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Signages have been playing a huge role in the life of businesses so to make your businesses prominent in the pool of other businesses. We are a signage business in Paterson with experience of over fifteen years.

Paterson is also known as “the silk city” because of its role in the production of silk in the 19th century. This city was one of the first planned industrial cities of the United States and is filled with Paterson museums, parks, and universities. All of these places are filled with many different types of signages like nameplates, metal plaques, metal signs, plastic letters, banners, and much more.

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Custom Signage Services in Paterson That Blue Dot Provides You

At Blue Dot not only do we fabricate custom signs for our customers, but we also provide many other services too. All of these services make us prominent from our competitors because we believe in providing the best quality signs at the lowest rates. They include:


Sign Repair

If your sign gets scratched, the light fuses, or any other damage, we can repair that for you so that it goes back in the condition it was before.


Sign Installation

Sign installation is the step that comes after the completion of the sign where we install your sign for you at your desired position.


Site Survey

Site Survey is a survey that we do for signs that require a permit, are big, or are lit. By doing this we gather information about your sign and how it should be made.


Sign fabrication

You can select from several different choices from the color to the size and material of your sign and we will fabricate your sign for you.

Here is how you can get started quickly!

Choose the Perfect Sign

Choose your business sign from us now and get a sign made for your business that will not only promote your business but will also attract customers.

Get Your Signs Customized

Choose from the options that we provide and get your sign customized on your terms and advertise your business.

Warranty We Provide

Signs for businesses are a huge investment as they represent your brand so we make sure to use high-quality products and services.
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To get your sign from us contact us today using 908-486-7000. You’ll get in contact with a member of our team that will question you about your sign needs and once it is done your requirements are sent to our professional graphic designers where your sign is designed and crafted and then the finished product is delivered at your doorstep.