variety of in-house color choices for our metallic signs. While many of our signs are designed with the traditional metal colors (brass, copper, aluminum, brushed bronze, and more), with our Pantone color matching capabilities, we can also add custom shades to create the palette that matches with your company colors.

The appearance of metal wall letters can also be customized through different finishing options. Most metals are available in a glossy or matte finish. Brushed letters have a soft, glowing appearance while shiny finishes will reflect light to really stand out.

metal letters are perfect choice

Why choose Metal Letter Signs

Because of their potentially multi-dimensional appearance and the way they can be designed to sit flush or stand away from the wall, metal letters are particularly adapted for drawing attention. Ideally, this means more business and more sales. Letters also have the benefit of being:

  • Professional - Metal has a bold and refined appearance that naturally appears high in quality. With a smooth finish, metal lettering can emphasize the professionalism of your company or the value of your building.

  • Long-Lasting - Because they are made of metal, many of these letters are impervious to climate conditions and breaking. Metal signs are durable enough for indoor and outdoor uses depending on the type of metal and finishing. When used indoors, they require minimal maintenance to keep them looking new.
  • Customizable - The wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes mean that metal signs can be designed to match any decor or brand, all without hurting your budget.

Despite their appearance, metal letters are not overly expensive and the variety means there will always be one within your budget. Metals like aluminum are actually cost-effective, and different finishes can be used to imitate a higher-grade metal without the higher price.

Uses of Metal Letters

With a look ranging from sleek and professional to crafty and vintage, metal letters are a great addition to any business to display your name or other chosen text. Popular business uses include:

  • Retailer Shops
  • Corporate Offices
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Cafes
  • Bars 
  • Trade Shows

Metal letters could even be used for home or event decor to add a personalized and memorable touch to your space.

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Contact Us to Order Metal Letters in New Jersey

If you have been seeking a sign that will add a special look to your business, metal lettering provides outstanding value. Blue Dot Signs has years of experience in crafting these signs and can work with you to develop the lettering that reflects your company.