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Blue Dot Signs has been helping its clients for decades. They have helped many organizations in getting their signs ready in many areas including Brooklyn, NYC, Manhattan, New Jersey, Miami, etc.

With the best ultra-modern technology and latest techniques and tools, we have helped organizations in raising their status with our eye-catching signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

For your better understanding, we have attached the list of all the FAQs that you need to know about signs. You can learn many things from these FAQs. Our top priority is to assist our customers in all situations. You can know about all the signs, about our return policies through these signs, and much more.


We have a range of font styles available for you. From basic to standard to modern and stylish fonts, you can learn more on our font’s page.

Letters Visibility Chart

It depends upon you how much of audience you want to target. How far you want your signs to be seen. You need to know about such things – visit our page to learn more.

Custom Color Charts

Avery Vinyl Charts

In the field of Vinyl Films, there is a range of colors available for different uses. You can select it according to your application choice. But be careful while choosing the colors because colors can play a great role. Dull and boring colors can leave a bad impact. Use eye-catching colors which will leave a good influence upon your audience. You can select what vinyl color you want for your signs. We have a range of colors available for you.Click on the 3M vinyl charts and select a color. 

3M Vinyl Charts

We have different 3M films available for your signs. Select the color for your signs and let us know. Click on the 3M vinyl charts and select a color. 

Metal Colors

Metal has been known as the popular choice for many signs. Different types of Metals are used for different types of signs such as storefront signs, interior and exterior signs etc. Select your color from our Metal Colors page and let us help you with the best quality signs. 

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