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Metal and Plastic Name Plates In New Jersey

Metal and Plastic Name Plates In New Jersey

At their most basic level, signs exist to share information. That can mean drawing attention to the location of a business, stating a regulation, or letting people know about a product. With name plates, signage shares information about people, such as who they are and where they are located. For employees at your office or residents in an apartment building, name plates provide essential information.

At Blue Dot Signs, we make out name plates from a variety of materials such as plastic and metal so that they are specifically matched to the style of your interior - whether that style is professional and sleek or fun and welcoming. Our customization choices on all of our signs means that there are few limits to the NJ nameplate signs you can fabricate. Call us at 908-486-7000 to find out how we can make unique name plates to represent your brand, or fill out our online form to start your order.

Name Plates for Your Buildings and Businesses

In the category of lobby signs and apartment signs, name plates are a must to display names or numbers. These helpful signs echo the look and feel of your building and business with our customization options, all while making it easy for employees, residents, or visitors to navigate.

Material and Customization Options for Name Plates

While the basic purpose of a name plate is to share a name or room number, the options for customizing these signs to match a brand or interior decor are numerous. Most design plans will start with the base material, as that guides the later options. Our materiel choices include:

  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel

Depending on the material, different customizations can be made to each type of name plate. Specific shapes and sizes are possible with all materials, as we use a CNC router or laser cutter to trim signs to the desired shape. Businesses have the opportunity to customize by typeface as well. We have several ways for adding text and designs to a name plate which are chosen based on the material base and the desired look. These include:

  • Laser Engraving
  • Direct Digital Printing
  • Hand Painting

Metal and glass signs can be laser etched to have the text engraved for a professional appearance. Aluminum, glass, and acrylic work well with digital printing. Direct digital printing also offers the opportunity to apply a company logo or image to the name plate as well. Graphics can be in both black and white or full color, with materials like acrylic and glass providing advanced color clarity.

The signs can be a permanent way to display a name or number, or be designed as a holder where the information card with the name or number can be switched in and out. This can be ideal for companies where employee names and titles change. Because of their small size, name plates are often installed with an adhesive backing.

Material and Customization Options for Name Plates

We use a high grade adhesive that will hold on indoor walls, doors, and windows for years, and not damage the mounting surface when carefully removed. We can also customize the name plates to be mounted with screws, hung, or with a base so they are free standing

Office Name Plate Signs

What Are the Benefits of Custom Name Plates?

Because they are small and subtle, name plates can be a forgotten office sign. They are not usually remembered until wayfinding is needed, and then they are necessary. Some of the benefits of adding name plates to your business or company design include:

  • Employee Appreciation - For companies, a name plate shows your employee’s name and title. This is a small way to emphasize that the employee is an integral part of your company. Sleek metal plaques can also differentiate those in leadership, or provide a desk ornament to honor a milestone.
  • Navigation - Well placed name plates can be essential for finding the way among offices and rooms, especially in larger buildings or those that see frequent movement.
  • Flexible - While any name label could help with directions, a custom office sign fits with the environment, reflecting the style of a brand, office, or residential property. They can be anywhere from casual to modern.

Name plates can also be affordable, even if you require many. The customization options make it possible to create plates that achieve the look you need at a reasonable price.

Locations for Name Plates

Name plates are a useful addition to many types of properties and an effective way to share important wayfinding information. Some of the most common locations for them include:

  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Banks
  • Courthouses
  • Medical Centers
  • Hotels

Despite their name, name plates are also ideal for holding more than names. They make for ideal room name labels, apartment numbering, floor numbers, and more.

locations of name plates

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Contact Us to Start Your Custom Nameplate in NJ

When you need name plates for offices, cubicles, or doors in your property, call Blue Dot Signs. We can work with you to create a design that mirrors the interior design or reflects your brand through our expert graphic design services. We can also take your existing design and fabricate name plates to your specifications. Our in house sign fabrication process keeps prices affordable, and we can work with you on pricing if you require a bulk order. We can also create single name plates or replace any already at your property. Contact us at 908-486-7000 and get the best quality signs.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I install my name plates?

    For those with adhesive backings, they can simply be stuck to the surface you like with some care to get them straight. Those that will be screwed in are still lightweight and can be installed with basic power tools.

  • Can I put my logo on name plate signs?

    Yes. Depending on the complexity of your logo, we can render it on most materials through either printing, etching, or painting. This is a great way to add personalization to your signs.

  • When can I get my name plates?

    Because they are small, we produce our name plates quickly. Your order can often be completed in as little as a few days, although the final timeline will depend on the design and the number of plates needed.

  • Which material should I choose for my name plates?

    We recommend choosing materials based on the look you want to achieve. All can be very professional, but metal and glass name plates tend to look more refined and higher end. Acrylic is available in many colors and is an affordable material for a more casual look. Knowing if your name plates will see any conditions like high moisture or excessive sunlight can also impact the material choice.

  • Can I place name plates outdoors?

    Metals, glass, and wood can be used outdoors, with the amount of wear depending on the specific material. Acrylic is best used only for indoor name plates.

  • Do you take rush orders?

    We do. Let us know your scheduling needs when you place your order and we can discuss the options and pricing for a rush order.

  • What information should I put on a name plate?

    Name, title, and position are common pieces of information of an employee name plate. Many companies will also include the business name or logo. Other name plates can include room numbers, room names, serial numbers, and more. There are no definite requirements, so choose whatever works best for your business.