Temporary signage can lack the durability to stand up to the elements long term and more permanent signage is sometimes too difficult to remove from the wall or other display surface it’s on when needed. 

Magnetic signs are a good combination of the best of both temporary and permanent signs. Like permanent signs, they’re made of highly durable material, and like temporary signs, they can be easily removed and reinstalled elsewhere.   

Magnetic Signs Advantages

Our magnetic signs are usually small to medium sized designs printed on vinyl with a magnetic backing. Magnetic signs can be displayed on nearly any magnetic surface, but are most often found on vehicle doors and sides.  

Displaying your business’s logo, contact information, and other brand information on vehicles is an easy and effective way of spreading the word about your business in your service area while you work. Magnetic advertising signs are: 

  • Durable – They’re to be installed outdoors on magnetic vehicle surfaces while driving for long periods of time. 
  • Reusable – Unlike decals, magnetic signs can be removed and reinstalled on another vehicle without weakening the adhesive used to attach it to its display surface.  
  • Customizable – Your business’s logo and custom colors can be incorporated into your magnetic sign to boost your business’s brand. You can also have custom graphics and images if desired.  

These signs are an especially a great choice if your business rents vehicles or if you want to use a personal vehicle to drive for your business only during certain hours. Your car becomes a mobile advertisement every time the sign is on, and instantly becomes a personal car whenever you take the sign off.  

Order Custom Magnetic Signs From Blue Dot Signs 

Blue Dot Signs designs and fabricates commercial vehicle magnetic signs of all sizes, shapes, and custom details. We work with each client to create just the right custom magnetic signs for their business and vehicle so that clients will be drawn to them and know how to contact them.  

If you want to find out more about how our personalized magnetic signs can benefit your business or want to get your order started, please contact us at 

Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs

Do you offer sign design services for magnetic signs?

Yes. If you don’t have experience designing magnetic signs, our graphic designers can do it for you according to your custom message and artistic vision.  

How can I best maintain my magnetic sign?

Using water and a mild soap, clean and dry both the magnet and the surface underneath it with a soft cloth. If the display surface isn’t cleaned and dried regularly, dirt and moisture can build up, decreasing the sign’s magnetic grip and potentially damaging the vehicle’s paint. 

How soon will my magnetic sign arrive?

It takes around one to two weeks at most to fabricate most magnetic signs. If you need yours sooner, we do offer faster turnarounds for an additional fee.  

How thick are your magnetic signs?

They’re .030” thick. This keeps them lightweight and minimizes drag when installed on vehicles. 

What is the lifespan of a magnetic sign?

Magnetic vehicle signs typically last about three to five years if properly maintained. 

What shape can I make my magnetic sign?

We can create almost any custom shape for your magnet that you want, including but not limited to square, rectangular, circular, and customized to the shape of your business’s logo. 

Where can my magnetic sign be installed?

Any flat, magnetic, metallic surface that other magnets can stick to. If displaying on a vehicle, stick flat to door, side, or back end. Windows, curved surfaces, and aluminum surfaces won’t keep a magnet in place. You should also avoid applying a magnet to an area that has peeling paint or rusting. 

Will my magnetic sign damage the paint on my vehicle?

No. It can be easily removed and reattached whenever you want without fear of affecting your vehicle at all.  

Will my magnetic sign stay attached if my vehicle drives through rain or a car wash?

Driving your vehicle in the rain with the magnetic sign attached shouldn’t damage the sign as it’s resistant to most types of water damage. However, you should remove your it before entering a drive-through car wash because direct spray from the powerful water jets can damage the sign or knock it off of your vehicle. 

Will temperature affect my magnetic sign if it’s installed outdoors?

Extreme temperatures, lower than -15F or higher than 160F, will damage the magnet material, affect its ability to adhere to its display surface, and/or damage the surface it’s displayed on.