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Blue Dot Signs is the number one choice for neon signs in NJ. Our team can craft high quality, custom neon signs all for a cost that won’t hurt your budget. We can create custom signs in a variety of bright and vibrant colors, and are more than happy to discuss your next neon lights sign design ideas to turn your vision into a reality. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Why Neon Signs in NJ?

Every company has to take the time to determine what type of sign is going to make the greatest impact at their storefront. With so many options available – including options for different types of lighted signs – neon signs are one of many different choices to consider.

But there is something about neon signs that few other types of custom signage can offer. That’s because neon signs have many advantages, including:

  • Bright Contrast – Neon provides a light so bright it can be seen from blocks away in clear color. It is instantly recognizable as neon, and the shape and design of the sign stands out in even the darkest of nights or the brightest of days. That contrast is simply not possible with most other types of signs.
  • Long Lasting – Neon signs can last for years if properly cared for. They do not need to be replaced frequently like light bulbs and other lighted signs often do, and don’t tend to suffer from the same blackout issues that people have with many of the other lighted signs.
  • Memorable – Because of the clear, crisp design that is possible with all business neon signs, those that see the sign are more likely to remember it. While all signs are created to be memorable, neon signs are often so clear that the exact design leaves an imprint for anyone that sees it.

Here at Blue Dot Signs, our custom neon light signs can also be created with the colors and styles that match your brand, with commercial neon signs that are catered to the specific needs of your business. Whether you need a beer neon sign, a dental neon sign, or a sign that simply says “Open,” we’ll be there to help.

Why Use Blue Dot Signs As a Neon Sign Company

We know you have your choice in neon sign companies. We want to prove to you that we’re the best option available for your neon shop signs. Our team is always available to assist you with any type of neon sign need. We provide:

  • Sign Fabrication – Of course, our main service is sign fabrication. We are proud to be able to offer high quality neon signs, all with cheap prices that won’t hurt your budget. We can make custom shapes, and are happy to work with you to turn your vision into a sign you can prep for your store.
  • Sign Design – We also know that not everyone has experience working with neon signs. If you need help designing your neon sign, we employ experts in neon sign development that can help design the perfect sign to match what you need for your business, so you don’t have to worry about graphic designers.
  • Sign Repair – Our neon signs are made to last. But what happens if a sign breaks? We are proud to be able to offer neon sign repair services with all the neon parts and supplies. Our repair services are great for those that already have a design that they love, and need a team that can help make sure that it is built to last.

These are some of the many services that we have to offer here at Blue Dot Signs, where our neon signs are all crafted with our years of custom neon sign making experience.

Call Blue Dot Signs Today to Get Started

Whether you need a neon sign created to match a specific design, or you are simply considering neon signs amongst your other options, drop an email Blue Dot Signs today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more about the neon signs we have available, and how they can meet your needs.

We create all of our neon signs only when you need them, and have a full line of customization options that will ensure that you are satisfied with whatever design you choose for your business, whether you need:

  • Small Custom Neon Signs
  • LED “Neon” Signs
  • Neon Sign Letters
  • Neon Address Signs

We make hair salon neon signs, neon automotive signs, neon address signs, neon restaurant signs, and so much more.

With indoor and outdoor neon signs, small and large neon signs, multicolor or single color neon signs, and so many more options available for businesses across NJ and around areas like New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and More), please contact us today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Neon Sign

There are many different neon sign colors. Depending on how the sign is built, over 100 different color combinations are possible. Although neon signs may not be able to handle the entire color spectrum the way that CMYK and Pantone printing can, there are still dozens of colors that can be used to come as close as possible to matching the colors of your brand. It is best to contact us with your design idea, and we’ll see how close we can come to matching those exact color combinations.
Yes, neon signs are very safe. The gases inside of the neon tubing are either inert, or in sufficiently small quantity that they do not pose any safety risk. Neon signs also come equipped with several safety features, including over voltage protection.
No, actually. Only red neon signs contact gas. The color of the neon signs is caused by the types of gases used. Mercury causes blue light, Krypton causes a dull yellow, Xenon creates a purple/lavender color, and much more. Manufacturers then combine different gases to create the full color spectrum.
Inside of each neon tube is one or more gasses. Electrical energy then excites the gasses, which release energy (photons) of varying colors. That energy is what creates the appearance of light.
Neon signs are designed to last and the technology is well made. The average neon sign will last about 10+ years when constantly on for 24 hours or more. If you turn off the neon signs when not in use, the actual lifespan can be decades.