Avery vinyl, like 3M, is a high-performance material used to make vinyl decals of all kinds at Blue Dot Signs. All the vinyl we use results in decals and vehicle wraps that are resistant to damage, long-lasting, and able to be printed with almost any color needed for your design.

However, Avery does have some advantages over 3M that are worth considering. Avery is cost-effective, offering much a similar high-quality product for a lower price point. It’s also typically easier to install with a less intense, but still firm, adhesive that can be minorly adjusted during the installation process for an ideal end result.

Avery’s unique colors, thin but durable material, and easier installation make it a great choice for whatever type of decal you need. With properly installed and maintained Avery vinyl, you won’t have to worry about cracking, fading, or peeling for years.

3M Vinyl Colors

3M is one of the brands, along with Avery, that we use at Blue Dot Signs for vinyl based signage like wall decals and vehicle wraps. Both brands create high-performance vinyl renowned for its durability, customizability, and wide selection of colors, but 3M is preferred for certain types of signs and display surfaces.

Compared to Avery, 3M vinyl tends to be thicker and have a stronger adhesive. Because of this, it’s often the first choice for long-term vehicle wraps. It also has a greater range of options when it comes to texture and colors, with over a hundred available shades.

3M has been in the adhesive vinyl manufacturing business for longer than most of its competitors, and its high-quality products reflect this experience. Whatever design your vinyl decal has, you can feel confident that it will look great for a long time if it’s made with 3M vinyl.