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Strengthen Your Advertising Game With Our Custom Signs In Jersey City

“The Garden State”- New Jersey, known for its historical sites like Liberty State Park, Cape May, and many memorials, having a lot of cities that are getting busy with more and more businesses – opening and growing every day. The businesses here not only know that signages are important for their businesses to grow more rapidly whether it’s for announcing sales, or guiding people to their shops, or luring them to buy from them by making different offers.

Blue Dot is one of the many developing businesses that has been serving the cities of New Jersey for two decades now. Our signs are being used by many businesses in these cities and beyond and have been helping them to grow whether you are a small business or a large.

Our Signage Services in Jersey City For Your Business's Needs

Blue Dot is a signage company that not only fabricates different types of signs for your business but we also provide different types of other services. These services make us different from other signage companies in the industry. Our services include:


Sign Repair

One of our most asked for services is sign repair, as we can repair any type of sign that our customers want.


Sign Installation

At Blue Dot, We do not not only fabricate these signs for you, we can install them easily for you.


Site Survey

In Site Surveys, We visit sites and note down all the requirements, if it will need a permit, and more.


Sign Fabrication

We make sure that we fulfill all the requirements of our customers and make them the unique sign.

The Easiest Process To Get Your Signs

Choose the Right Sign

Choose the right sign for your business and let us know about it.

Let us Design it

We will provide you with the Spectacular Sign Designing services.

Sign is ready

Here you go with your Sign, All set and Ready to pickup or deliver.
Get in Touch Today and Let Us Help You!

As Jersey is a growing city, many businesses here keep looking to make a good impression on their customers, and signages are the best way to do that. Blue Dot has years of experience and can make the best signs for you. To discuss your signage needs, call us today at 908-486-7000.